Jack Goes Confidential: ‘THE COMPANY MEN’ Scares With Corporate Reality!

Let’s see now. With the SINGLE WHITE FEMALE-like psychological thriller THE ROOMMATE not screened for critics and the action thriller SANCTUM’s screening snowed out this past Tuesday, my critical options were limited this week.

THE COMPANY MEN is a star-studded low profile drama taking on today’s new realities of American life.

In THE COMPANY MEN, Ben Affleck is living the proverbial American dream. Great corporate job at the mighty GTX conglomerate. Beautiful family. Country club membership. And a Porsche in the garage.

But all that is about to go down the drain. It’s called downsizing and leaves Ben along with co-workers Chris Cooper and Tommy Lee Jones jobless. Three men at the top of their game now forced to re-define their lives as men, husbands and fathers.

Affleck enrolls in a life coaching course, ending up with a job building houses with his brother-in-law Kevin Costner.

Affleck’s boss Tommy Lee Jones can’t believe what’s happened to him and explodes at his boss Craig T. Nelson-–only to experience a similar fate. And the downsizing continues. Chris Cooper is next. He’s seen as being too old for his position despite his many years of experience.

THE COMPANY MEN is life after severance payments and the hatchet woman, played by Maria Bello.

It’s the ‘suits’ facing the realities of today’s business world in America!

What the upheavals do to their lives, marriages and self-confidence isn’t pretty, but does offer a light at the end of their dark and kaputt tunnels. If a more humble life beyond boardrooms and corporate America.

THE COMPANY MEN; a well crafted sign of our times opening at 7 area theatres to 3-1/2 out of 5 devalued fingers.


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5 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: ‘THE COMPANY MEN’ Scares With Corporate Reality!

  1. jon says:

    KCSTAR Story?
    Sounds like it’s ripped from the corporate downsizing and bullshit of what was once a good newspaper. Everyone still working at the Star should see the movie. It could be part of their severance package.

  2. Johnny Utah says:

    not quite
    no one with a jouralism degree drives a porsche.

    affleck, on the other hand, loves playing himself. young guy, writes movie with best friend (from fackin’ baston), wins oscar, dates starlets, gets huge paychecks for crap movies, makes one too many crap movies, can’t land roles, laughinstock of hollywood, humbles himself, starts work behind scenes, gets married, starts family, rebounds into respectable artist again.

  3. Les Morel says:

    What was the moral? & great comments Utah
    1) Wow, Utah, that is stariaghtup true about what-his-name, interesting take.
    2) Was there a moral to this movie, which is revealable without spoiling ?

  4. Cliffy says:

    Chris Cooper …
    great actor … Kansas Citian … Mizzou grad.

  5. jack p. says:

    I totally agree …and a very nice guy in person as well!

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