STARBEAMS: Pujols Asks $300mm to Join KC Royals; Cell Phones Keep You Awake at the Wheel

Talks are circulating about Albert Pujols coming home to the Kansas City Royals. There was an article in St. Louis Post Dispatch and in Star about the possibility. Owner David Glass says Pujol’s $300 million asking price is too steep for the Royals.


#5. Have most of the $300 million financed by Jackson County tax payers

#4. Pujol brings his own rolling roof

#3. As a tribute to Gil Meche, he wears number 300 on his jersey

#2. Have his health care plan include generic drugs at Walmart.

#1. Between innings he sells Lemonade, Lemonade, Lemonade BEEEOOOWW!


Researchers at the University of Kansas say they’ve figured out a time when it’s actually safer to talk on your cell phone while driving. When you’re getting toward the end of a long, boring drive, talking on the phone actually helps your brain stay alert and focused.

Every resident in Kansas has done some research on long, boring drives.
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