Today: Last Black Dance Club, America’s Pub, to Leave Westport

This just in…

With the recent closing of urban club Karma in Westport, a single black dance club remains. That being former white boy Mecca America’s Pub. You may remember it as the scene of an altercation between a drunk-beyond-belief Brian Euston and a black dude who accidentally one-punched Euston onto the Promised Land.

Followers of the venerable Cowtown party zone know America’s Pub didn’t start out with the intention of being an urban club. Check its name for chrissakes.

Far from it. Check out all the white faces on the America’s Pub St. Louis’ Facebook page. Like Stanford & Sons infamous Club 504 – the club that many Westporters blame for the area’s urban youth mobs of weekend’s past – America’s Pub started out going for the Kelly‘s crowd. When suburban competition and DUI checkpoints thinned Westport’s ranks, the club went black. Had problems and then went back to white.

But after Karma failed as a mainstream ultra lounge and went urban, America’s Pub shifted back to black.

Which brings us to the year 2011…

For years Westport merchants and bar owners tried to convince, strong arm – put it as you will – America’s Pub into getting out of the urban dance biz. But money talks and it remains one of the most popular clubs of its genre in KC.

Now word on the street is America’s Pub’s lease is up later this year and – like Stanford’s Club 504 – will not be renewed.

Calling into question what effect that will have on Westport’s diminished-but-still-kicking, warm weather urban youth mobs.

And whether all or part of the America’s Pub crowd may shift to the Eighteen22 Ultra Lounge on Main in downtown KC by Michael’s Fine Clothing.

Stay tuned.
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20 Responses to Today: Last Black Dance Club, America’s Pub, to Leave Westport

  1. JayhawkTony says:

    From the first paragraph—How exactly does one “accidently one-punch” someone?

    An accidently would imply that the punch was thrown by chance or that it happened without intent; or through carelessness.

    The black man who punched Euston did it with intent (granted, it was carelessness, but he intended to punch him). There was no “accident” about it. He knew exactly what he was going to do when Euston kept allegedly badgering him

    While many people have no doubt in their mind that the black man punched Euston, I think you need to also use the word “allegedly” instead of “accidently”.

  2. Matt says:

    18th & Vine
    Why can’t a club of that type go into the Jazz District? All of the public $ poured into that area and very little action. I’ve never been able to understand why there needed to be a minority “centered” area and then the minorities didn’t hang there. There’s plenty of space available and there would be a lot less scrutiny.

  3. NOTPC says:

    @ tony
    You must be a graduate of the fine KCMO school district since you are unable to read a COMPLETE sentence for it’s content. Sorry Hearne writes above a 3rd grade level but I’ll “break it down” for you. The black dude ALLEGEDLY punched Euston ACCIDENTALY into the Promised Land. While neither of us were there, I’m sure we can both agree that the punch was no accident. While this incident is certainly a tragedy I am guessing (from 20+ yrs. in the bar buisiness) that Brian probably had a punch coming to him-certailnly not a fatal one. Take one ego filled Rockhurst boy, add copoius (a large) amounts of alchohol, and 9 out of 10 times you will get a punch thrown. Quite frankly I am surprised by the way this went down. Usually when someone from the “urban” scene gets disrespected like this it ends in gunfire.

  4. Akgay Anand says:

    Ummmmm…..Nice try, NOTPC,
    but Hearne’s sentence in the article does not contain the word “allegedly.” I’ve copy and pasted the text from Hearne’s article below. Please point out the word “allegedly” to me:

    “You may remember it as the scene of an altercation between a drunk-beyond-belief Brian Euston and a black dude who accidently one-punched Euston to the Promised Land.”

  5. John Doe says:

    Seems Clear To Me
    What Hearne said seems clear to me. The term “accidentally” referred to the man’s death, not the punch. Maybe there was a better grammatical way to phrase it. Nonetheless, I don’t see where the meaning was all that difficult to discern. Keep looking, though. Maybe you can find a misplaced comma.

