Glazer: Sunday, Super Sunday, Dancing With The Pack

Well, it’s here at last…

Remember where you were last year for the big one? The year before? For 10 plus years, Hearne has had the big party at his home. This year, now that he’s single, NO PARTY. So we’re all going to the Woodside event. If you don’t have a place to go, join us at Woodside Country and Tennis Club, starts at 5:30.

Are you like me, do you feel that the Super Bowl has become a National Holiday? I do.

It ranks up there with, uh, Christmas,

We know that because even people who couldn’t care less about who wins, have Super Bowl plans, right? Ask your wife or date who’s playing, 

They don’t know and they don’t care, it’s all about food, fun and firewater.
As  the readers here know, I picked Green Bay before the season started. Remember? I said, the over on wins for the Packers is 9 1/2 games – it was money in the bank! Well, that meant they needed 10 wins to get there. I sweated that one out. It took until game 16 to get the 10. The last game was at home against the Bears. The Pack pulled it out, but barely. 

So I’m sticking with them in the big game.
I think for those in the know, we all agree on this one; IT COULD GO EITHER WAY.

The Steelers led by Big Ben have the experience and recent wins in Super Bowls. The Packers have Aaron Rogers, great receivers and Clay Mathews.

I do think the Steelers have the edge on defense and running the ball. It comes down to Rogers jumping on the Steelers early, like he did against the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs a couple weeks back. Turns out Green Bay is kinda a warm weather indoor team. Rogers throws the ball very hard and in the cold – well, lots of drops. Rogers also gets a bit conservative with leads. He kinda gives it over to the Packers defense a bit early at times.
Big Ben has a big running back and top notch receivers with Hines Ward and company. He makes big plays when needed. I think Aaron Rogers will need his A game and Ben could win with his B game.

However, like, I said indoors favors the Pack and Rogers.
Its a coin toss, two outstanding teams and organizations: Green Bay 28-Steelers 20. The Packers are a 2 1/2 favorite. This should be a great game. Enjoy.
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32 Responses to Glazer: Sunday, Super Sunday, Dancing With The Pack

  1. Green Bay Forever says:

    Go Packers
    Can’t wait. I agree, it will be the Packers baby!!!!!

  2. Karl says:

    Awe You Guys Have No Party At Rich Bitch Hearnes House
    Now thats awful. No more parties at Hearnes home. Man do I feel for you guys. We are in an economic downturn and you bitch about a party. Poor little rich boys. Hows that new Lotus Glazer? Bet that on the Packers so you will be driving a wheelbarrel!

  3. Troy says:

    Love The Steelers
    Hey Karl the guy is just trying to wish us well tomorrow. Jeez, calm down bro. Craig, sorry but its the Steelers.

  4. Toco Time says:

    Where is Woodside? Do you need to be a member?
    Love to come meet you fellas but don’t think you can go if you are not a member right? Is there a cover?

  5. bschloz says:

    Much Bigger Than Christmas….
    Thats why they call it the Super Bowl…Americanna at its finest!

    Steelers will control the action. HInes Ward MVP

  6. chuck says:

    Please Jesus, let Harley go…
    Cameras? Don’t forget the pics… 🙂

  7. Kerouac says:

    These be the questions that make the minds of men itch…

    How many noetic divots will the duffer pitch on the sideline? What’s his favorite Ray Milland movie? Will he shave for the game? Will he care? Or will he see his 5 o’clock shadow as an omen signifying kcindy’s long winter of football discontent will continue for 6 more games into 2011 until he is fired?

    How many INTS will the .63

  8. harley says:

    chuck…won’t make it to woodside…
    but i’m sure glazer will be hitting on all the hotties…hearne will be acting like he’s
    someone important…and the rest of my old friends (gus/whit/pete etc.) will all
    be compleetely drunk by kick off..
    i’ve been so busy with work and play over the last 3/4 weeks (2 big charity events…party arty and
    bacchus….plus a vacation to palm beach 2 weeks ago) i’m takig it easy and
    watching it with my girlfriend….
    It will be me….cary…and a slab of jack stack ribs for the big game.
    sorry no pics…but you can find me on all the pics from party arty on
    steelers win it….i will explain why tomorrow…i have inside tips!

  9. Tix Man says:

    Harley Has A Tip
    Harley that reminds me of all the people who call me to join these gamling site, inside information. I kinda doubt its real though. Boy this is a tough call, I think Green Bay in a close one. Tough one.

