STARBEAMS: Solar Hibernation; Super Bowl and Stalking Erin Andrews

One NASA scientist thinks we’re hitting a period of solar hibernation. We’re getting less solar radiation from the sun and that could cool the planet for 30 years.

I’ll believe it when I see Mexico putting up a fence to keep out the Americans.

If the storm brought nothing else, I now have a lifetime supply of Boulevard Beer and Girl Scout cookies in the basement.

KMBC 9’s Bryan Busby has been named TV meteorologist of the year by the AMS. I’m still hoping to be ex-employee of the month at KCCONFIDENTIAL!

A new survey reveals one out of eight people say they watch the Super Bowl because they want to see the commercials. And about one in five are only watching because it’s an excuse for a party. I only watch to gather clues on where Erin Andrews is staying.

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2 Responses to STARBEAMS: Solar Hibernation; Super Bowl and Stalking Erin Andrews

  1. Pat Schultz says:

    Why do they say chasing Erin Lewis?
    Her name is Erin Andrews. Sloppy.

  2. Jenny McDermott says:

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