  6. NOTPC says:

    @ Matt
    Are you serious? The reason there is not an “urban” club in the Jazz district is because the Jazz district wants to thrive not be shut down in a hail of gunfire and violenece. It is better to stuggle (and reap your $ from taxpayers) than shut down what should be a huge national treasure. From NRG to TAO (The old Grand Emporium) to Africa’s Pub, the outcomes speak for themselves. At NRG or whatever they are trying to rebrand it as, you have near riots in the streets with multiple shootings (see their new re-opening on New Years which I believe brought KC its first homicide). TAO (with the backing of owner Sgt. Soloman) at least blocked off Main St. to tryavoid the conflicts there. However, even with the huge sheriff’s prescence, shootings and violence still occured and the only thing interrupted was the “normal” folks trying to drive down Main or 39th-now they are closed. Why did the power and White district try to enforce a dress code? To keep the “urban” elemnet out. Here is the bottom line: NOBODY (urban or honky) WANTS TO GO ANYWHERE TO HAVE A GOOD TIME WHERE THERE IS A REAL RISK OF BEING SHOT.

    In any bar you will get a variety of people, most just wanting to go have a good time. You will also get the “bad seeds”. However, when you add alchohol the bad seeds tend to rise up. This space is not big enough for a huge diatribe on modern sociology. Let’s just say, for arguments sake, that the “urban” folks have a different way of conflict resolution than the honky. Here is how it usually goes down. Honkey scene: In a mosh pit someone’s girlfriend is standing to close to the pit and gets clipped. drunk 1 approaches drunk 2 that clipped her to defend her honor (even though she is a twit that should have been more aware of where she was). After a bit of puffing and pointing punches are thrown and they both usually get tossed out. “Urban” scene: “Urban” drunk 1 doesnt like “Urban” drunk 2’s jersey colors. “Urban” drunk 1 gets his gun out and begins to try to “pop a cap” in “urban” drunk 2. Since neither “urban” drunk 1 or 2 could hit the broad side of a barn, some poor bystander(s) get hit as both drunks friends step in to back them up.

    Sadly this is just a snapshot of the real problem of the “urban” community, and society as a whole. Look at Southwest H.S. This institution was once ranked as one of the top schools IN THE NATION. Now the “bad seeds” get KCFD called there 50 times already this year, and is under-staffed with a security detail that should (arguably) be able to handle a small Al-Queda cell. Now, please don’t try to pin this on the school closings and restructuring of the school system in KC. This has been going on since Judge Whiplle (SP?) ordered forced segregation and BILLIONS of dollars have been poured into this broken p.o.s. So…much like the bar scene the honkeys want to send their kids to school to get an education not to get shot, and the white flight from KC continues. Why spend your hard earned tax dollars to fund a broken system when you can move a few miles west. The problem is, you cant move the jazz district, westport, or power and white so the people who want to try to make this city fun and safe continue to try. Unfortunately, in this PC world no one can talk about this in a rational way without being called a racist, or worse. You can pay Alvin Brooks his 1000 dollars to attend all the candlelight vigils you want, but until the “urban” community decides enough dead children are enough, the cycle will continue.

  7. NOTPC says:

    You are correct but Tony’s did. I was simply trying to clarify to Tony the intent of Hearne’s sentence as it was apparent that Tony did not understand it. I did not want to confuse the person more by proper suggestive editing and inserted my edited version in all caps. If we are getting all nit picky here, try this. Perhaps Hearne should have written:

    “You may remember it as the scene of an (alleged) altercation between a drunk-beyond-belief Brian Euston and a black dude who one-punched Euston (,accidentally) to the Promised Land.”

