OTC: Pullen Gets 38 And Sinks #1 Kansas


Kansas Forward Markieff Morris (21) And Kansas State Forward Jamar Samuels (32) Go For A Rebound“I’m leaving here not really recognizing the team that played tonight. We’ve got to get some things straight.”
Bill Self, after Kansas State’s 84-68 win over top-ranked Kansas, Kansas City Star
GH: I heard and read a lot about how bad Kansas was in Manhattan on Monday Night. But the story wasn’t how Kansas failed but rather how K-State soared. No visiting team this side of the NBA gets out of Bramlage Monday night with a win. Jacob Pullen and K-State were that good. That great. That special.
“We’re a force to be reckoned with.”
Rodney McGruder, KSU’s sophomore guard, Kansas City Star
GH: I would agree if KSU can count on Pullen to get 38 every night and the NCAA allows them to play the rest of their schedule at home. That manically loud Manhattan crowd had Tyshawn Taylor playing like Elizabeth Taylor and the Morris twins’ games reduced to the anorexic level of Mary-Kate and Ashley. But K-State has work to do. Read on.
“K-State can’t do better than it did Monday, beating the top RPI team. But these inconsistent Wildcats can’t count on maintaining this level of performance. If anything, fans have to feel a little angry today. Where has this been all season?”
Blair Kerkhoff, Kansas City Star
GH: It was a mere 48 hours earlier in Boulder that Kansas State bumbled through a sloth-like offensive performance that cost them a road win over a Colorado team that had dropped five straight. Where has this effort and guile been indeed. I guess we’ll have to ask our source – since Frank Martin doesn’t think anything is ever amiss with his team.
“We’re a young team! I know people don’t want to hear it.”
Frank Martin, 810 AM
GH: Kansas State was a top-five team led by two seniors who were both picked as preseason All-Conference players. How many college teams had that going for them in November? Frank has lots of excuses except when he says he doesn’t. Read on.
“I never say anything to the team that can give them a safety net or a crutch.”
Frank Martin, 810 AM
GH: Does Martin think his team doesn’t get the same info you and I get from him? I heard Martin twice talk about how late he and his players’ heads hit the pillow after their game in Boulder. He also worked in the short turn around his team was forced to execute before their loss in last season’s NCAA tourney. Frank has lots of excuses. He just likes to pretend that if he states they’re not an excuse we’ll swallow it.
“I don’t get out of bed every day to criticize people. I get out of bed to help people.”
Frank Martin, 810 AM
GH: Frank can’t handle the truth. Frank can’t handle getting critiqued and graded on his work and his team’s production. Frank thinks the media should be a cheerleader. Frank has stated all season his team lacks leadership. Frank is right.
“Before hated rivalry game, KSt. Coach Frank Martin had PA guy ask crowd to donate to KU’s Thomas Robinson trust for his little sister. CLASS.”
Holly Rowe, ESPN sideline reporter, Twitter
GH: Frank Martin is a master media manipulator. With ESPN’s Big Monday’s in the house, he makes this magnanimous gesture toward KU’s Robinson over the Bramlage PA. What a sweet guy. How about Holly Rowe interviewing Wally Judge and Freddy Asprilla and find out why they weren’t in the arena to hear Frank’s classy comments?
“Credit Cats for saving their season. As impressive an effort as I’ve seen out of any team this year.”
Gabe DeArmond, Twitter
GH: The effort against Kansas was incredible. The season though is far from saved. Read on.
“We’re going to see what (Kansas State) has got now. … This team has a propensity under Frank Martin to finish the season strong.”
Stan Weber, 810 AM
GH: K-State needs to find three more wins in their remaining five conference games to secure a firm hold on an NCAA bid. Home games against Oklahoma and Iowa State are must wins. The three games that pose a problem are at Nebraska, at Texas and a home game against road-weary but dangerous Mizzou. K-State is not good enough to take even their winnable home games lightly. They can afford to lose two but not three.
“KU fans or Pullen haters before you pop off & say he’s been crappy all year, check his numbers in Big 12 play…..leads the league 20.6 PPG.”
Jake Gutierrez, of 810’s Border Patrol, Twitter
“Jacob Pullen woke up. This was a different Jacob Pullen.”
Stan Weber, 810 AM
GH: This was NCAA Pullen. Not the I-ain’t-playin’-in-the-NIT Pullen. He was all-world Monday night but he’s still the same guy who missed two free throws down the stretch in Boulder and got picked by Alec Burks for the game-winning steal and layup.
“I still think Alec Burks will make more money playing basketball than Jacob Pullen.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Okay, but why is that a topic the day after Pullen goes off for 38 on Bukaty’s Jayhawks? I think I just answered that question.
“Most of the Kansas’ upsets I recall over the years have included some sort of banked-in three pointer.”
Nate Bukaty, discussing a Pullen trey that bounced off the rim and backboard before falling through, 810 AM
GH: A banked-in three pointer had almost nothing to do with this upset. As Bill Self said, this was a beat down.
 “They just kicked our butt, really.”
Mario Little, KU senior, in his post game comments after K-State’s decisive 84-68 win over number-one Kansas , Metro Sports
GH: Metro Sports and their postgame coverage of the Chiefs and the area college teams is one of the reasons I subscribe to Time Warner as my pay-TV provider. It sure as hell isn’t the price. I think I’ve finally got my monthly bill to TWC under $200 for the first time in years. Like K-State did to KU Monday night, Time Warner has been kicking my butt in the billfold for years. Just as Blockbuster killed their golden goose with exorbitant DVD rental fees, I think cable and satellite TV will soon begin to fade due to the glare of Internet TV.
“I wouldn’t allow my team to remain on the court. Get them back into the locker room immediately and start thinking about Oklahoma.”
Bob Knight, discussing with Brent Musburger the possibility of the K-State fans rushing the court following the game, ESPN
GH: Fortunately, Frank Martin and his team weren’t listening to Knight. The Cats’ players reveled in their fans’ adulation as the floor was flooded with fans following the game. This win could very well be the highlight of the season for K-State. Why not enjoy it? 40 years from now people will talk about how Pullen led his team to this win over top-ranked Kansas. No one will remember if they beat Oklahoma the following week.
“Go back to 1970.”
Jake Gutierrez, Border Patrol’s producer, while discussing Bob Knight’s court-storming comments, 810 AM
“Aside from a costly turnover when Kansas was making a first-half run, reserve Elijah Johnson had done some nice things. He even slowed Pullen a little for a couple of solid defensive stretches. Then Johnson reached new heights, throwing down a dunk. He immediately took it to new depths, jawing at Jordan Henriquez-Roberts and getting whistled for a technical. Trash-talking in self-worship with his team down 14 points and 5:55 left on the clock? That would be akin to a hitter popping out of the dugout for a ninth-inning curtain call after a solo shot with his team trailing, 9-1. Somebody please help me understand that line of thinking. On exactly what planet does that make even a shred of sense? Neptune? Jupiter? Mars? Where?”
Tom Keegan, columnist, KUSports.com
GH: EJ’s post-dunk wuffing was one of the most un-Kansas acts I’ve witnessed in the Bill Self era. That move had Billy Tubbs’ teams written all over it.
“I absolutely love the topics on @bobfescoe this morning. 🙂 #thumbsup.”
KCRoyalman, retweeted by Bob Fescoe on Twitter
GH: I tried to listen to Fescoe a number of times on Tuesday morning but his show was littered with too much Royals talk from spring training. Baseball talk can wait till April.
“I was just asked by a lovely lass if I was a pitcher or a catcher #springtraining #dumbpeople.”
Bob Fescoe, Twitter
GH: I wonder if Fescoe ever figured out the lass was not talking about baseball.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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19 Responses to OTC: Pullen Gets 38 And Sinks #1 Kansas

