OTC: Chiefs, Jayhawks, Cats, Tigers, ‘Skers & Even Sporting KC In This OTC


“I think the thing that is most important is that coaches coach and general managers manage. You have to let people do things the way they believe things need to be managed.”
Scott Pioli, when asked if he was in agreement with Todd Haley calling his offense’s plays, 810 AM
GH: Haley struggled handling being the head coach and OC in his first season. In his second season he struggled with wearing a headset and listening to Charlie Weis call plays. I think he’s an innovative play caller who definitely thinks outside the headset. The question is has he matured enough to handle what he couldn’t as a rookie head coach.
“I would say we’re a good ways from those teams. To be at the level where the Steelers have sustained it or the Packers have consistently had strong seasons, for us to get to that level – I still think there’s a difference.”
Scott Pioli, when asked how close he thinks his Chiefs are to making a Super Bowl run, 810 AM
GH: Todd Haley appeared at a charity event last night and Jack Harry reported on TV 41 that Haley refused to answer any questions about the Chiefs. He wanted to speak only about the charity. Does Haley realize the reason the charity wants his and his wife’s involvement is because he’s the Chiefs head coach? Sometimes these sports guys’ heads get so big they quit functioning.
“That man is a pro’s pro when it comes to doing interviews. I’ll say that.”
Aaron Swarts, following the Pioli interview with the Border Patrol, 810 AM
GH: Pioli never appears flustered or even annoyed during an interview. Unlike Carl Peterson, you can hear Pioli smiling as he answers on the radio. Another difference between King Carl is how rarely we see or hear from Pioli. I have heard from insiders that Pioli can be just as tyrannical inside One Arrowhead Drive as Darth Peterson was. He just does a much better job of hiding his black leather cloak.
“I’m not as optimistic as some (on the NFL getting an agreement done). My date would be late August or early September right now.”
Adam Schefter, on when he thinks the NFL labor dispute will be settled, ESPN Radio
“When Bill Self scratches the right side of his face, KU is going to run a backside misdirection lob pass. They did it twice. I’m not getting that without the Coach Cam.”
Shan Shariff, who said he picked up specific plays by watching ESPN’s Coach Cam during the KU/KSU game, 610 AM
GH: I thought I noticed that when Self scratched his face, arm or ass that Jacob Pullen hits a three.
“I think you have to do that just to gauge the interest and stay on the cutting edge.”
Jayice Pearson, when asked by Shariff why ESPN is experimenting with the Coach Cam and placing their analyst, Doug Gottlieb, in the production truck for college basketball broadcasts, 610 AM
GH: Twitter was abuzz with people slamming the Coach Cam experiment and Gottlieb being quarantined to the truck. Almost everyone panned the experiments. Nate Bukaty tweeted that there were “too many boxes” on his TV screen. All this fuss reminded me how Fox was blasted by the media for introducing an on-screen score box for their NFL telecasts in 1994. Don Fortune couldn’t stand the on-screen graphics or added sound effects. Well, we all know what happened to Don and what happened to on-screen graphics.
“Virginia Tech and Kansas State have the two best gray uniforms in the country. Those uniforms are sick!”
Doug Gottlieb, 810 AM
GH: I don’t get the Kansas State gray unies. I love their black and purple combo but the all grays look like something my mom washed with too much bleach. KU’s all-red outfits are another Big 12 uniform I would like to see retired. Who has the best B12 hoops unie? I like Texas Tech’s and Mizzou’s all black looks.  
“I talk to all these guys (we used to play against) and they were all jealous of the family atmosphere we had at Kansas. Derrick (Chievous) sometimes has to call me for tickets to Missouri! I’m like, wow!”
Calvin Thompson, former Wyandotte High and Kansas shooting guard in mid-80s, Danny Manning Show
GH: Thompson was a guest on Manning’s Thursday night 810 show, also co-hosted by Nate Bukaty and Greg Gurley, and he was damn entertaining. I am guessing though that the MU athletic department may be getting hold of Band Aid and hooking him up with some tickets for future Tiger games. They could give him a few of those empty seats behind the benches that the TV cameras can’t take their eyes off.
“Everybody thought I was crazy when I left France to go play in Israel. I said, ‘Listen, I’m from 9th & Quindaro. I’ll be safer over here in the streets of Israel than I was on 9th & Quindaro.”
