STARBEAMS: Michael Kors to Plaza; Obama a Hottie? Gas Prices Up & Partisan Sex Poll

Project Runway judge Michael Kors will open a designer fashion store on the Plaza this summer. The store will take part of the current Eddie Bauer space which is moving to the former Mark Shale space.


It’s about time!

 It was getting to the point where there were only like 30 stores for my gay friends to shop on the Plaza.

A new survey in Allure Magazine finds the race that women find most attractive is mixed race. 64 percent of women think people like President Obama are the epitome of beauty.

In honor of President’s day I think Boulevard should release a part chocolate, part vanilla ale.


Thanks to unrest in the Middle East, analysts say the price of gasoline will go up this summer. Maybe even as high as $4 a gallon.

I was at a BP yesterday and they had already tripled the price of their hanging air fresheners.


A new poll found that 44% of Republicans say they’re excited about their love lives versus 32% of Democrats and 31% of Independents.

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus Bill Clinton.



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4 Responses to STARBEAMS: Michael Kors to Plaza; Obama a Hottie? Gas Prices Up & Partisan Sex Poll

  1. Hearne says:

    Thanks for – yawn – sharing…
    Nothing like a little meaninglessness from a bathroom wall poet

  2. Hearne Christopher says:

    Sorry dude,
    One yawn per item

  3. rogger says:

    Highly Un-Impressed
    I don’t find the gay porn pic to be the least bit impressive, and wonder if that’s the direction Hearne is taking his little enterprise. At the very least, it’s a copycat technique….already been done.

  4. Superdave says:

    Shopping On the Plaza
    Not shopped on the Plaza area in years. I got made mad when you could no long find bib-overalls in any of the stores.

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