Glazer: Forget the Political Hot Air & PC, Cops Need to Drop the Hammer on Bad Guys Now!

The front page of the Kansas City Star  shouts that crime is the top issue in the upcoming KC mayor’s race.

And each Candidate gave a short answer to the problem. Oh brother!
Mike Burke wants to bring back Mayor Cleavers "Night Hoops." Let the kids know its OK to snitch and don’t drop out of school and get some cops to the schools to watch them.
My Take: Didn’t work the first time, Mike. These folks want to go out and have fun, not shoot baskets. They want to get high and get laid. Simple as that. So not a good answer to the problem.

Mark Funkhouser
thinks police should focus more on crimes such as home burglaries and car theft. Crimes that drive the middle class out of Midtown and the city. Funk wants to add at least 40 more cops to the street. He mentioned how New York dropped its homicides by 77 percent in recent years and wants to follow that plan. At this time, he doesn’t know that plan but will visit New York City to find out.
My Take: You can’t compare New York to KC without knowing what they’re talking about. I think Mark sees the problem, but is he strong enough to get the police Chief to do anything new?

Deb Hermann
wants community policing. She wants to increase community centers that house police in nine areas. We have only one now on the West Side. So the cops get to know the neighborhoods better. Get the neighborhood leaders and residents to work with police to help prevent crimes.
My Take: It’s been done before and the results are far from impressive.

Sly James
wants key idea technology. "I want more fact-based problem solving," he says. "We have C-Star, a data based system to analyze crime in neighborhoods – do more with it. Use Shot-Spotter which tracks the paths of shots fired. The police force needs to look like the city, meaning add more cops of color. Have cop cars parked in front of the officers home in the core, meaning in black neighborhoods."
My Take: Interesting but not sure of the effect these tech-based programs will have. Getting more black officers could be a good idea, if they work well with others. Need more bite to this idea.

Henry Klein:
Add a locally elected commissioner to the Police Board. Improve jobs and education, ultimately decreasing crime.
My Take: We need a ‘right now’ plan and this isn’t it.

Jim Rowland:
  Add local folks to the Police Board. Focus on aggravated assaults. Closing cases will help reduce future violence and tension on the street.
My Take: Good words but we need something right now that can work ASAP.

Charlie Wheeler:
Go after the meth labs.
My Take: We have been going after them, what good did it do? With all the street violence, not much.

Here’s what Kansas City needs:

Police Chief Corwin needs to step up patrols late at night and go to "hot areas" every weekend night when 80 percent of the violence takes place.

If he needs more manpower, let’s get it done. But PROFILE the bad guys. Now. Get them off the streets. NOW.

There are a lot of them and they’re armed as well. But when word gets out to the HOOD that cops are stopping cars in Midtown looking for the ‘shit’ (guns, dope, weapons), it will slow down immediately.

Brace these guys NOW.

It worked at Legends, they drove the bad guys out by getting all over them. Who did they call to complain about it to? Ghostbusters? Nobody, cause they all know they are troublemaking jack-offs. Legends crime has dropped to almost none.

So Mayor Funkhouser, go see those police folks and see how they did it. You may not have to go to New York.
Drop the PC and do your jobs.

It’s a police problem first, a family problem second, a neighborhood problem after that, then education.

POLICE FIRST…get tough and now. Start the process, drop homicides in Midtown NOW. DUI  stops are not as important right now. Stopping shootings are.

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27 Responses to Glazer: Forget the Political Hot Air & PC, Cops Need to Drop the Hammer on Bad Guys Now!

  1. Cool Tool says:

    I Agree With Your Idea Glazer
    Yeah, its more of the same from city hall. You got to do what you brought up, more cops in areas that need them. The late night places and why not pull these obvious ‘cars’ over to take a look at what they are up too.

  2. Rowdy roddy says:

    You Speak To Them Craig
    It takes a theif to catch a theif? Maybe. You seem very up on these problems. Might be a good idea for them to have a meeting with you and try to fix these violent crimes with some of your ideas. You sure are on this one.

  3. Radio Man says:

    More Important Than Strippers?
    Glazer glad your mind is on something other than ‘hot woman’. Good story. They won’t listen, they never do.

