Hearne: Could Hollywood’s Next Big Divorce Shocker Find Its Way to Missouri?

"Brad Storms Out On Angie – in bitter battle over money," the National Enquirer cover shouts!

And inside we find that actor Brad Pitt – a Missouri native with ties to the Kansas City area – is accusing his wife, actress Angelina Jolie of "wasting their fortune" and has stormed out on her.

"Right now Brad and Angie’s love affair is hanging by a thread," an insider tells the Enquirer. "With mounting debts and crushing overheads to fund their lavish lifestyle, Brad is ‘demanding that they reduce household staff, scale back on travel, artwork, expensive wine, buying up the most buzzed about scripts and books in Hollywood and rein in their charitable donations,’ the insider said."

Which brings us to the story’s fine print and the Hollywood couple’s ties to the great state of Missouri…

While Pitt and Jolie’s combined net worth is estimated at $250 million, even wildly famous, rich folks are feeling the effects of the last three year’s economic downturn. And while the Enquirer is far more fixated on Pitt’s firing of the kid’s French tutor and the possible sale of the couple’s $60 million French chateau, buried amongst all that glam is the casual mention of a "seven-room home in Missouri."

A quick check reveals that – sure enough – the couple’s Missouri mansion remains in their portfolio.

A Star magazine story a few years back – the tabloid not the local weekly – confirmed that the home was in the Springfield area near Pitt’s parents. But it cited a source saying Angelina would never spend a night in it.

So much for that theory…

USA Today reports Jolie was spotted in a Missouri Starbucks with two of her kids over the recent holidays while visiting Pitts parents. Born in Oklahoma, Pitt grew up in Springfield, attended the University of Missouri, majoring in journalism, where he acted in fraternity shows and supported himself by limoing strippers, delivering refrigerators and dressing up as a giant chicken for a local restaurant

As for his Missouri manse, a photo posted on Flickr identifies itself as Pitt & Jolie’s "Lake of the Ozarks" home. But two commenters, identifying themselves as neighbors, say it’s not Pitt’s. Which could be a strategy to protect Pitt’s privacy. Or not.

Sure looks like it a seven room mansion though. Perhaps we’ll see if the house goes on the market.

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7 Responses to Hearne: Could Hollywood’s Next Big Divorce Shocker Find Its Way to Missouri?

  1. craig glazer says:

    Hard To Believe It Lasted This Long
    Two stars at their level almost never make it more than a few years. This one has lasted over ten years. Hey thats a suprise. It’s tough to pay those bills with the two stars bringing in over 60 million a year between them. Boredom sets in and the spending goes nuts, seems to happen all the time in these situations. Their marriage likely ended several years ago, its just for looks now. Lets face it, Brad Pitt can get ANY girl he wants anytime, from l8 to any age. She is not quite in that boat, aging now works against her. Not so much with the man, especially him. The curse of super fame and money always strikes somehow, ask Charlie Sheen.

  2. Rainbow Man says:

    It is their marriage. I like the product both of them put out… But hey… the marriage is personal… I do not care. Marriage is a tough racket in any class. The standards and expectations in marriage are just so unreal… that it is hard for anyone.

  3. Hearne says:

    It may not be pretty but…
    Craig pretty much has it nailed. But has it really been 10 years? And all those one-here, one-there adopted kids Angelina was so set on adopting. This marriage has been slip-sliding for years. Now that nobody cares about what’s left of Tom Cruise marraige and Michael Jackson’s long gone, the $64 million question is, what will be the next huge celebrity blockbuster wedding?

    By the way, the cover of this week’s Enquirer also has a tragic photo of Elizabeth Taylor looking like death warmed over and the headline, “THE END.”

    What a run this lady had!

  4. chuck says:

    Being metphysically sociopathic
    I can’t wait for them to break up so I can read all about it.

    I am fucking doomed.

  5. Shawn says:

    Why is this a story?
    Hate to mention this but they aren’t married. And besides…who cares?

  6. Kerouac says:

    that’s the castle where they make those hamburgers.

    Taste – be it burgers, women, men or golfers pretending to be football coaches – be in the eye the beholder. I noted one comment whereby the blogger speaks like an authority re: the actor / actress: “ANY” woman (or “ANY” man for that matter?) “ANY” qb too be ‘franchise’ in a small universe called kcindy, same circular logic.

    Nyet, x infinity.

    At minimum, my wife finds the guy in question this story ‘not’ especially appealing. Likewise, I’ve never found the female anything out of the ordinary visually (on the contrary, she looks not unlike a built hot rod – lip injection / botox et al replacing stock exhaust manifold the former.) Vis a vis ‘popularity’, consensus (even if it were the case, anything) validates nothing, rather, be just ‘x’ number of people/ mob agreeance, variation a Bill Shakespeare theme ‘tale told by an idiot (et al), full of sound & fury, signifying nothing.’

    Portions youth, looks, money, talent = conjoined bliss relegated doom in waiting?

    Not unless we are all indistinguishable.

    We are not.

    What of long-lasting Hollywood icons/marriages such as these: Kirk Douglas – married since 1954. His footsteps are larger than Pitt could ever dream (KD’s son Michael too that matter, my opine – but again ‘opinion’, as any one else’s.)

    What of formers: late Paul Newman/Joanna Woodward, Spencer Tracy/ Katherine Hepburn…heavy-hitter couples. And Jimmy Stewart, and Bob Hope, and . . .

    What of more current such as Denzel Washington? Tom Hanks? These and many more, too.

    ‘Staying power’ as it were to include marriage has more to do with ‘character’ man/woman; anything/everything else be narcissistic bent/excuse. Narcissism is not bad in & of itself, but when two narcissists collide one/more so both will lose. If the most important choice made be the right choice, so too be the rewards. Star magnitude makes NO DIFFERENCE; difference in the ‘personage’.

    Upshot: don’t use a broad (no pun intended) brush & paint failure as preordained – ’tis not necessarily so.

    For the record, I worked in Hollywood/Europe (was in television series & did stunt work too) and was exposed to all the vices, yet I’ve been happily ensconced one (and only one) woman since 1978… I am not an exception, as both lesser known & greater referenced afore atest.

    One last tableu internet pen: younger days mine, ‘symbols’ category I lumped the Marilyn Monroe’s, Brigitte Bardot’s, Sophia Loren’s & Raquel Welch’s together asthetically speaking; sexploitation bit lesser degree Sylva Koscina, Claudia Cardinale & Julie Ege, another category eye candy an Donna Reed, Mary Tyler Moore, Inger Stevens, Elizabeth Montgomery & Marlo Thomas – plus an hundred more not alluded to. I worked with some & as in life, some were good, some were bad & some were just plain ugly where it matters most… inside. Physical beauty they all had – and that’s all they had/have, some.

    Truth is, any time you think you’ve seen ‘the best’/most beautiful girl in the world as it were, another one walks by… I suspect it is no different when a woman gazes upon huMANity, denials being inauthentic. Appetite is like that… rectitude is not.

    Don’t be punked.

    [postscript] Yesteryear, my preference was Smaks but I did once try a White Castle… does that make me a hypocrite nee a two-timer?

  7. craig glazer says:

    Good Points Kerouac and Hearne and Rainbow Man
    I think we are all singing the same tune here. Marriage is tough all over. There are now fewer in general and according to the Rolling Stone, divorce rate is now over 65% and climbing. Yes they are not legally married but its a sure fire common law marriage, chirst they adopt kids somehow…some big names were mentioned here with ‘good marriage’ ones that lasted in Hollywood, like Kirk Douglas….I knew some of that family and officed next to Mike’s youngr bro. who did all the Chevy Chase films, Fltech Saved etc…Kirk was a bigtime ladies man while married, she just put up with it…like many of those names you mentioned…its just a tough ticker in general no matter how you slice it…we all should know almost all of us are DIVORCED at least once…I wish it could work, I really do, but man I just don’t see it hardly ever really work out…its a shame.

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