STARBEAMS: Honoring Washington, Hilton and the American Way

There’s one common last name in this country that’s 90% black and that would be "Washington." The main reason Washington is so common is because a lot of emancipated slaves picked that last name to honor the country’s first president, even though he was a slave owner.

There aren’t many black children with the last name Urich, but only because Sharita Hutton is playing hard-to-get.



Last night on Hawaii Five-0, Dane Cook guest starred as Dano’s brother. So, at least we knew the show wouldn’t be funny.

Note to the producers; we only watch to see Grace Park in a bikini.

Don’t waste your time with a plot.



On Friday, some dude crashed Paris Hilton’s 30th birthday party and stole her $3,200 cake.

The company that made the cake issued this public statement:

"We only wish that guests could have tried her delicious cake."

Fortunately, Paris let everyone at the party sample her muffin before the thief absconded with her cake.


Chinese people are starting to protest their government, which has major consequences for us as they hold a big chunk of our debt.

If things get out of control, experts warn we could have to go back to manufacturing things in the United States again!
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