STARBEAMS: Headless Woman Eaten by Dogs; Latest on KC Chiefs and Royals

Tulsa, Oklahoma police found the body of a headless 55-year-old woman in her home and the cause of death was ruled – natural causes!

Apparently, she died of natural causes a few months ago, and her dogs got so hungry they ate different parts of her body and gnawed off her head and dragged it into a different room.

Let this be a lesson to children…when the chips are down your puppy will eat you.


The Kansas City Chiefs have stuck Tamba Hali with the dreaded FRANCHISE PLAYER.

He led the AFC with 14 1/2 sacks last season and says he would like to retire with the Chiefs.

Tamba was also named a franchise player at Taco Bell.

The Arizona Republic projects the Royals to have the lowest payroll in Major League Baseball for opening day with a projected $35 million. The Yankees payroll is projected at $195 million.

The Royals are now the only team in the league where the players get paid by the hour.

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3 Responses to STARBEAMS: Headless Woman Eaten by Dogs; Latest on KC Chiefs and Royals

  1. newbaum turk says:

    The Royals are going to embarrass this city something awful this year. We will be made fun of on Letterman and Leno. They will have multiple losing streaks because they have a great chance to have the worst pitching staff in baseball history. They also have a hell of a shot at beating Detroit’s record for most losses in a season. I will once again NOT be attending a game this year for the seventh year in a row because of that piece of shit David Glass. Not that he cares. He is going to clean up this year. I don’t shop at Wal-Mart either. FU David Glass.

  2. craig glazer says:

    Bad Doggies
    yeah I have often known that our dogs would eat us if they were starving and we were dead, yuke. However we would eat them for the same reasons, yuke…good story

  3. Superdave says:

    Who are the Royals? You mean we have a MLB team in KC? Do they ever play?

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