Hovick: Hallmark Nails Valentine’s Day, Secrets to a Successful Relationship

Think of Valentine’s Day as a reminder to share your feelings with the person you are closest to.  

If you are married and this is only the second time each year, including your anniversary, that you express your love for your spouse, you need to put down the remote and take a good look at the road your relationship is headed down.

This morning, while drinking my coffee and watching one of my favorite local newscasts, it predicted the warm up, I didn’t channel surf as the first barrage of commercials commandeered the screen.  And the Hallmark ad I saw got it right, this year. 

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of us

Some Hallmark marketing genius actually kept my attention for 60 seconds. 

I totally agree with the Kansas City-based company’s campaign this Valentine’s Day; I want my wife to know I love that she is a part of my life.

My sister married her high school sweetheart and more than 40 years later, she’s still happily married.  Not everyone is as lucky as my sister.  Through the years, I have been in and out of relationships.  I’m not a professional counselor – nor do I play one on TV, at the Midland by AMC or anywhere else – but I’ve spent a lot of time observing couples I know, and I’ve used those traits to land on my feet with my wife. 

You have to touch.

I’m not talking about sex (and since this is a public forum, for the record, I’m merely observing.)  So get your minds out of the gutter for a minute and open up those eyes. 

Couples in a healthy relationship touch.

Every time I see the people I know who have been together for years, they touch   It may be subtle, but it’s, there.  Sometimes you have to really watch since couples who’ve been together a long time are constantly reminding their partner with a gentle touch that they are right there

My father-in-law is a loud touch master. 

He constantly pats my mother-in-law on the ass.  She never gets annoyed since he’s loud but gentle about it. 

And just think how many songs have the word "touch" in their lyrics. So you know I’m on the right course with this couples trait

You have to be friends

Where you friends before you were lovers?  When you’re going to a party do you automatically want your spouse to go with you? Your mate has to be your friend.  He or she has to be No. 1 on the list of people you enjoy hanging with. 

If your partner isn’t at the top of that list, there’s a huge void and you need to get back to when you were friends.

You have to talk and to be honest.

You can’t just sit around watching television in your quality time with your spouse   You have to communicate and guys, you have to remember the important stuff not just the score. Or how often you score. The stuff that matters to her is in the meat of what she tells you. 

She might be okay with repeating herself once, but don’t push her buttons and make her remind you over and over.

You have to laugh

Don’t sweat the little stuff.  Life is full of funny things and if you continue to go to the well and only bring up the bad stuff, the silence between you will become overwhelming

Clothes on the floor, dishes in the sink, toilet seat up, light bulb still not replaced are all minor infractions.  You can make a federal case out of anything, but what does it really get you? 

Share the fun with your spouse

If you only focus on the bad stuff, the pile of stones you cast will grow too high to climb over 

All of the above blends together into a happy and healthy relationship. 

Like I said, Hallmark, hit it on the head for me this year.  Celebrate the “us” more than twice a year with your spouse.  Hey, and I’ve heard from experts that people in a happy marriage live longer.

So Happy Valentine’s Day!

Live long and prosper.



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