  4. Todd says:

    They Won’t Do Anything
    Glazer don’t you get it sir, the city leaders don’t give a damn. If they did don’t you think they’d have done something about this mid town violence by now? They have done zip. It’s the same or worse. Only thing new is Westport is somewhat better cause its just not as busy so the urban trouble crowd is smaller now. They still manage a shooting about every week, but less people to watch I guess.

    Funny about P&L, few cops ever around, unless a big concert is going on. I have even seen some arrests and fights down there, again mostly with young black males, but never hear about it in the news. Guess they are the new plaza, protected. Great.

  5. Big Brother says:

    We Aren’t All That Bad Mister
    Say brother man, I am black, 26 and go to clubs every weekend. I go to Westport,Power and Light, Troost, all over. I don’t carry a gun or anything like that, neither do my homies. We never get into trouble, just look for ass. So why you trippin on us Glazer? What did we do to your butt for you to ride the high and mighty on crime, like black men do all thats wrong in westport and the wonderful fing Plaza?
    White people do shit too, GET A CLUE MAN.

  6. Scott says:

    Get Real People
    Like these political people know anything about the street. Please. Waste of time.

  7. Mark x says:

    Broke clock is correct twice a day …
    … Good take, Glazer …

  8. DVD says:

    Glazer writes something that’s NOT himself
    What do you know…I actually agree.

  9. matt says:

    Craigs best post…Funks ace in the hole.
    enough said

  10. Rainbow Man says:

    cleaver was not a good mayor
    Barnes and Funkhouser have both been better

  11. Rainbow Man says:

    KC is segregated.. the star hid that for years..and still do
    Kansas City is a very segregated city and The Star worked hard for years to hide that ugly truth because that would hurt their imaage at the annual awards dinners. They were too embarrassed to admit that they could not stop blatant racial segregation in their hometown. So they never mentioned it.

  12. stupidiot says:

    We need a Drug Task Force Headed by Glazers
    What we need is an all-felon task force headed by Craig, Jeff, and Jack Glazer. Each will hold the title of Attorney General of Kansas. Their pay won’t cost taxpayers a cent; all the drugs they can steal. As a bonus for a job well done they can write a fictional account and sell it to Hollywood as a “true crime” story. The climatic scene is when Craig “relives” his experience at the Whitsitt murder scene and Andy Thomas rolls over in his grave. Both people who go to the release party, Stan and his lobotomized wife, will give it tepid reviews.

  13. harley says:

    stupidiot…..what are you talking about….
    do you know more than whats been told? You seem to have a grudge against
    the glazers…why?
    this story was pretty good….some good points…something i suggested the city
    do at least 2 years ago….

  14. craig glazer says:

    stupidiot remarks are just that stupid
    This Buds for you stupid idiot, good name. And you Harley: THE KING OF STING is co written by Sal Manna, check him out, he is top notch journalist grad. top of class North Western Jounalism. His credits are too long to post, but include LA Times, NY Times,People, so on and two other books. He would only write the story if it was all true, except the conversations from years back are impossible to redo so best you can on that, but the events, the reasons so forth. He coverd Glazer/Woodbeck for both the LA Times and Harold Examiner and THE READER. Both trials, Woodbecks death, interviewed Woodbeck twice before he was killed. He also wrote about us in the Los Angeles Magazine. He is a straight shooter. When we sat down to do this book he said NO BULLSHIT JUST THE FACTS I WILL AGAIN CHECK. He did, its the closest to reality likely of any crime book. Since you both didn’t read it, it would seem, you think its a glory story, its not. Its just the facts jack, so good, some not so good. Don and I felt we had achieved Jesse and Frank James status or the Eurps, Dillinger so on…and we had…a long series of adventures with good, ‘bad guys’…its how we saw it. History always makes the final call, or movies or books. It will take a follow up to nail it down, it will happen.

