Glazer: Humble Scribe Crows About Super Bowl Super Bash, Predicted Packers Win

Woodside did it right, fun food, cheap drinks, nice crowd…

I,n fact some of my favorite KC Confidential commenters came. Including the smoking hot Mermaid, Debbie Mandry and former Chiefs running back Ted McKnight. I think I ate too much chili and got nervous as the game score got too close for comfort.

That’s if you had the Packers like I did.

The Packers Aaron Rogers – as I broke it down beforehand – brought his A game. Big Ben, well, he didn’t.

In fact, he only played a C game. Though both teams had the same amount of scoring on offense, 3 touchdowns and 1 field goal. The  difference were the three turnovers by the Steelers which all led to the Packers scoring points. The one touchdown difference was the interception run back for SIX.

A Pick Six.

Rogers has joined the Elite THREE quarterback club in the league; Tom Brady, Payton Manning and now Aaron Rogers. They are the top guys. Rogers joined Joe Montana and Steve Young as the only Super Bowl winning quarterback with 300 plus yards, 3 touchdown passes and no INT’s.

So for readers who weren’t on the Craig Glazer NFL Train all year, it’s over now. Your favorite guy, me, picked both League champs, The Packers and The Steelers, as well as the Super Bowl winner: Green Bay.

Even my points on each game were very close to what happened. So come on now, let’s give me some props. Even Harley did for Christsakes! Must I remind you of my Pro Bowl picks, they all happened except for Flowers. I took heat about Matt Cassel making it and in the end he did.

So there…

The Chiefs are what I cover now alongside Greg Hall, who as always did a fine job.

But they were tough to be on the money with, because like I’ve said, they were an average team with a soft sched. Up and down. 

The biggest thing I saw was the Chiefs overrated running game.

It’s just Jamaal Charles and he can’t carry a team.

We clearly need to improve our defense and get Matt some receivers. Bowe is not the man. Aaron Rogers showed us that a great quarterback can make stars out of receivers. Even when he loses his go-to, short yardage guy, Donald Driver. You need at least two, not one.

It was clear Aaron was struggling, even in his greatness, with just Jordy Nelson and Jennings as targets. Also Jordy had too many drops. But none the less Aaron pulled it off.Is it me or did Christina Aguilera look too much like Cindi Lauper? Come off too much like Rosanne Barr?

Great Game but the commercials and half time show were off a bit off. We all had a nice time at Woodside. My date was American Body Builder Champ of 2010 Holli Winfrey – nice.

Talk soon.
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10 Responses to Glazer: Humble Scribe Crows About Super Bowl Super Bash, Predicted Packers Win

  1. Packers Nation says:

    I am now kinda a believer in you. You sure don’t lack ego brother. But hey when you are right you are just that, right. Loved the game. Packers are King.

  2. Hottie Call says:

    OK Wheres Her Photo?
    Lets see the body builder girl. And Mermaid pix.

  3. Weinberg says:

    OK, OK So you are right once!
    boy you do one thing right and now we will never hear the end of it Glazer

  4. Kramer says:

    Good Job Glazer
    OK I was wrong, wheres all the Steelers fans now?

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    OK, Ok, I’ll post ’em. But wait until you see the quality – or lack thereof.

  6. Hearne Christopher says:

    Of the photos, that is.

  7. scott says:

    Dead On The Lauper Look-A-Like
    I was at the game and the 2nd thing outta my mouth when Aguilerra was beating up the anthem was “she looks like Cindy Lauper”…my first was, “she just beat up the anthem”….I really enjoyed seeing the jet fly over the closed dome on the big screen in the stadium – what the heck was that about? Flying jets over domes…the only possible purpose- shown on Conan- was a little missle dropping on Aguilerra whe she blew the anthem…funny stuff.

  8. Coo Koo says:

    Need Hottie Photo’s Hearne
    Wheres the hot chicks pix.

  9. -jl says:

    Comedy Is Your Middle Name
    “The Chiefs are what I cover now alongside Greg Hall….”


    I see now why the comedy biz is your chosen profession!

  10. Joe says:
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