Today: The Official Kansas City Star Jason Whitlock Fire Sale

In a world of Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Butt, it’s hard to top the Star‘s Everything Must Go sale on Jason Whitlock

Because, quite literally, everything that hasn’t gone – i.e. Whitlcock himself – with Big Sexy’s name on it is now streaking out the door at 18th and Grand at fire sale prices. Everything!

Take the newspaper’s however many year-old stockpile of Jason Whitlock bobbleheads. Got yours yet?

If not, hurry down to your closest Kansas City Star store because they’re going cheap, cheap, cheap. As in, $5.95 for a $14.95 list price Mini He. And those are 1990s prices, think what it would cost to replicate these babies today!

"Get this bobblehead of Kansas City Star sports columnist Jason Whitlock in "marathon mode" and impress your friends!" reads the Star‘s pitch for the pitching out.

To put things in perspective, the Star will fence you a Tony DiPardo bobblehead for $12.95. It’s likely a more recent vintage cuz it lists for $16.95 . But you can get two Whitlocks for that.

(In fairness, the newspaper’s also closing out DiPardo’s pulsating poltergeist. But while Tony may be gone now, his stock is still trading higher than Whitlock’s at 18th and Grand)

Want more? There’s the neo-classic, New York Times best-selling, "Jason Whitlock’s ‘Love Him or Hate Him.’ " 

You can literally steal this baby (and they might not even press charges).

That’s right, the modestly-penned page-turner lists for $24.95, but you can own it today for just $3.95. No word on how much it costs to get one autographed by Star editor Mike Fannin. Whatever the figure, it’s worth it, especially at these low, everyday prices!

And forget Groupon If you’re looking for a good deal today.

The Star will sell you both the bobblehead and the book for $9.95. That’s just 5 cents more than if you bought them separately. What the heck, these are tough times

Think how much you can save. Enough maybe to buy a soon-to-be-released Sam Mellinger blow-up bobblehead.
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3 Responses to Today: The Official Kansas City Star Jason Whitlock Fire Sale

  1. Casey Mostly says:

    Who is Jason Whitlock ?

  2. Cliffy says:

    “Nobody wanted the byline on this one?”

  3. Gerald Bostock says:

    Imagine that–books that are no longer current are being sold for well below list price–someone please alert borders and b & n. this could destroy the publishing industry. And when you head over to the bookstore, be careful not to crash into the remainder table by the front door.

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