Today: Key Business & Civic Leader Handicaps Mayoral Contest, Looks at Leaders

Sleepy as this year’s Kansas City mayoral contest has been, it’s about to get a lot more interesting…

Starting with which two candidates will carry their share of the brass ring into the grand finale election ring a month from now. Here’s how one business and civic heavy hitter with a penchant for politics sees today’s ultra-close mayor’s race shaking out:

1st Place: KC mayor Mark Funkhouser with 23 percent of the vote.

2nd Place: Development lawyer Mike Burke with 20 percent.

3rd Place: Deb Hermann and Sly James with 19 percent each

4th Place: Jim Rowland with 15 percent

4th Place: Jim Rowland with 15 percent

5th Place: Charles Wheeler with 3 percent

Last place: Henry Klein with 1 percent.

"Funk’s gonna win the primary with about 23 percent of the vote," the civic leader predicts. "Then he’s gonna get crushed in the general election. He’ll probably get about 35 percent of the vote against whoever he runs against.’

Any of the top three predicted vote getters would be more than acceptable to KC’s so-called movers and shakers, the civic leader says.

"Hermann would be solid. James is the most charismatic and he has the ability to bring people together and sell the city. And Burke fits right in between the two. Except he has more insider knowlege and can get right to work at City Hall right away."

Speaking of Burke’s insider knowlege, that’s reason that’s lead others away from Burke and towards Hermann or James:

As a development attorney, they see Burke as the most likely of the three to play behind-the-scenes ball and cut sweetheart deals with big business a-la former KC mayor Kay Barnes.

Who just happens to be supporting Burke.

Stay tuned…



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6 Responses to Today: Key Business & Civic Leader Handicaps Mayoral Contest, Looks at Leaders

  1. John says:

    Anyone but The Funk…
    Anyone for KCMO mayor but the incompetent Mark Funkhouser. Remember a vote for him is a vote for his fat, ugly Wiccan, co-mayor wife.

  2. Hearne says:

    I half jokingly asked Tony last night…
    if there was anybody on the slate he wouldn’t vote for against Funk. And he said, he’s already told friends that if Hitler ran against the Funk, he’d vote for the H Man. I said, what about Plaza panhandler Jerry Mazer? And he said he’d be giving out free cheeseburgers before voting for Funk

  3. Superdave says:

    Here is the names you want to be seeing at city hall.

  4. BarKeeper says:

    A Civic “Heavy Hitter” no less!
    Maybe your civic heavy hitter would like to weigh in on the chances of the Royals winning a World Series and the Chiefs getting into the Super Bowl! Maybe sports is his strong suit, ’cause politics ain’t.

  5. John says:

    Good for the people of KCMO
    Well it looks like the people of KCMO has told the Funk and his fat, ugly wife to go the hell away. Good for them.

  6. Hearne says:

    We’ll weigh him back in later today
    A lot of people were shocked Funk didn’t make the final two.

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