Today: Rumored Streetside Savior Hits Tax Trouble Road Bump

There’s good news, bad news and weird news where the saving of the music store formerly known as Streetside concerned…

Let’s start with what passes for the good.

Unlike most failed, defunct businesses, Streetside’s phone number in Westport is alive and kicking. Nobody’s answering and no messages have been left but clearly somebody’s hanging onto the more than 20 year-old, number for some reason. Telephone numbers for most failed businesses go away pretty much immediately.

And despite a non-denial denial by Shawnee music store Vinyl Renaissance’s manager about reports it plans to reopen in Streetside’s digs, a funny thing happened. Someone slipped into Streetside’s now empty digs and planted a Vinyl Renaissance sign in the front glass door.

Now the bad news…

"I’m hearing that it’s not happening," says Nick Soha, the manager of Streetside in Columbia. "And then, I’m hearing that it is happening, so I don’t know."

Worse yet, the Kansas City Business Journal reports that a Federal Tax Lien for unpaid taxes was filed against Vinyl Renaissance in late January in the amount of $11,988.

Vinyl Renaissance manager did not return a call for this column.
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5 Responses to Today: Rumored Streetside Savior Hits Tax Trouble Road Bump

  1. Eric says:

    Good non-story

  2. Hearne says:

    Uh, thanks…
    I think

  3. TonyIsADirtbag says:

    Yes, Eric, but Jr. is on this one – like stink on shit.

  4. Tracy Thomas says:

    Actually, Hearne, bus phone numbers are held for 6 months
    Not that they are answered, unless someone pays the bill.
    But one cannot get that number unless you wait the 6 months, or get a release from previous owner.

  5. Hearne says:

    They may be held before being released to someone els but…
    They don’t just ring into outer space. When the phone is disconnected you get a message

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