Shauna: Don’t Kill Cupid, Breath Life Into Him This Valentine’s Day

A few days ago I went to Walgreens and had a giant epiphany…I hate Valentine’s Day!

Or maybe it’s just all of the thoughtless, very odd crap that goes along with it!  The strange-looking plush hearts with arms that speak "baby talk." Those really cheesey, EXPENSIVE pieces of jewelry with all the red and hot hot pink enamel

Am I the only one who sees that Open Hearts collection bracelet and wants to throw up?

The 10 pound boxes of chocolates that make even die-hard chocolate lover’s stomachs turn. Really?  Does anyone actually want any of that? I know, I know. People always say it’s the thought that counts. But what kind of thought actually goes into purchasing a chocolate foil covered rose at the register while buying foot ointment and deodorant stick? 

Not a whole lot! 

So, this week, the holiday of love looming (just a week away), here’s a list of Valentine’s gifts would make even the most skeptical Cupid nonbelievers such as myself, squeal with delight….


Okay, so I know that this sounds like a no brainer, but this can be one of the trickiest ideas on the list.  Watches for men or women are always a safe idea.  But jewelry, can be touchy.  While Marilyn wasn’t lying when she said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, this year get creative!  Go for a piece of jewelry that has sentiment and personal meaning.  My favorite, an artist named Jeanine Payer creates accessories with hand engraved quotes about love, courage, strength, etc in all shapes and sizes.  The more personally invested you can get with a piece, the better!


I’m not talking about nearly invisible garments here.  A great set of actual pajamas can be an ubber sexy gift.  Touch and feel are what it’s all about.  But if it feels like it’s flame retardant, or looks like what your grandmother wore it around the house, it’s probably not a good idea.

*A great card

This is by far my favorite on the list and can have the most sentiment.  Handmade or store bought, a great card can be the perfect gift. Remember, while it can be about what the card says, it’s what you actually write on it that makes or breaks it. 

*Journal/ Diary/ Stationary

For anyone who loves to write, draw, or is in quest of a creative outlet this can make for the perfect gift. 

*Concert Tickets

Quixotic at Liberty Hall anyone???!!!


Flowers are always fun to receive, but get creative.  Stay away from the pre-made bunch you get at grocery stores. Or worse, the ones you buy on the side of your highway or offramp exit.

Make your own – the more color the better!

*Home-made Anything

Be it cards, cookies, or jewelry boxes, if you made it with your own two little hands, it’s sure to be a home-run!

Just remember, Valentine’s day should be about the effort made,  not the hype!

Whether it’s dinner reservations to a favorite restaurant, homemade cookies and a classic movie, a great piece of jewelry, or a simple card that reads, "I love you," it’s about the time spent on or with that person.

Not the last minute craze of, "I need a cute gift!"

*******   Shauna is a buyer for trendy fasjion boutique Hobbs in Lawrence.   *******

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