    Perhaps I should have phrased my comments like John Doe. Sorry

  8. harley says:

    why is there alwasy violence at black clubs…killings…shootings….security wands…WHY ARE WE EVEN DISCUSSING
    theres no violence…no riots…no shootings … guns at
    Lets stop beating around the bush here. Black african americans b ring trouble. they brought trouble to
    westport…plaza…p and l….they bring problems with them.
    And law abiding good people don’t want that kind of violence and shootings and killings,
    Its not a government problem…and the government won’t solve this problems……
    Pretty simple…if you don’t want violence…shootings…killings….trouble….99% of the bars/
    restauratns have no problems. If you see a large black crowd in a bar….expect trouble…expect eventually
    that somone will be assulted…shot even killed.

    take a pin and put it in themap where most of the murders/rape/robberies in our city occur. Notice anything.?
    See where all the crime is? See what is going on. If we remain silent we only let the problem get worse.

    All these bars including glazers slum jointcouldnt get law abiding white people into them. So they changed to
    a black bar. Well shit…thats amazing because everyone of them has problems and tyhey evenrtually
    go out of business.

    I’m sick of hearing this. Lets be frank and honest. Lets stop being politically correct.
    Lets solve the problem….don’t go to those trouble spots….spend you money where you feel safe…
    and it will all be okay iin the end….

    If you don’t agree with me….fine….you’re a pussy lying m-f.

  9. chuck says:

    Much needed clarity from NOPTC
    “Usually when someone from the “urban” scene gets disrespected like this it ends in gunfire.”

    That folks, is a generalization. We all understand and live by generalizations. We dress warm in the winter and expect the sun to come up in the East. There are noted exceptions, tomorrow it will be 70 degrees, but, I will have a coat in my truck, cause, its Feb and in general, most of the time, its cold in the winter in KC.

    Most of the time, Urban Dance Clubs are obligate criminal corucopias of bad behaviour.

    America’s Pub’s inability to extend their lease, is no doubt a source of much relief to merchants in Westport. Now, the rest of the city waits for the next Urban Dance Club Boil to appear on its ass, concommittantly accompanied with expected and appropriate gunfire, rape, murder and ‘accidental’ punches. These clubs, spring up like metropolitan IEDs, and do a great deal of damage to businessmen and innocent citizens in close proximity. Perhaps its time for city hall IUDs to prevent the inception of future establishments. A more stringent review of all new liquor licenses and penalties expedited for offenders and owners of clubs.

    Here is a generalization from our freshly remembered past. Although its politically incorrect to say this outloud, Urban Dance Clubs are peopled with folks who are more inclined to bloody constraint than constraint. Exceptions are noted. With that in mind, white people with death wishes should be advised, here is an easy way out.

    Americans ignore the truth at the risk of their own peril. From KC to Cairo its the same thing. Lara Logan, CBS 60 Minutes Reporter, beaten and raped repeatedly by an Muslim mob, should have listened to the generalizations Americans believe about Muslims. We think they don’t like us. Actually, imo, they hate us (I think it is crazy to keep allowing immigration of Muslim Islamists into our country. From Europe to Detroit, the evidence is blatant, they will not mainstream. Soon I suppose we will issue Kalashnikovs with green cards for fear of being politicall incorrect.).

    I read this morning from The Washington Post, Time, and New York Times the same thing, that the Muslims who beat and raped Ms. Logan were (Here it comes…) an “isolated few”, or “Not representative of all Muslims”, and “A renegade faction…”. Already, in the hallowed halls of the 4th estate, apologies and excuses are being made, couched in lies, misrepresentations of facts, while diverting and ultimately harming those who would believe such tripe.

    Here in Kansas City, make no mistake about it, mainstream America is hated. This acrimony is aided and abetted by the media, localy and nationally. The consistant glorification of the Rapper/Hip/Hop Black subculture, by the future victims of that culture’s violence is bizarre and cowardly. The constant reconstitution of that same sub culture, by media members and apologists in high places, after still another murder, rape or theft is a disgrace.

    Its just my opinion, but the term accidental one punch, says to me, hey, it was an accident, and it ain’t that big a deal. Like I sais, its just my opinion.

