New jack City: Controversial Director Kevin Smith Headed to the Midland!

He’s at it again!
Controversial filmmaker Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob) showed off his latest film called RED STATE at the recent Sundance Film Festival but surprised attending studio film buyers when he auctioned the release rights off to himself for a reported $20.
The Smith directed RED STATE, a $4 million production co-starring Michael Angarano, John Goodman, Michael Parks, Kevin Pollak and Stephen Root, has been described as going from Psycho to Westboro to Waco. The film will be self-distributed by Smith and his production company.
A national release date is set for October 19. But prior to that, Smith is taking the film on the road for something he’s calling the RED STATE U.S.A. TOUR. Sixteen cities have been selected for the sneak peak which kicks off March 5 at Radio City Music Hall in NYC and concludes April 9 at the Wiltern Theater in L.A.
And the Midland by AMC in Kansas City is getting a tour stop for Smith’s national pre-exposure tour of the film!
Our date is SATURDAY, MARCH 12 – 8:00 P.M.

The evening includes the complete showing of the film followed by a Q & A session with Kevin Smith himself.

Two catagories of tickets are currently available on line and priced at $65 and $75.
PS: Smith claims to have lost a reported 60 pounds after being kicked off  of a Southwest Airlines flight last year where he allegedly didn’t fit into his one seat—and none other were available.

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2 Responses to New jack City: Controversial Director Kevin Smith Headed to the Midland!

  1. jon says:

    He’s not worthy
    That’s a pretty hefty price for a preview isn’t it? The fat man apparently thinks a lot of himself. Hope he never sits next to me on a Southwest flight.

  2. chuck says:

    Its gettin bad reviews, but it is interesting the
    way Spiderman is on Broadway.


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