Calvin Thompson, on growing up in Kansas City, KS, Danny Manning Show
GH: Just a guess but I don’t think this quote from Thompson is going to be added to KCK’s next marketing campaign.   
“Yeah, they talk about what if we would have had a three-point line back then. If you call (Ron) Kellogg he’ll be able to tell you exactly how many points he would of had.”
Calvin Thompson, poking some fun at his lethal-ranged former KU teammate, Danny Manning Show
GH: I watched Kellogg play at Omaha Northwest in high school where he was an incredible outside shooter. I was also in attendance at the Devaney Center in 1985 when he lit up Nebraska for 39 in a torrid 16-of-19 from the field performance and 7-of-7 from the line. Read on.
“My ex-girlfriend walked into (the Devaney Center) with her boyfriend. That kind of teed me off. I wanted to prove a point after I saw that.”
Ron Kellogg, on his inspiration for his 39-point effort in Lincoln, Wikipedia
GH: Nothing like seeing an ex-girlfriend to make you hot.
“(Brady Morningstar) is the most criticized Kansas player. He does everything right. Why do you think Brady gets hit on so much?”
Greg Gurley, on the Kansas’ fans favorite punching bag, 810 AM
GH: Bukaty offered that KU fans see Morningstar as one of them – a non-athletic white Kansas kid who can’t be very good. Gurley agreed. I just think Brady wasn’t playing well for much of last season and the first half of this season – and KU fans noticed. They have also noticed how well he’s played the last six weeks. Yeah, white college basketball players have to overcome stereotypes but nobody’s been down on Tyrel Reed because he has consistently produced on the court…and maybe because his name is Tyrel.
“We’ve got one McDonald’s All-American and that’s Selby.”
Bill Self, in an interview with Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: It sounded to me like Self was trying to paint his team’s depth of talent as inferior to a lot of other teams. Does Self want to trade one of the Morris twins for McD’s All-American Wally Judge? Sorry coach, I ain’t buying it.
“People (in the media) walk on soft eggs around here (when it comes to criticizing Kansas).”
Jack Harry, 810 AM
GH: This from the most prominent Mizzou fan in the media.
“No sports program or franchise in this area even comes close to the preferential treatment as the University of Kansas.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: This from the most prominent K-State fan in the media. I believe there was a time that Kansas received preferential treatment from The Star and other local media outlets. That began to die with Jason Whitlock’s arrival to KC in the mid-90s. Do you think Lew Perkins thinks the local media is soft on KU?
“So many of them never went to KU but they’re KU fans.”
Jack Harry, on the number of nasty emails he gets from KU fans, 810 AM
GH: This thinking that you have to be an alum of the school to be a fan is foreign to Nebraska fans. People in Nebraska who have never been to the campus root for the Big Red like they were Herbie’s second cousin. I would think KU, KSU and Mizzou all have similar extended fan bases, don’t they?  
“It’s going to take a lot of money for me not to go to Nebraska."
Bubba Starling, the Husker football/baseball recruit from Gardener-Edgerton HS, who is expected to go very high in this June’s MLB draft, via Sean Callahan’s Twitter account
GH: Bubba is reportedly working with MLB super agent Scott Boras as his baseball agent. A lot of money is exactly what Boras is very good at getting for his clients.
“Nebraska has sold 33,400 tickets to their April 16 Red-White game already. However that number is a little down from the past 2 years.”
Sean Callahan, Twitter
GH: Like the song says; “There is no place like Nebraska.”
“SportingKC sounds like merchandise is in high-demand. Staff at Dick’s in Leawood said everything they’ve received sells out immediately.”
Vivid13, Twitter
GH: I wasn’t too keen on the Wizards new Sporting Kansas City name when it was announced but I’m starting to like it. I tried to buy a SKC hoodie at Dick’s last month and they had nothing but a few t-shirts. I’ve seen the team’s new stadium’s exterior and it looks fabulous. I think Kansas City is about to go Sporting KC crazy this summer.
Greghall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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18 Responses to OTC: Chiefs, Jayhawks, Cats, Tigers, ‘Skers & Even Sporting KC In This OTC

  1. Johnny Utah says:

    Soccer stadium will amaze
    KC metro is going to be amazed at how cool the new Sporting KC stadium is. The last few years, the Wiz drew full about every game, and T-Bones stadium was HORRIBLE for soccer.

