Hearne: Last One Out Turn Off The Junk Mail

Once upon a time, it looked easy…

There was Amazon, then came eBay, Google, Facebook, Twitter. And now we’ve got Groupon. The red hot, daily half-off sale sales pitch that comes in the form of massive email blasts blanketing specific geographic areas. Half off at Jardine’s jazz club, cheap seats for KU football,  Royals ducats – yoga lessons, bikini waxes, you-name-it.

And now after watching Groupon take off,  everybody wants a slice of the action. Lucky Monkey, Living Social, Muncharoo and now, ladies and gentlemen, even our hip, horny friends at the Pitch.

That’s right.

Now that rival print pub the Star has hopped in the sack with Groupon, KC’s so-called alternative weekly is itchin to cash in on the cash.

“Coming Soon!” reads a Pitch teaser ad on its Web site. “Voice Deal of the Day. Presented by Pitch. 50-90% Off. Click here to sign up.”

Catchy name, huh?

Hey, why waste time scouring the earth for advertising offers when the Pitch is more than happy to hunt you down? Daily. After all, who isn’t looking for some junk mail to go with their South African bank deals, penis thickeners & free iPad offers?

Suggested slogan for the Pitch‘s new ad baby:  “Show me the junk mails!” 

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One Response to Hearne: Last One Out Turn Off The Junk Mail

  1. bschloz says:

    GROUPON 2/3/11
    Luxurious EYGPTIAN Get-A-Away
    93% OFF

    Hearne, is Hy-Vee and Hen House back in The Star? I know you reported on that— if so that should be a big +
    Not sure about these On-Line promotions, clearly if the proposition is right there is huge demand. More players will squeeze margins.
    So what is the KCC Deal Of The Day? $5 for a ride in Glazer’s Red Car?

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