  10. Packer Nation says:

    Packers Win
    Its the Packers by ten boys. Glazer I think people write on your site like going to a hot nightclub,see and be seen. Not me, but I am a Packers man all the way.

  11. jack p. says:

    Hearne’s Gated Super Bowl Memoirs
    Craig and Stan together in one place— in Hearne’s old gated villa.
    Yeap I miss those great parties. Never forget the one several years
    ago when Hearne’s special guest at his super Bowl party was the
    doctor who was STILL treating Elvis Presley. I had a fascinating visit with
    the guy. Matter of fact he almost convinced me!
    And then there was the chilli—both white and bambi.
    Great memories at (gated) Villa Christopher.

  12. Bet'em says:

    Christina >1:54 for $1000 ..Fergie in a thong for a $10,000
    The crazy prop bets are the most fun…….. i.e.>>>>>>>

    Super Bowl XLV Specials – How long will it take Christina Aguilera to sing the National Anthem? Time starts from when she starts singing until her last note ends. Bodog’s decision is final.
    Over 1 minute 54 seconds -200
    Under 1 minute 54 seconds +150

    Super Bowl XLV – What will be the Result of the Super Bowl XLV Coin Toss? Wager is on the opening coin toss. All wagers have action.
    Heads (Coin Toss) -105
    Tails (Coin Toss) -105

    Super Bowl XLV – The First Score of the Game will be? Wager is official once the 1st score of the game is recorded. Overtime counts towards wager.
    Touchdown -155
    Field Goal or Safety +125

    Super Bowl XLV – Will there be a Score in the First 7min 30 Seconds of the 1st Quarter? Wager will be official once either team scores first or after 7min 30 seconds of the 1st quarter.
    Yes (First 7 min 30 sec of 1st Qtr) -170
    No (First 7 min 30 sec of 1st Qtr) +140

    Super Bowl XLV Specials – What will Fergie be wearing when she first appears on stage during the Super Bowl Halftime Show? Wager is on what she is wearing first on stage. If she is not wearing any of the above all wagers will be No Action. Bodog’s decision is final.
    Skirt/Dress +125
    Pants (Below Knees) +125
    Shorts (Above Knees) +200
    Thong/G-String/Bikini Bottom +1000

    Fergie in a thong FTW –
    I have inside info, will explain later 😉

  13. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Anticipation of the play-by-play
    Really looking forward to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman calling the game on tv. Man those guys are the best. Nobody gets me fired up more than Joe Buck.

  14. chiefs fan says:

    Next Year The Chiefs will be there
    We get to Super Bowl Next Year.

  15. Kerouac says:

    heh heh heh heh heh
    everybody’s a comedian…

  16. chuck says:

    Too old to go across the street to see the Beatles.
    But I would love it if Harley went.

    No diss at all.

    To anyone.

  17. Kerouac says:

    “photo finish”
    Kerouac nails another!

  18. chuck says:

    Feet to the fire–you Chief hater-& thats ok. but…
    Kerowhackoff- our local Chief hater–has NO BALLS!!

    I picked the Packers by 7.

    Matter of record.

    STDiego Charger fans, like Kerowhack (Whose namesake spent most of that time on the bus, with Allen Ginsberg joy prong up his ass on the bus) were too fuckin pussed out to make a REAL preidction like I did.

    Check out his bullshit pussy prognostication.

    Look at the rcord- it is on this blog- I said the Packers would win by 7.

    I am a 1 point dumbass.

    Little druck tooo.

    Actuallyy rite nowh if KeoWQhak and Glaze and Halrely were tryinngt o figure oout next year, IT MIGHT BE FUCKIN EVEN.

    By the way–for the record–(Verified by people at Bank of America —There was a bet—I picked the Packers and the Ravens and piced th Packers to win in pre season…)

    The San Diego Charger Pretty Boys (God I am lovin this.) who think that the Super Bowl Trophy should be presented to them (Ala Academy Awards—Lindsay Lohaan for the score!!! YES!!) for just driving their Jeep Cheorkees on the 405 – sont really play that well in the clutch.

    Kerowhack–writes like Yoda talks, with the “nee” (Go to the well much?) blah blah blah—-is as relevant to the NFL as Lando Calresian (sp? who gives a fuck).

    I love this—“Photo Finish”—

    Thanks for that brillaint inisght kerowhackoff.

    The Chiefs are a work in progress, and it is fun, here in this city Tony Hates so much, to follow.

    Kerowhack—(Insert ad hominem drunken insults) you don’t know jack.