    The book has been out two years, NOBODY had bitched about what was said or done, NOBODY, not Sen.Bob Dole, Att. General Vern Miller, all the other judges, the criminals, the other guys in the stings, nobody. I have done 200 radio and tv interviews on the book and my life, many of the kc and other shows had call ins, while some questioned my behavior, nobody called in and said “you are the guy who set me up or ripped me off, nobody and they could have.” When I was indicted in 01 in KC, after I beat it, I was on KMBZ and KCMO and 98.9 NOBODY CALLED SAID HE RATTED ON ME, we offered that up. Know why I have never ratted on anyone, never been asked to, I was ratted on in the last indictment, but oh well, they got what was coming to them from the Feds not me. Know why? I was the target, so in all three cases noboby in the Government wanted anyone but me, so there were no deals. When I was a real cop I busted major drug dealers/who also had comitted armed robbery, murder, kidnapping so on…I was put on several dangerous cases as well as normal ones. So no I never arrested someone I knew from school or a friend cause he did dope, never thought too. Don’t you think they would have stepped forward by now…I could continue this, but hey guy who calls himself stupid idiot, BRING IT BABY, YOU GOT SOMETHING ON ME HAVE THE FUCK AT IT. About that shooting with Thomas who was once my best friend and became a disappointing heroin addict in the 70’s…yeah he shot Witsett. Whisett was stealing a gram of heroin from him with Mickey Picnic and another guy, I wasn’t there, Andy shot him. They were both wrong. His brother Jimmy was there. All five guys who were there are now dead, od’d or worse. I have seen Whitsetts brother since, we are cool I didn’t know Whitset at all. Thomas actually won that case on self defense, that was wrong, but did time for having the H. Andy died about two years ago, body gave out from all the drugs over the years. I was at his bedside though we hadn’t hung out for a couple decades. I tried to remember the promising Andy who played the drums in GROSS NATIONAL PORJECT and even the Chessman for a bit, he had talent,looks and brains, what a wasted life. Jimmy od’d about five years back and died. Picnis died too. Strange.

    So there you have it boys…drum away…guy who calls himself idiot of course will not change, no matter….when you get braver use your real name.

  15. Poor Boy says:

    Lets Get On This KC
    Hey I don’t know who Glazer shot or when, but I know we need to get this problem fixed now. Its nearly killed KCMO.

  16. stupidiot says:

    Glazer You Lied Through Your Teeth About Thomas
    Glazer, contrary to what you said in your book, you were nowhere around the night Thomas shot Whitsitt. Ask D. Stone. Also, I know of at least one fake bust you pulled at your own mother’s house of a 17 year-old high school student. You stole a misirable $500 from him. Problem with your bullshit is that there are some people around with perfectly good memories. Some of us went straight and became good citizens. You are still the crook you always were. And Glazer, you were a dope dealer yourself. I never saw more dope in my life than I saw in your mother’s livingroom when she lived at the apartment on 95th and Nall. Sound familiar idiot? Also A. Thomas was far from handsome. He was a thin little nut whose face had been completely destroyed by a car wreck….. The only person crazier than him was Jimmy. Finally, getting ripped off in AZ did NOT turn you into a rippoff yourself . You were a notorious crook before you ever set foot in AZ.

  17. craig glazer says:

    Stupid Idiot, now saying Thomas ugly, ok gay blade
    Before the car wrecks he was a nice looking blonde rock n roll drummer. He did pretty well with the ladies for a teen ager. We are talking 30 years ago my friend. I lived on 95th street in 1969 and 70 moved to AZ in 71. Do the math dip shit. So you say I ripped off some guy at 17, maybe, not sure. I was a notorus crook before I went to AZ in 71 at age 17, kinda hard to be notorius at 17 but thanks for the handle. When Thomas shot Whitset, I was not there, I came by latter when he was arrested. I didn’t know whitsit. Frankly let me make this real clear to your stupid ass, I don’t give a shit. They were all jerks including Stone who is I believe also dead. All this before I moved to AZ. Whats your point? I never used a gun before I moved to AZ. Did no stings before that, I was a high school kid. Yeah I did dope we all did.

    Clearly you were someone from back at that time, or knew someone who knew us. Don’t know, don’t care. This is your big news? Wow. Yeah Andy was in some wrecks got his face screwed up, and he and I had little to do with each other after 1971 or 72. Again, if you are so brave and rightous, what is your real name. Who are you? I thought so, another pretend person. Read the book. Bye.

