Glazer: The Rise & Fall of Kelly’s & the Brian Euston Controversy

For more than half a century Kelly’s Westport Inn ruled the bar scene here…

People even used to refer to Westport as KELLYS-PORT through the early 1990’s. No more. With its business off more than 50% since the late 90’s, a bar that once grossed an incredible $2 million a year when that was major money has fallen well below $1 million annually.

And that’s cost them clout with the city. For decades Kelly’s was the home away from home of the men in uniform – cops, firemen – not so much anymore.

The Kellys were Westport from the late 50’s up until, well. Stanford & Sons came into being in 1975.

Oh, the Kelly’s put up one helluva a fight to stop Stanford Glazer from ever opening. They would not sign off on Stanford’s liquor license, forcing Stan to take court action in 1974. This was the beginning of bad blood between the Kelly’s, Stanfords and the Glazers. It didn’t end there.

Rumors abounded that it was Kelly’s who put the heat on the myself and Stanford’s all those years. Stanford’s had a BEER NIGHT on Wednesdays that crushed. There were lines down the street, all college people types, it emptied Kelly’s and filled Stanford’s. Pitchers of beer for just a buck and five bucks to get in -genius – created by my brother Jeff Glazer. This the beginning of these types of nights all over KC. 

The Kellys alerted Vice and Liquor Control that we were OVERPOURING and pitchers were being sold at a loss.

A hearing was held and Stanford’s got a two-week closing penalty but was able to keep beer night when later it was proven that the pitchers were served at a five cent profit. Stanford’s was subsequently RAIDED two or three times a month by Vice looking for underage drinkers, dopers and so on. On a couple Wednesday nights more than 500 patrons were forced to leave the building, be checked for IDs and then let go. Kinda ruining the business on those nights. It netted TWO people under 21 in a couple months of raids. And another two week closure for Stanford’s.

In the meantime Kelly’s – once famous for "if you can reach the bar, you get a beer" – was never raided or sited for anything, EVER.  O,h the cops would do a walk through now and again, but all with a smile and a wink. We’ll get those jew fucks next door instead.

After all, we Glazers were bad guys.

We used drugs, drove fast cars, had too many woman, were not good Christians. We were just bad – bad to the bone. Odd, Kyle Kelly had several years of, uh, problems until he got help. And his brother, co owner Pat, had many personal issues as well.

No matter, they were the white knights and we were the black knights.

All this was before Stanford’s opened a dance club that eventually went urban. 

Believe me, that was not our intention. We wanted to attract the KU, MU, UMKC crowds. But the hip-hop rage took us over in 1994. Prior to that the Kelly’s had blocked the expansion of our restaurant, the addition of our pool room, everything.

Bill Nigro tried to act as a go between but they wouldn’t listen to him either. In fact Kyle Kelly called me and asked that I go downtown to City Hall and back him to have Nigro’s Torres Pizza truck removed from Westport, "Because it drew the wrong crowd that started problems in the area." 

This all before the black crowds had desended on Westport.

Kyle was a childhood friend of Nigro. No matter. Bill was saving that pizza truck money for his little girls’ college educations. No matter. I refused to back him and thus began my friendship with Nigro. As it turned out Kelly’s was simply trying to up the sales of their late night pizza sold next door to their bar. Many other things occured, too many to list. Let’s just say the bad blood never was fixed.

We offered to smoke the peace pipe with the Kellys but it never happened.
Today, Kelly’s has many issues. Its business is way down. It’s far less known by college kids. There are no more huge Big 12 weeks. No more big weekends except St. Patricks Day. They still own that one.

Another odd thing, the older brother, Randy – who once was the owner right after their father – moved to the Ozarks years ago. He was a cool guy: Handsome, drove a Jag, nothing like Kyle and brother Pat. Sharp guy. He opened Kelly’s Landing in the Ozarks, did great and never came back. You never see him in Westport or with his younger brothers. Strange. I think we could have worked with Randy, but who knows?

Kellys has never had any real legal problems with the booze stories. Yes, a few pople have been killed in or around the place, but it’s never an issue with the law.  Stanford’s was always the bad guy. But hey, Stanford’s in Westport is gone now.