  1. Arte says:

    K-State lost to CU?
    Swore I heard Karen Kornacki say the Cats won Saturday.

  2. Johnny Utah says:

    who’s with me?
    Bill Self is figuring out who are his guys for March. a game like this really helps. Who’s in: both morris bros, but they needed this wakeup call; reed, tried to carry the team; morningstar, useful player, winner; robinson, his absence was huge.

    who’s out: taylor, never matured, keeps killing this team with carelessness; e.johnson, T showed where his focus is; withey, just can’t play at this level yet.

    TBD: relaford, not healthy yet; little, good plays but still makes dumb plays; selby, still hasn’t fit in.

    it’s games like this that show KU they need to bring their A game every night.

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Johnson and the Morris Morons..
    continue to show that KU’s players are no more “classy” than any other team’s. Hopefully, this myth is dying a quick death.

  4. craig glazer says:

    Shocking Loss For KU
    Just ran into Nick Wright, we both agreed that had we been in Vegas with 10 g’s on us, we both would have jumped on this game. Given the 5 points and felt sure of a win. Both of us thought, only 5, I expected 7,8, or even 9. In fact I had been saying this team is likely the overall best KU team ever! Well not so sure now. In fact with another loss KU could slip out of the top four seeds of One. Meaning become a #2 seed. Right now I have it…Texas,Ohio State,Duke,Pittsburgh, Kansas so yeah as of today we are out of the final four #1 seeds. I expect that to change in a week or so. Likely KU will not lose another game unless its to Texas in the Big 12 Tournament. This team could go all the way in March but needs to be more consistent. They seemed to have found that before last night, but losing to a just ok K-State team by that much is scary.

