STARBEAMS: Bye Bye Kansas Arts; Hello School Lunch Fatties; Sprint Breathes Blaine Magic into its Echo

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed an executive order to shut down the Kansas Arts Commission that will save the state $600,000 a year.

Most of that money was spent on glue for paper plates and noodles.

A study out of Michigan shows kids who regularly have school lunch are 29 percent more likely to be obese than kids who brought lunch from home.

I don’t know about you but Tater Tot Day was the only thing that made me want to go to school.

The good news is most Missouri kids keep the weight off after they take up smoking.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, along with magician David Blaine, unveiled the new Sprint phone called the Echo that has two screens so you can multi-task. That is, run Twitter on the top screen and Facebook on the bottom screen.


The only drawback is it comes with seven ‘D’ batteries.
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