  18. harley says:

    MOVE ON…lets get back on track with current issues. Glazer did some bad stuff.
    Paid for it. I blieve in second chances and redemption. dont know any of these
    people so theyre names mean nothing.
    Whats done is done…dead men tell no tales……maybe glazer will really make good
    on his redemption and turn his life around.
    Only god knows…only god cares.
    We have more important issues to take care of now than what happened
    in the 70’s 40 years ago.
    in other words….take your battle outside. We discuss in a humane fashion issues
    while poking fun at each other and giving each other a little ribbing once in a while.
    this stuff is too serious….discuss it among yourselfs on facebook and stop wasting
    space on hearnes website.
    Lets keep it light and informative……not gettin ttoo carried away with old old tales.

  19. stupidiot says:

    tying this in to now
    Well Glazer, if any good was to come from your miserable youth, and that of your brothers, and to a lesser extent others, such as the well-to-do Mark Whitsit, who wound up dead while robbing someone, it would be in your answer to these questions; How did your lack of morals come to be? Was it Stan’s influence and lack of supervision? Could it be that today’s “gangsters” are no different than Jesse James Glazer except for skin color?

    Have you ever come to realize that stealing is wrong, not so much because you may go to jail, but because it is uncivilzed and the victims aren’t just the people on the other side of the gun?

    And finally, Glazer, since you point out constantly that your victims were drug dealers themselves, do you still believe that it was less of a crime to steal from “bad guys” ? If, for example, somebody murdered Jeff and stole his heroin, would the fact that Jeff was a bank robber make the murder less of a murder?

    What I sense is that you are still a fucked up unethical loser, who is so proud of his criminal past that he feels entirely justified in profiting from it. This is NOT a rhetorical question, Glazer, please answer… What makes you any more moral than a common street hood?

    Before cleaning up the streets, Glazer, you should clean up your own house.

  20. craig glazer says:

    Good Questions finally from stupidiot
    I wasn’t going to respond to this anymore, but those were good questions and good points that make sense. So let me try and answer you, I’ll refer to you as SI instead of the lesser name. First off as I said I didn’t know Mark, just maybe met him a time or two, I had nothing to do with what happened to him. Lucky for me I was never hooked on heroin, so I stayed away from that group, including Andy when he went that direction. Sadly he got my brothers on it, but hey that was 30 plus years ago.

    Was what I did right or justified. Simply put NO it wasn’t. I used a grudge against some low level Mexican Pirates to after that entire group, really seeing this as a chance to become famous, to be a legendary outlaw. Woodbeck saw it as a chance to be rich, big difference. I really tried to follow the code of the old west, only hit the bad guys, never hurt anyone who wasn’t gonna hurt me first, so on. Again, not right, but the old American way in some regard. Were the James’s proud of being who they were, likely they were. In a way I was too. The continues adventures, moving all over the nation, staying in college during much of it, and lastly becoming a real undercover agent/cop for the AG’s office gave my life outside the law some credit and justification when all I really was…was a glorified pirate myself at times. The book says so, I agreed. The government both admired and disliked me at the same time. I had a small crew, 11 men and did the work of hundreds of real agents, maybe in some ways better. We did keep the money and the weed, coke was not big at that time. So again, no it was not right, but I guess I had as did Woodbeck, style and rules.

    Am I no better than todays ‘gansta?’ Well I think I was cause todays gangs are not choosy about who they go after. I wasn’t really a drug dealer, I was a ‘sting artist’ playing many roles, acting out parts, usually non violent. However towards the end there was violence. Several of our guys were shot and killed, including Woodbeck. Thats how these lives usually end up. Dead or in jail.

    I was the lucky one, I got away, yes I went to prison for 4 12 years, but I deserved it. Better than the alternative, DEAD. It did straighten me up. I was released in 88, I never committed another major or really much of a minor crime. No more stings. My 2001 indictment was in the end about me using coke, nothing more. I did use it but never sold it, the government realized this after a one year look see into the case. More than 30 people testified to them out of court to the truth, Glazer used, but never dealt. Simple as that.

    My point to this is, I have already learned and turned my life around. My last sting was in 1983 against what turned out to be the feds and they put me in prison for it.