  5. Gavin says:

    Congrats K-State
    That was a woodshedding, pure and simple. That is the kind of performance that could’ve made them the type of team they were predicted to be in the preseason and it’s my hope that the swift kick to the junk they took last night will be what finally sets them straight for the rest of the season. Hopefully, the taste of not winning the Big XII will propel them in the postseason.

    And I agree, Greg, with your comment about Elijah Johnson getting teed up after his dunk. It was an impressive athletic move but to go barking like that when you’re down by fourteen is just stupid beyond compare, especially after someone already got hit with an intentional foul earlier in the game.

    I still think KU is poised to make a deep run in March, but I have to admit, the knucklehead factor of this team spooks me a bit. The Morrii can’t seem to figure out that the officials are now watching them and have no qualms about calling their bullshit. A lot of KU fans thought that the intentional foul called on Morris was a bad call. Personally, I think the call was good but I also think that a player without his reputation might have gotten away with it. These guys, though, will not be getting away with anything, at least not until the NCAA tournament where they might not have Big XII officials.

    Has KU practiced yet today? Because I”m betting that today’s practice will take them back to “boot camp” and there will be a LOT of running. He’s got to find a way to beat the knucklehead out of them.

    Also, Marcus, you said you wanted to be number one and have the pressure that goes along with it. It’s my hope that you get another chance to deal with that pressure. Don’t fuck it up next time.

  6. Gavin says:

    My previous comment wasn’t really clear…
    I meant to say that K-State played like the team everyone thought they were and if they could do that consistently, they’d be a huge threat. Obviously, K-State didn’t get kicked in the junk as they were too busy kicking KU in the nads all night long but once the swelling and bruising go down, KU could still be in a good position to do some good things in March and maybe April.

  7. MoCrash says:

    “The worst of the worst …”
    Just wondering what Bob Davis’ call was on the court-storming at Bramlage, he being such a fan of college exhuberance.

  8. Jayhawk Fan says:

    Props to Pullen
    Congrats to ksu for a good win, now they need to keep it up and make the big dance, and we are almost there, I can feel it ….. this is my favorite time of year (along with Christmas and my Birthday and of course the 4th of July and the start of summer and Easter and Thanksgiving and Halloween and Mardi Gras time and the start of the NFL season and the start of the MLB season and the NBA playoff) always good times.


  9. MrOlathe says:

    Is the only way to describe this team. They play so unselfishly for 5 games then in a second they revert to individualism. TT has been doing great by letting the game come to him and just being a manager. But WTF? And the Morris’ for all of their experience play like my 2nd graders! And Morningstar has been shooting like 70% and takes all of 3 shots from the field. I really don’t get it. But I will disagree with Glazer that this isn’t even close to KU’s best team. You gotta have a point guard in the tourney and this team does not.

  10. Chet says:

    Thanks Greg…
    I don’t know where your allegiances lie, but thanks for using the your article about the Cats huge win to bash our coach. It’s very much appreciated.

  11. harley says:

    Harley predicts the following
    KSU makes ncaa…torn apart in ncaa first round.
    KU loses big 12 title to ____________________…makes elite 8 in tournament
    MU wins all home games except loses to kansas at home….makes it to elite 8 in tournament
    All the restof the talk is worhtless…noone cares what you do in the season….its all about
    what you do in the tournament. Noone will know what place you came in during the
    regular season…we’ll still see ku players crying on the bench as their season goes up
    in smoke losing to a lesser team.
    MU is tired…they don’t have scorers they need to go deep….their pressing defense is
    going downhill….they don’t have tiller the killer this year to screw up the opponents and
    ku can break the press defense and will beat them by 8-10 points.
    Selby is having problems with his injury and self….self keeps making mistakes by taking
    one and done players …….selby can’t stand self because self wants selby to play and
    selby wants the nba after this season an wants to avoid any further injury.
    Selby and self are at odds…you heard it from harley first.
    Now stop worrying about these meaningless games…..its all about the tournament
    in march……….eveyrthing else is secondary and irrelevant.
    why even discussthis game…kstate gets their man scoring 38 points…won’t happen again…
    they shut down the little guy and kstate returns to their poor play and the frank “the hammer” martin goes on
    unemployment next year……every dog has its day at least once…yesterday was
    k states day…..nothing more to talk about.