    Its also my opinion, that until we take a real time look at the Urban 5th column of hate, that festers up on a minute to minute basis, and resolve to stop it, early, often and with any means necessary (I’m thinkin at this point, more money ain’t gonna cut it.), citizens here in KC, will be subject to various and sundry assults with questionable and negative outcomes.

    Kinda like Brian Euston.

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Gotta read the entire sentence, JT. Accidentally killed him – sent him to the Promised Lan – is what it says. Of course the punch was not accidental. But Euston’s falling blind drunk to the ground, hitting his head and later dying was not – even in the eyes of prosecutors. – intentional.

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    Thanks for the breakdown. Third grade? Funny, that’s the way newspapers want things presented to readers.

    Agree with your analysis of the situation though.

  12. mkisha says:

    wow…what a eracist

  13. chuck says:

    eracism is a everywhere.
    Especially in Hollywood. I was horrified by the Aryan Nation Movie, “Eraserhead”.

    Dude did have a nice fro.

  14. Markus Aurelius says:

    great post NOTPC
    you summed it up pretty well — using guns as a form of conflict resolution is the problem. 99% of the population, regardless of race, socio-economics and location of residence want to avoid life-threatening environments. In order to do so, we make judgments about what is and is not a “safe” place for us to be. The degree of risk one is willing to accept differs for each individual. One person may think the odds of getting shot in or around any drinking establishment after 10pm at night is too high to warrant ever going to ANY bar/club. At the other end of the spectrum, one person may think the odds of getting shot in or around any drinking establishment is very low so long as you mind your own business, watch your back and stay avoid individuals that may appear to be volatile — as such, this person is willing go to any club, anywhere for a good time. Most people fall in the middle and attempt to make wise decisions that allow them to go out and have a good time at places late at night without the threat of personal injury. Thus, perception plays as much a role in the sociology as reality. This is why, even if the actual risk of personal injury is very low (with Euston’s case being an outlier) at America’s Pub, the owner of the building leased by America’s Pub allegedly does not intend to renew its lease with America’s Pub.

    The underlying Million Dollar issue is thus — How do we begin to change the cultural mindset of young urban males (be they black, white, Hispanic, or whatever) so that they no longer see the use of a deadly weapon as a means of conflict resolution? Banning guns doesn’t work since it only treats a symptom. (If you got rid of guns the ingenuity and perseverance of the human spirit would just come up with an alternative method to exact deadly harm.) An overwhelming police/military presence might appear to work temporarily but it won’t work in the long-term because it would never be widespread enough or last long enough to result in a cultural shift and belief in what is acceptable behavior. Obviously, these kids parents, neighbors, friends, teachers, churches, etc… have already failed to provide them with a proper perspective on appropriate conflict resolution so how do we prevent the next wave of youths from buying into the culture of violence? Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer.

    However, with regard to Westport or any other entertainment district, you can’t blame them for not wanting to renew America’s Pub’s lease. It’s not a racist thing – nor is it exclusively a black thing — it’s a cultural thing, as in the small segment of our society that has bought into this Culture Of Violence (COV). Most businesses (rightly) don’t want people of the COV frequenting their establishments or neighboring establishments because they hurt the bottom line. It just so happens that with regard to the problems at America’s Pub involving COV people, most of the COV people happen to be black. In other parts of the metropolitan area and other parts of our country, you’ll find COV people that are white, Hispanic, Asian, etc… Most businesses don’t care what color your skin is but they do care about the cultural values, or lack thereof, that you carry with you which might cause others to avoid their business. Because there is no “COV” stamped on these people’s foreheads, people and businesses are left with trying to avoid this segment of society by making generalizations and avoiding broader swaths of the population. Is that fair? Not really. But life is not fair — it never has been and never will be. No one ever promised that life would be fair. The government can work for justice but it cannot dictate fairness.