    Today I work side by side with my little brothers at Stanfords. My dad is retired at age 78. Jeff and Jack run the club day to day, I do administration work and hire,book and pormote the comics. I work on tv and film deals in LA every day. I just wrote a book on comedy.
    I am in year 8 of being on KCMO drug and alcohol board with my pal Ted McKnight who I brought on the board four years ago.
    I do speak at schools and colleges for free on my life and what went wrong with it, so they see crime does not pay in the end.

    So I am today far removed from my past criminal life. I work 60 hour weeks, my only day off is Sunday. I do radio/tv early in the morning wed-fridays. I think all this comes up from my ‘bad boy’ created media image, a recent book on the subject and even this website. It makes all those past deeds seem recent, they are not.

    America has always loved the good bad guy, the one who sees the error of his ways and trys to turn the corner. I think in my case I too see that. Life is not long, mine is over half way done. Maybe more. Am I sorry for my life? No. Somebody has to be one of those people, who is both the good guy and the bad guy, often at the same time. I don’t feel I hurt any honest or decent person in my life, except my mother who had to live through all this horror. She deserved better. I am sorry I hurt so often. She was the best person in my family. I hope to make her proud one day. Thats all.

  21. steve kramer says:

    Nice Confession Glazer
    I know your mom passed away so I guess you meant for her soul. She was a fine and kind person. I am sure you miss her. Well put, glad you take some responisiblity for your actions, many of us do get it.

  22. stupidiot says:

    But what about my questions
    I won’t be as hostile as I have been, Glazer, for which my purpose was to see if you could face the hard, cold facts without spin (the 17 year old you ripped off for $500 certainly did not meet your “bad guy so he deserves it” model), Now I am more interested in how you and your brothers all became so immoral and dishonest at such an early age, even as pre-teens. I think that the groundwork, was laid way back,…… All three of you showed symptoms of violent, criminal and antisocial behavior as early as 5th grade.

    Stan once took one of you to the car wash and showed you how to get free wax by turning on the headlights, which you were only supposed to do if you’d paid for wax. A little thing, but he was TEACHING you that getting over on people was SMART. I suspect that these sort of lessons led to your basic dishonesty, and eventually, to the lack of empathy you have always shown for your victims.

    To this day you rationalize your stealing by dehumanizing your victrims; they were “bad guys”. This argument is as old as hell itself. First, make a case for why a person is less than human, and then rape and rob and kill him, because subhumans deserve no better. Hitler, for example, dehumanized Jews and Gypsies, and in doing made it as morally justifiable to kill them as to kill lice.,……

    Your brothers, at least back then, always smirked about what idiots they were stealing from.

    So answer my questions glazer, don’t dodge them. Did you ever come to realize that stealing from other people is MORALLY wrong? Don’t you know that the romantisized “old west” killers were simply antisocial, nasty degenerates, regardless of the legenary status they later obtained? Was Jesse James someone to admire, although he killed innocent bank employees? You seem
    to think he is a good role model and consider yourself a modern day version……….. ???

    If you have such insight in you regarding morality and ethics, you have NEVER shown it. My guess is that discussing this with you has as much chance of getting you to self-reflect, as would be the chance of convincing Stan that when he stole a free shine, another human being paid for it. Your mother knew this about all of you. It is why she went to her grave embarrassed to have you three as sons. Realize this and perhaps you can obtain true redemption, which would have certainly, for perhaps the only time, made her proud.

  23. chuck says:

    Loved the Chessmen (sp?) We all followed them
    everywhere back in the day.

    Stupid Idiot has the advantage by way of his unblemished history. Unblemished because it is unknown.

    Glazers redemption, should he or anyone else think it is necessary, seems to be public and pass muster by way of time served and countless admissions of criminal behaviour coupled with apologies for same.

    Stupid Idiot’s incessant crucifixion of the long ago “source” and intent of those same actions by Glaze which are now way past the sell by date (Legally and actually), smack of an Inquisition mentality fostered by a strict and terrifying experience in his own childhood.

    Power aquired on this blog, through anonymity, makes Stupid Idiot ruler of a blogging Star Chamber by way of same.

    Until Stupid Idiot has the fortitude to reveal his bona fides, his commentary is like the annoying, but nostalgic smell of patchouli from Glaze’s past. Just open the window.