  12. harley says:

    you continue to make a fucking fool out of yourself every time you write on of these
    mindless articles. What an idiot you are. First you know nothing about sports…you
    know nothing about coaching…you know nothing about journalism except what you
    learned at the platte county express paper with 2 readers.
    Just shut up and write the few funny lines you come up with.
    Until them close down your keyboard because we continue to see what an
    idiot you are.
    How can you comment like you did about martins desire for fans to contribute to
    the young girls fund. What kind of person are you. I seriously doubt any other school
    made mention of this fund for the grieving family that lost their grandparents and mother
    within 4 weeks. Who the fuck are you to comment negatively on martins attempt to help
    someone then make the comment that you want to hear from some former players.

  13. MrOlathe says:

    Is the only way to describe this team. They play so unselfishly for 5 games then in a second they revert to individualism. TT has been doing great by letting the game come to him and just being a manager. But WTF? And the Morris’ for all of their experience play like my 2nd graders! And Morningstar has been shooting like 70% and takes all of 3 shots from the field. I really don’t get it. But I will disagree with Glazer that this isn’t even close to KU’s best team. You gotta have a point guard in the tourney and this team does not.

  14. Fred says:

    Best KU Team Ever??
    Wow, you guys and your “best KU team ever” comments crack me up. This team isn’t in the top 20. Based on the guards, it’s not in the top 50 KU teams of all time. A couple of the peach basket teams were better than these guys. And I’m a Jayhawk. Just not believing the hype. This team has been exposed for what it is too many times, including some games they’ve won.

  15. Jayhawk Fan says:

    Just have fun
    Good grief you people over analyze this stuff was too much. Looking at every nook and crany, making mountains out of molehills. This is a fine team. look at the record, they have already had a great year. Last night they played like they play, but the shots did not drop. Did anyone else actually watch the game?

    It is not like the misses were airballs, they missed by inches. I think they made some mistakes, playing too loose on setups and gave the ball away a couple of times, and the free throws are a problem…. but who cares if they lost this game, it was a lot more important that ksu than horrible if KU did not win. It is not the end of the world and it is meaningless in the specrtum of things. People wanting to make all these grand statements and predictions are just fools, like the fools who were blah blah blahing about WHAT IF KU LOSES THE NEXT 5 GAMES AFTER ATTENDING THE FUNERAL…well that didnot happen …DID IT? but lots of foolish things were said about it…. then nothing… Like measuring a mile using a 12 inch ruler…it is meaningless to judge this team until the season is over.

    Sit back and have fun with it. There is no need to even discuss where this team ranks in the grand spectrum, until the season isover. They are just kids playing a game, and they do (AND HAVE DONE) pretty dang good th is year. No one is a bigger fan of Kansas Mens Basketball than I , but I never take too serious, heck, it is just a game, come on man.

    Maybe some day, some year, KU will have an off year, and then all you naysayers can say “SEE??!!! I TOLD YOU SO!!!!” , but until that time …. why not just enjoy THE MIGHTY KANSAS MENS BASKETBALL PROGRAM, THE GREATEST SPORTS TEAM IN A 500 MILE RADIUS OF KANSAS CITY,,, and most people around here hate em…how funny is that?

  16. Ptolemy says:

    Great Job
    Suberb coverage of the media following this epic game GH.

    I would add though that I too was curious what Bob Davis said about fans storming the court. Bob Knight was too entertaining to tune away from. You can’t catch all of it.

    Say what you will about Knight’s pecadillos, but he and Mushbooger have a kind of Matthau/Lemmon thing going on Big Mondays. I’ve grown to like them.

  17. Jim says:

    Harley = Tool
    I’ve never understood why anyone would take the time to post something that bashes a website or writer that they are obviously reading daily. Yo, Harley! Rather than telling Greg to, “close down his keyboard because we continue to see what an idiot you are”, why don’t you do this? STOP reading his articles, douchebag! Wouldn’t that make more sense? Or, is this the only website your mommy lets you read because the others she saw you surfing involved farm animals? It’s called an OPINION, Harley! You are free to offer up your own, but you come off like a short-bus rider when you tell someone else to SHUT UP about theirs. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

  18. Cliffy says:

    Hi Jim … new around these parts?
    Harley (jojo) has lambasted Hall so many times he probably views such an attack as an accomplishment.

    Harley’s gonna do what Harley’s gonna do. Yes, Harley can stop reading Hall’s articles but on the other hand, you can stop reading Harley’s posts too, you know.

  19. Jim says:

    No Newbie
    Yeah, I know Harley’s schtick, Cliffy. Nothing new there. But, you’ve missed my point. Why bother reading a blog, article or website when you think the author is a complete no-nothing moron? I read Hall because I think his takes are clever and, at times, down-right hilarious. If I thought he was a complete buffoon I wouldn’t read him, let alone post a comment. That’s an awful big waste of negative energy.

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