JAZZ TIME: Ever heard of a BAR with a hangover? Jardine’s Trots Out the Jazz Hookups Tuesday

Nighcaps off to Beena for bringing together five great "couples" to sing and play their hearts out the day after Valentines– and all for only an eight buck cover.

A few of these musical hook-ups (and I use that term in the cerebral sense) are already well-documented. Shay Estes and Mark Lowrey make a sublime combination, as fans of theirs can heartily attest (they play the bar at the AMC Mainstreet later this week). Sara Swenson & Barclay Martin, Kim Sivils & Steve Rigazzi– a couple of lovely combinations for your listening pleasure right there. And for the high-brow among you, popera crooner Nathan Granner (he of the mellifluous vocal chords) joins Laurie Arbore in a classic combo– the perfect evening’s coda if your last call round  is  "one for my baby and one more for the road."

I think my favorite pairing, though, will be that most charming of Wild Women, Millie Edwards, backed up by piano ace Michael Pagan. That duo just seems so smooth, so fluid— not the fizzy thing you take to settle your stomach after one too many Valentine’s toasts.

BTW, the divine Miss Edwards celebrates the birthdays of fellow distaff vocalists Nancy WIlson and Nina Simone at my 12th Street Jump show, Saturday at midnight at the Downtown Marriott.

Elsewhere on the jazz scene this week, trumpet star Chris Botti blows his soul at the Midland on Friday night at 8.

If you prefer your musical magic in six strings, check out guitarists Dan Bliss and Rod Fleeman at the Phoenix Thursday from 7 to 11 or Basie Band strummer Will Matthews Friday at the Blue Room, 8:30 to 12:30.

Pachamama‘s in Lawrence serves up some tasty victuals– Saturday night at 8, you can chow down with Stan Kessler‘s innovative project Television there as well. And speaking of great food and music, West Chase Grille in Leawood has it going all week long– Joe Cartwright and Duck Warner do the honors Sunday from 5:30 to 8:30.

Happy Valentine’s Day. And watch out for that love hangover!

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2 Responses to JAZZ TIME: Ever heard of a BAR with a hangover? Jardine’s Trots Out the Jazz Hookups Tuesday

  1. Vince Throxton says:

    Jazz is so dead and unimportant.

  2. Cody Jarrett says:

    Jazz is so alive and important.

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