  24. stupidiot says:

    chucky baby you’re my moniker
    Chucky, I’m sure if the glazes put their heads together they could guess who I am. Regardless, this whole blogging bit is about 7th on my list of things to do, and will soon drop farther down, and then off.

    Many of glazess’ ole mates from way back have watched the exploits of these trainwrecks with amusement and a bit of sadness for years. Their exploits go back forty years, and stan’s even farther. They have generally been in the top twenty topics of conversation at reunions….. Each of us has our pet ripoff story, some of us have grown to enjoy the nostolgia, while others still hate the glazers’ guts.

    What I am most interested in now is whether Craig, the most sophisticated of the three, ever came to realize what it really takes to be a gentle, good, man. When he says he identifies with old west criminals, and states that J. James would have been proud of his life (which included killing plenty of innocent people), it reveals that glazer, while a bit improved, perhaps, is still careless with respect to other people. And contrary to Craig’s recent attempts at mitigation, we who have known the glazers, know for a fact that whether a person was a “bad guy” or a “good guy” had nothing to do with whether a glazer would steal from him. I question, based on Craig’s recent comments, whether his thoughts regarding other people and their rights, vis-a-vie Glazer’s, have changed.

    Notice glazer refers to himself in his past, as a “pirate”, or a conductor of “stings” of which he was “king”. That’s a hell of a romantic spin for the more legal term for his profession, “armed-robber”. Armed robbery doesn’t have quite the appealing sound, now does it?

    My biggest curiosity any more, however, is a social-scientific one; Is (was?) glazer’s lack of integrity a learned phenomenon, for which he, perhaps, has Stan to blame, or even possibily a genetic physiological inherited trait? Hence the tie-in to this blog; Is glazer simply a product of his environment/genetics ala stan, in much the same way the troublesome “gangstas” glazer wants to see removed from the streets are? After all, today’s “gangstas” generally have no positive male role models either.

    And finally, I am VERY interested to know if ANY of the glazers EVER understand the most civilizing aspects of humanity; morality and honesty; Is there a “right vs wrong” with respect to human decency? Or is it only expedience? In the past I never sensed a bit of remorse in any glazer when damaging another human being. Now Craig, at least, indicates he would like to be a person who would have made his mother proud. Yet he still promotes his criminal history and tries to profit from it. His attempts to obtain fame, or more correctly infame, for which he has been modestly successful, show that he still has a way to go.

    You might read one or two more blog entries from me, but I’m about to slip back into the ether. Before I go, I’d love to hear from any Glazer, and see if a single one of them has begun to figure out that human civility and decency are attributes more respectable than 1000 autobiographical movies about being a thief.

  25. chuck says:

    “your my moniker” ok…
    Gotta think though, a guy who posts with the “moniker “Stupid Idiot” has issues.

    Narcissism with a healthy dose of insecurity and envy. Tough life.

    That is all we know about you. No diss, really. If I hated Glaze I would fuck with him like I have fucked with people I didn’t like my whole life. Its cathartic for me. Even better, blood and physical confrontation. This ain’t the fuckin Golden Gloves, and America was built on sociopaths like me, imo. That utilitarian octogon, fuck I’m bleedin, Norman Mailer fuck you shit is important if you want to deliver personal, ad hominem insults that wound.

    Own it dude. Tell Mike Tyson to fuck himself, or Bette Midler, whine “From a Distance”.

    I love this, seriously, —–“And finally, I am VERY interested to know if ANY of the glazers EVER understand the most civilizing aspects of humanity; morality and honesty; Is there a “right vs wrong” with respect to human decency?”

    You gotta turn off Dr Phil. Who the fuck are you?

    I can hear it —yeah, here it is—“YOU CALLED YOUR WIFE A BITCH!”

    Hey Stupid Idiot, can you believe a guy that big is so nasal?

  26. stupidiot says:

    but stanley…
    Its “Stupidiot”, not “Stupid Idiot”. Didn’t you see how “Stupid” and “Idiot” start and end, respectively, with “Id”? I seem to have struck a sore spot ole cock! I suppose its too old to excise, been festering seventy years.

    Contribute in the next lifetime. Its too late for this one. In retrospect, wasn’t it all a tragic waste? Three up, three down. I’ll head back to the box seats now.


  27. chuck says:

    Ok, Your a little quicker than Tony Botello.

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