  15. Hearne Christopher says:

    You’re right, Chuck. The wait for the next urban dance club and attendant problems is palpable.
    One of the things Craig has pointed out to me over the years is that not all urban clubs start out that way. Glazer’s Club 504 was – for lack of a better term – mixed use. Until it gradually became populated by more and more people who were off putting to its more mainstream clientele. So Glazer went with the flow. But only after trying to keep maintain the club’s diversity by keeping out as many undesirables as long as he could.
    Same for America’s Pub. I remember writing a column once about how they had posted an obviously discriminating dress code sign out front. One aimed at keeping out certain blacks – not all – but ones who fit the gangsta (if you will) stereotype.
    My sources say that because of failing business and nearby Karma converting to an urban club America’s Pub switched back to a black dance club again.
    Frankly, the dude just wants to make – not lose – money and he wasn’t gifted or clever enough to design a theme that would attract a more mixed, traditional Westport of P&L type clientele

  16. chuck says:

    H- Maybe the city can slow them down…

  17. Hearne says:

    Free enterprise is free enterprise
    Fact is, businesses like America’s Pub, the Skybox, etc. are going to be around as long as there’s money to be made. Even if by accident, which is somewhat the case with America’s Pub. Can you imagine naming an urban dance club something that vanilla/lame?

    How do you stop it? Well, you can bet the landlords in Westport will be writing what tennents CAN”T do into future leases. Have been for sometime, actually. Whoever thought a white boy beer bar that posted an offensive dress code aimed at keeping out blacks a handful of years back would later go the way the club has gone?

    I remember when the Brooksider opened a basement dance club several years back. It was as white as Brooside with a smattering of color. A couple months in and Kansas City police were camped outside and the club had gone urban.

    It wasn’t planned, it just happened.

    Now if they played Johnny Dare music, it never would have come to pass. But they wanted a dance club and paid the price.

    Slow them down?

    I don’t know how.

  18. adambluekc says:

    Parking Lot Pimpin’
    A good black friend of mine introduced me to a black male ritual known as “Parking Lot Pimpin'” – fairly self-explanatory, but basically it is the black males who drive around or park in the parking lots outside of clubs trying to pick up white women.

    The MAIN point that everyone has left out here is that the trouble with the urban clubs always stems from the action in the PARKING LOT – not the club itself. As soon as the black club-goers find out where the new “spot” is (which used to take awhile but thanks to Twitter, now the word goes out immediately) the worst of the black / mexican specimens go to the hot spot to hang out in the parking lot. Why? Simple – they bring their own booze and they don’t want to pay a cover charge. Plus they get to show off their cars that they skipped out on the rent and child support payment to pay for. There are three things that are ESSENTIAL to the urban ghetto youth: Car, shoes, cell phone. Anything other than those three items are deemed unimportant. How many times have you driven through the ghetto to find brand new Jaguars parked in front of a tattered house that looks like it was made out of plywood. You can bet they have the most expensive shoes as well, and don’t even think about going into the Sprint store – black people buy a new cell phone every month.

    All of this ties into “Parking Lot Pimpin” – blacks who don’t have any money but they need to show off their cars, shoes and cell phones without having to pay a cover charge or pay bar prices for their drinks – oh, and you can’t smoke blunts inside the club either, so that factors in heavily as well.

    To address the comment that the new urban clubs should be moved to the 18th and Vine District, the YOUNG black males will not go to a club in black neighborhood or black district because they are looking for WHITE WOMEN. You can open all the nightclubs you want on Troost or Prospect but the only people that will go there are older black people. In fact, most black clubs in the hood are either 25 or 35 and older to enter. The older black people aren’t stupid, they ban their own kind from their clubs because they know better.

    Also while we’re on the subject of black youth looking for white women, let’s congratulate our very own Hallmark Cards for their recent Valentine’s Day commercial where they show a teenage white girl sitting on a bench and she is then approached by a black male with flowers. Now there’s a trend that we want to see progress. Fucking NOT! What the hell Hallmark??

  19. adambluekc says:

    Before You Even Say It….
    These comments are not “racist” – do you know why? Because they are TRUE.

  20. David says:

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