    Another great thing about soccer: 90 minute game, 15 minute half time. If it starts at 7, you will leave the stadium by 9. NFL and college football are all day experiences. Royals games, pretty much everyone leaves early. Not soccer games.

  2. Cliffy says:

    “There is no place like Nebraska ” ….
    … is not a compliment.

  3. John says:

    Whitlock Podcast
    Greg, did you hear the Real Talk with Jason Whitlock podcast yet? Maybe it was his guest beingJay Mariottibut I could’t stop listening.

  4. KSbugeater says:

    “There is no place like Nebraska ” – Damn Straight!
    You don’t get it, and I don’t expect you to. Missouri and Kansas fans wish they had the same feeling on game day: the whole state united as one (almost unanimously) passionately backing a group of young men defending their “honor”. K-State fans are passionate and purple, but still have an inferiority complex to both Nebraska and their Snob Hill rival. KU fans in the fall are still just passing time until hoops starts. Mizzou gets the closest, but with the major cities located so far from Columbia it diminishes the excitement from KC and StL. To have the equivalent gravitas of Memorial Stadium in Lincoln proportionate to the state, Faurot Field would have to hold 250,000 people. Have you been, Cliffy?

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Greg, no one cares about Nebraska around here anymore.
    After the Big 12 tournament, they are completely and totally irrelevant on the Kansas City sports scene. Get used to it. They’re only BARELY relevant now. If you want to write about Nebraska, start a website/blog called OmahaConfidential.com

  6. Cliffy says:

    Have I been?
    I lived in Lincoln for 10 years. It is not healthy. Memorial Stadium is a cobbled together piece of shit … most uncomfortable stadium I have ever had the displeasure of visiting. They are all “united as one” until the team fucks up, then grown men stand on the sidelines and curse at 18 year old kids. It’s sick.

  7. Superfreq says:

    Sporting KC
    I recently bought my 2 seasons tickets for Sporting and looking forward to a great summer out at the new stadium. They really have an ideal situation even beginning the season with a 10 game road trip. Their home opener is June 9th and the Royals will be mired in the cellar of the AL Central by then. Probably won’t be seeing any prospects up until after the All Star game due to service time as well.

  8. Cliffy says:

    And another thing ….
    I wish I had a quarter for every time a Nebraskan told me I “don’t get it” about husker football. What don’t I get … that a freak like KSbugeater ties his self esteen to a bunch of jocks who are out there defending his “honor?”



    Get … a … life.

  9. Cliffy's Step Mother says:

    Don’t mind little cliffy…
    ….he gets his depends in a bunch when anything Nebraska is mentioned. He has had this inferiority complex ever since his biological mother tried to sleep with the entire 1983 Cornhusker coaching staff and the janitor in exchange for season tickets to Cornhusker football. She also turned tricks on O street to pay rent and feed her cheeto addiction. Understandably, little cliffly gets testy when he thinks about his time in lincoln.

  10. harley says:

    give me free tickets to a sporting kc soccer game and I’ll throw them in the trash.
    Those games are so freaking boring …how can anyone get into that sports…….boooorrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg.
    I’ll take the royals any day.

  11. Doog says:

    Cliffy’s right on one thing…
    Memorial Stadium in Lincoln is cobbled together.
    I’ve had the pleasure of attending a few games in Lincoln five or six years ago, and I swear that of the, what, 85,000 seats in the stadium…about 40,000 of those seats are in the vast end-zone seating sections? I’ve sat high in the end zone for one game, and once in the lower level opposite of the pressbox side. Fan amenities are slim, and the layout is very much cobbled together. It’s not bad when you’re in your seat…but it’s when you want to leave your seat that it becomes a big problem. Oh, and by the way, can someone tell the Nebraska athletic department that it’s not cool to have gaps in the concrete slats that make up the high end-zone seating sections? Someone spills a pop (or worse), and it falls through the slats, and on to you, if you happen to be on the ‘concourse’ getting something from concessions.
    The next time NU wants to expand the football stadium, demolish and renovate the non-pressbox sideline….put more seats between the end lines. Good grief.

