Today: Saviors Day, Streetside, Blonde & Chiefs in Super Bowl

The Save Streetside Records watch party continues…

The final post last week on its 1,000-plus fans Facebook page hints a savior’s in the wings.

"Thanks to all those that came and wished a fond farewell (which reminds me of that Elliott Smith song). Stay tuned for more details on the New Store!"

That said, while staffers at Streetside and Shawnee’s Vinyl Renaissance have said VR would be doing the rescue/revival honors, its manager declined to comment, inferring that while something may be in the works, it might not be a straight down the line takeover. In any case, the Westport store was pretty much picked clean and now stands mostly empty, awaiting a new tenant.

Whomever that might be. So stay tuned.


Speaking of questionable rescues

Word on the street is the ownership group that had been planning on reviving former Plaza meat/meet market Blonde has disbanded.

"The Plaza woouldn’t even return their calls," says a source.

As is the case with Streetside, Blonde Plaza‘s Facebook page is still up with 1,600 and change "friends." Including plenty of smoking hot women, for what that’s worth.

But its phone has been decommissioned, and other than a couple wisecracks on its Facebook page from dudes joking about having to date brunettes, there’s been no sign of life or hope for months. Blonde’s Web site remains fully active also but is chock full of now-useless reservations, menu and street team enlistment info, along with some bad disco music.

On top of that, word is part of the hoped-for Blonde ownership group who opened a martini lounge / dance club downtown near Power & Light more than have their hands full keeping that joint afloat.

So in this case, maybe – don’t stay tuned.


Earth to Ward Parkway

As an embattled Ward Parkway Center braces for the opening of the much ballyhooed Trader Joe’s grocery store and wine boutique, it’s come to my attention that the powers that be in the center’s marketing and IT departments have fallen down on the job.

Or maybe they’re just not big sports fans.

The center’s Web site home page – the one you go to to find out about the stores, hours, promotions, etc – is taking bets on the upcoming Super Bowl. Not cash bets, rather polling visitors on who they think will win the big game this year.

Funny, while the center lists Kansas City as a possible victor,  favorite Green Bay – who actually will be playing – is nowhere to be found.

Big dreams, indeed.
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