  19. chuck says:

    Sorry pretty hammered.
    But I am record – here on this blog – picking the Packers by 7.

    GO CHIEFS!!!!!

  20. chuck says:

    Google don’t make a genius—-
    Articulating the feel is impossible.

    Charlie don’t surf, and neither does Kerowhackoff.

    “And, the award, for the best football team that should have won the Superbowl for the last fuckin ten years, goes to *Ginsberg takes his finger out of his ass and opens the envelope* THE SAN DIEGO CHARGERS!!!!

  21. typomaster says:

    The chefs are not 1/4 the team of The Steelers or Packers.
    The chefs would have had their asses kiced and shut today. Anyone saying the chefs are almost there does not understand the NFL

    The Chiefs suck, and will suck as long as golf er boy haley is (non)coach. Do you pay attention? Did you see that Charlie Weiss left a pro team to be assistant on a college team? No one does that unless there are big problems. The inside story is Charlie saw the truth about haley and knows haley will never have what it takes to win in the NFL.

    Did you watch the Raiders shutout the Chiefs?? Did you see the SD shut out the patheitc chefs? Did you watch the Superbowl today? Do you think the chefs are1/4 the team quality of either eam that played today. It take more than a couple of good running backs and an OK QB to win it ttake a leader, it takes a leader coach like we saw today. haley is not, and never will that type of leader. The player do not repsect haley, Charlie saw it and left…..

    Someday when haley is gone, they chiefs may come back, lets hope there are still fans here when that that happens.

  22. chuck says:

    Hey Kerowhackoff-You love the Chiefs like me.
    Green Bay by 7
    chuck 07:01:41 AM – Sat. Feb 5.

    My posted comment.

    Your Chargers are actually, the Housewives of Orange County.


  23. chuck says:

    Photo Finish is typomaster (Kerowhackoff)
    Fun day—drunk on my ass—I love Kansas City!!

    Great town with wonderful, giving people.

    Go Chiefs!!!!

  24. chuck says:

    Ok gotta go to work, but, really gutsy call Kerowhackoff
    Hey everybody, its gonna be a close one!

    Heh, heh.

    Photo finish.

    Hey next year, when the two best teams in the ENTIRE FUCKING NFL play, it’ll be close!!!


  25. chuck says:

    GOOGLE some stuff about soccer.

  26. chuck says:

    Actually, now that I think about it—
    You didn’t even pick a fuckin team!!!

    You just said it would be close, or, a photo finish!

    Dude, really, you are Ace fuckin Rothstein!!

    heh heh…

  27. chuck says:

    The San Diego House Chargers of Orange County.
    ok, i gotta stop…

  28. harley says:

    Hopefully chuck isn’t operating heavy machinery!
    sounds like chuck had a great time during the super bowl.
    Good call glazer…
    No more airheads singing the national anthem during super bowl…
    where’s wayne newton/harry connick jr/angela from jardines/lonny from the
    phoenix/anyone can sing that song right….no more drugged out
    loud, overbearing off pitch singers like aguillera singing the anthem.
    Even i knew immediately the bitch had the words wrong
    Staubach didn’t get molested bringing the trophy up to the stage this
    year. Last year lenny dawson got mugged by the new orleans saints
    bringing the trophy in. Maybe the next year…the guy who brings the
    trophy up better be wearing football gear to keep from getting injured.
    Packers are a class group of people. Rogers was the most accurate passer..
    perfect spirals…perfectly placed every throw he made…i don’t think any
    defense could have stopped him sunday.

    IT WAS FUN…….

  29. Kerouac says:

    people listen – He is Pied Piper, Lays Potato Chip of blogdom – NO ONE reads Him just once. While all revere, one undulates narratively speaking (sort of – delirium tremens nee DT’s his case) as he pays homage no less than 7 times, maybe more… it is hard to tell whence he is addressing his own demons on the one & throwing bouquets as he genuflects / pleads my direction; all donations kindly accepted.

    And once more nee again: Kerouac nails another!

  30. harley says:

    thanks kerouac
    you’re making me look sane…keep em coming

  31. Kerouac says:

    they always do, without fail…

    : )

  32. Outter says:

    Dead give away
    1) as long as haley is (non)coach of the chefs, they will not do well, no playoff (intentional singular there) win will occur. 2) ANYONE who repeatedly brags about eating “jack stack” instead of the real deal (Gates BBQ) should be investigated as a commie muslum terrosist planted spy, it is one thing to eat jackcrap in a jam, it is another thing to brag about it several times. They need to train these commie muslim spy plants better than that

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