  12. MoCrash says:

    Mizzou not much different from NU
    What distinguished Missouri fans from Nebraska ones is the urban factor. Omaha is the only city of consequence in Nebraska and it’s not a major league market. The focus in St. Louis and, to a lesser extent, Kansas City are the pro teams, but out-state Missouri — which most reflects rural Nebraska (and approximates it in population) — is solidly Black and Gold, even people like me who have never had a formal connection to the University. One notable distinction between the fan bases is that Missouri’s is more evenly distributed between basketball and football, not surprising for a state in which many high schools (especially in the Ozarks and Delta) don’t offer football and hoops is king.

  13. nick says:

    – Don’t like coaches box. The corner of my eye sees movement and I glance over to see if anything’s going on. Nothin is. Then I realize I missed a steal or cross-over. It’s annoying. If Martin starts f-bombing his players, I trust the network to switch over. I’d be OK with a compromise of putting the coach’s box in their when a game starts getting interesting and/or coaches are being animated.

    – KSU’s gray uniforms are wretched. Texas’ aren’t much better. I always like Ok. State’s with the orange, white, black combo.

    – Kellogg was unreal. I think I saw that KU/Nebraska game the always-fuzzy KSMO Channel 62.

    – No mention of the K-State athletic dept. selling a DVD of the win over Kansas? Quite comical. The disc Front says “K-State 84, #1 KU 68, Feb 14. 2011”. So years from now Cat fans will remember that their preseason Big 12 Champs weren’t even ranked in mid-February, but their hated rival was #1. The byline to the disc says “own a piec of history”, as if it’s a once in a lifetime occurence. HILARIOUS stuff.

  14. Cliffy says:

    Since you bring up my mother ….
    She was a Notre Dame fan, but she died before she had to witness what they have become — terminally mediocre. Which, come to think of it, is what Nebraska football has become too.

  15. JP says:

    KU bashing
    I heard KK and Mad Jack’s whining about the coverage of KU. Let me clue them in, KU is the closest university to the metropolitan area, and arguably has the most fans of any of the schools with Missouri a close second. While I don’t per se hate K State, I get tired of KK constantly shoving that school down our throats day after day, while reporting any KU miscue as the “end of the world”. The funniest part that you missed Greg was how Kietzman was all over the thug statement by Gottlieb regarding the KU players and how the Morris Twins have had off the court problems. Funny I don’t remember them being suspended for shoplifting, oh that’s right, that was K State. Kietzman’s show is the constant pot meets kettle, every day of the week.

    The coaches box was more of a distraction, and should be experimented with on lesser teams, not 2 rivals going at it.

    As for Sporting Kansas City, bring it on. I am so ready to check out the new stadium. It will be the place to be this summer.

  16. Kerouac says:


  17. Rainbow Man says:

    Cliffy is right. Memorial is the ugliest stadium in the ugliest possible place for a college football stadium. I lived in Lincoln for four years in my late twenties. Nice town. Great people. Even got to know some of the Husker coaches back then. (Well known coaches) Even had a few beers on a few occasions in their homes. I can tell you this for a fact. No one is tougher on Husker Nation… than Husker Nation. Osborne is a tough SOB too. Look.. It is Nebraska… they know who they are. They know how ugly Grand Island is. It is a state full of tough SOBs and most don’t go to Nebraska. Many that do move to places like KC. They are good strong people… and they refuse to be disrespected.

  18. bschloz says:

    I think Calipari was coaching in Lawrence when Kellog and Thompson were playing their Sr. year…..Morningstar reminds of a Camp Counselor playing with the campers…what is he like 26 yrs old. He looks bored.
    I wonder who will play the point down the stretch in March? Selby,Taylor,? Neither one looks like playmaker.

    The dual coaches box on ESPN was brutal….the way they produce these games is becoming kind of boring and predictable.
    Bad Turnover..Quick Flash to Frank Martin….Traveling call quick flash to Bill Self…
    just give us what we want ….dual cheer-leading boxes of Texas and UCLA

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