The Legends in KCK has been a pleasant experience compared to all the jealousy in Westport. Mostly from the Kelly’s faction but others as well. Stanford’s has no enemies at Village West, except for snow and ice.

Four years and not one issue. What a difference 20 miles makes.

As for the recent incident with the young man who died, Brian Euston. He may have been overpoured at Kelly’s, but who knows? The Kellys wouldn’t be the first to do so, in their defense. There are lots of customers and it’s hard to watch them all. Still with a .387 blood alcohol content, he shouldn’t have been served to begin with.

The Kelly’s have never been called on the carpet for anything before.

It’s always been a case of them being the do-gooders and everybody else, the bad guys.

In 2004, Stanford’s became Johnny Dare’s, a smash hit club that could have saved Westport. The only problem was it was too small without the pool room, dance club and of course comedy. We tried in vein to get comedy back, but it was blocked by the neighborhood and very likely, the Kellys.

They won, we left.

But I said then, "If we go, you will fall, we are the heart and soul of Westport." 

Turned out I was right, Westport has never been what it was since. Stanford’s had a real restaurant, pool room, dance and comedy club that drew thousands every weekend. And those people moved about and ate and drank in many other Westport clubs, mostly…Kelly’s.

Ah, the good old days.
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57 Responses to Glazer: The Rise & Fall of Kelly’s & the Brian Euston Controversy

  1. Clint says:

    Never Knew All This! Wow!
    I grew up partying in Westport in the 90’s. Loved Kellys. Yeah they, the staff, made it clear that the Glazers and Stanfords were not their favorites. Too bad all this had to happen. We all miss those great days of fun in Westport. I hang out at McCoys now, safer and still nice looking ladies.

  2. Troy Winters says:

    What A Story. Great Tale.
    Now that was interesting Glazer. I worked for you guys in OP, I know all that happened. Used to drink at Kellys, they were nice to me, but didn’t know for quite some time I worked with you guys. I work for Funny Bones in VA. now. Miss you people

  3. TigerVIP says:

    Wait a minute…
    Your last article said it was the smoking ban killing Westport! It was actually you guys?

  4. Jenifer B says:

    Not So Nice Guys The Kellys
    Craigy hi, finally somebody said it. Those Kellys hide behind that banner for decades. I don’t think they are awful people but they sure made you guys suffer. Maybe now they see how that feels. Best of luck.

  5. KU Forever says:

    Hearne Why The Hate?
    You love to stir the pot Hearne. This kind of reporting is too Tabloid for even me.

  6. AJ Finney says:

    Westport Was Better with Comedy Club
    I am a comic, worked Stanfords for years, loved it, still do. It was well known amgongst comics that Kellys and a couple other bars in Westport didn’t want Stanfords around. This was even before the dance club issues. Real stupid, I thought. Bet they miss you guys now.

  7. Bill Nigro says:

    common goal
    Calm down Craig, Westport is the center and start of KC. We’ve all worked hard on making a better neighborhood. No one in Westport has donated more time to our neighborhood than Kyle Kelly. Some times we have misunderstandings, but make no mistake, Kyle is the most dedicated person we have to making a better Westport. Bill Nigro

  8. Keith says:

    Nigro Being PC
    Bill saw your story in todays paper, good one. I agree with you, the smoking ban is silly at best. As for the Kellys and Kyle, not sure I was banned from there years ago, hah. Miss comedy in Westport, Legends is way too far a drive from St. Joe.

  9. Better Man says:

    Hearne, You Blame Kellys For That Drunk Guys Death.
    Hearne you are unfair to Kellys. Not their fault this drunk got beat up outside their bar. How many other guys get drunk in Westport and don’t get killed, a zillion? Boo Hoo the Kellys were mean to the Glazers. Aren’t they hoods? The Kellys are just drunks like us.

  10. Joe Cornia says:

    Can’t WE All Just Get Along
    I also do comedy at Stanfords and have for years. My experience with the Glazer boys has always been a good one. Guess some people misunderstand them. One thing about those guys, never a dull moment. Yes I knew about all these problems between them and the Kellys in Westport. Too bad they couldn’t resolve them. Like Nigro said here, we all need to get along in these tough times. I never hung out at Kellys so I don’t know them myself. Hope for the best for both groups. Cheers.

  11. