Tony: Stop Cheerleading For KC, It’s Not Helping

Recently I stumbled upon yet another lame, local promotional video that perfectly encapsulates everything wrong with this town.

In a word it was nothing less than FAIL.

I always wonder why people can’t find anything better to rave about in this town other than typical Crossroads, Parks & Boulevards and BBQ nonsense. Like talking about the weather, it’s not really a statement but a supplement for real conversation.

The same trite references for Kansas City success never change and that’s just a quick hint that these talking points are clichés and not real reporting of substantial progress.

For the posterity, let’s take a look at this year’s version of local propaganda regarding progress:


This local, promo video is sort of hidden away on Youtube but has earned a decent response so far:

First of all it’s simply too long and seems like one of those old 70’s documentaries of a steel town right before the bottom falls out. In other words, this is a testament to a time when there’s still a glimmer of hope to all the debt this town took on and it conveniently ignores the financial pitfalls headed our way.

So enjoy the cheerleading but don’t forget that local violence, abandoned houses, crushing debt and a lack of jobs are really better indicators regading the status of this town.

But the HD video is still fun to watch.
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10 Responses to Tony: Stop Cheerleading For KC, It’s Not Helping

  1. Mark x says:

    Same story, different theme ..
    … always something negative to say, huh Botello ? It’s always how bad ______________(fill in the blank) is. You a sad negative individual. I pity you.

    I learned long time ago that my life is much richer when I avoid negative people.

    Have a good day, Tony! (Although I realize you won’t)

  2. bschloz says:

    +1 the video that is. Thanks for sharing.
    KC Metro….City of Fortunes.
    Tony…remember we were the designated driver when the world got drunk.
    Quit fighting it…best work force here on earth.

  3. Cliffy says:

    What a great city!!!
    Gee, thanks Tony!!

  4. Eric says:

    Awesome Video!
    Thanks for sharing! (ass!)

  5. Tracy Thomas says:

    Lame video, but it tells visitors where to go w/o Tony!
    Tony, thanks for pointing this out.
    Perhaps the reason they featured so many places you HATE is that then tourists won’t run into your sour puss!!
    The video is lame, I agree, but for different reasons.
    The script doesn’t match the pictures!
    When they say someone is “reinventing funk, as we speak”, they dissolve from Jenae to a photo of dead Robert Altman, and then to George Brett! And they didn’t insert a funk sound bite. Duh. Tell the story, words, pictures and SOUND.
    No, they just had that slow tempo porno masturbation sound track droning on and on. Because it was a needle-drop from a free library, probably.

    They never mentioned, or showed, live theatre, and yet, KC is in the top 5 in the nation for local live theatre.
    That’s one of KC’s TRUE points of difference.

    And the boilerplate eco-devo script was obviously edited by a committee. “Upside down. Or rightside up?” Hack writing, by committees that are afraid to say anything that might offend, or might stick in the pre-frontal cortex and actually re-BRAND us.
    The reference to being “surprising”? They stole that from “Des Moines the Surprising Place.” Like 15 years ago.

    Finally, the voiceover talent was: not Richard Ward Fatherley. Because he died last year on Valentine’s Day. He was our best voice over, voice of God. This voiceover talent was having to drag out his pacing to match the stupid video shots. There are far better talents here, from the THEATRE world, who should have done the voiceover.

    Now I realize, whoever did this had a government-funded grant. Taxpayers paid for this. And they did need to have an updated video. Every city’s eco-devo department has to have a video like this, one that is always too long, for their tax supported web site, and for sending to businesses to say, “Hey, come here, it’s not the sticks.”

    But this was a lame effort, I agree. If I were on that committee, I’d require a mulligan.

  6. bjayhawk says:

    Just please GTFO
    You hate it so much, just leave — the world is awaiting your brilliance.

  7. Barnie says:

    In this case I’d have to agree with

  8. TonyIsADirtbag says:

    Tony should be taxed double for taking up the air and the space of at least two normal people.

  9. chuck says:

    Tony’s Doctor’s Appointment
    TONY: *pulling up pants* “Everything check out Doc?”

    DOCTOR: “Thats some tattoo.”

    TONY: *drops pants back down and turns* “Yeah, La Raza, it means The Race.”

    DOCTOR: “Why is it on your ass?”

    TONY: *smiling* “Cause thats where I do all my work. *zipping up* Ouch goddamnit!”

    DOCTOR: “Commando, right?”

    TONY: “Yep, I gotta rep, you know?”

    DOCTOR: “I bet…”

    TONY: “So, how am I?”

    DOCTOR: “Fucked.”

    TONY: “Cancer!?!?!?”

    DOCTOR: “No, your healthy as a horse, I read your blog though, and I have prescribed a Luvox, Paxil and Zoloft combination with a side of Xanex. In fact, *pulls multiple colored pills out of pocket* pick out a handful to get you home without killing yourself.”

    TONY: “Whatever. Hey Doc, can you give me a note I can show my mother which says I can’t mow or shovel snow, you know, bad back or something?”

    DOCTOR: “Will it cheer ya up?”

    TONY: “Hell yeah!”

    DOCTOR: What the fuck, sure.”

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