Jennifer: Cellar & Loft Splashes Down in Style in the Rivermarket

Years ago I was shopping in Brookside and stumbled upon a place called Cellar & Loft. 

It was a multi-story shop selling wine and craft beer.  I remember thinking what a great concept this would be downtown, among a younger crowd in an action packed neighborhood.  The universe must have grabbed onto my vibe, because that is exactly what happened.

I hadn’t been able to make it over to this new neighborhood addition yet, even though it is just a couple blocks from my pad.  One Friday night, I was headed down Walnut on the way to dinner and noticed the lights were on. I pulled into a spot right in front of the door and just like it was meant to be, left a silent street and entered into a buzzing tasting room. 

To my right, a sharply dressed man with an infectious smile put out his hand and introduced himself as Eddie.  He turned out to be partner Eddie Kennison and his warm smile and effortless style made me instantly feel that this was the place to be on a Friday night.  A wine distributor behind the bar (gratefully) over poured our Pinot and Eddie whisked me downstairs for a tour. 

I almost forgot that the downstairs space was the same place where I had shopped for lighting parts only one year before.  In fact, the space was so similar to the Brookside location, it was eerie.  Eddie pointed out all the all the reclaimed and salvaged items used to create a lived-in atmosphere.  Beer and wine lined two walls, Barrel tables allowed guests to enjoy their wine and towards the back is a large room with lockers and a television for private events.

Then Eddie led me to a small outside area that they hope to utilize as additional space in the summer.  Hard to believe that there could be more charm to be had.  Go check it out for yourself!

Feel the charm all year long and join the Cellar & Loft Club, starting at $26 a month.
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4 Responses to Jennifer: Cellar & Loft Splashes Down in Style in the Rivermarket

  1. Rainbow Man says:

    Very good article and I was not as clued into this as I should be. I will go check it out for acouple of reasons… I love wine and I have always had HUGE respect for Eddie Kennison. Also… I love Chiefs and Royals who invest locally.

  2. Rainbow Man says:

    BTW… Oklahoma Joe’s Is way overrated
    I finally went to Oklahoma Joe’s. I had too… I had out of town clients with me. In the past I did not want to wait in the line… so I always gave up on it.

    This time I stuck it out and joined the long line of mindless sheep to experience the “Oklahoma” barbeque in Kansas City. It is in a gas station…. woo hoo.

    There are not enough seats. The pork was dry. The bun was stale.

    Sorry… Wyandotte, Quick’s, Rosedale, Gates, RJ’s and Johnny’s are all Wayyyyyy better

  3. Alana says:

    I’m a little confused
    I don’t understand. Is this a private club you must join to visit, or a retail store or both? The provided website only makes me more confused 🙁 I live in NorthEast and would love a close spot to pick up local specialty beers (such as Boulevard Smokestack)

  4. JJ says:

    It is nit a private club. Anyone is welcome. You can join the wine or beer club to supplement your beverage experience.

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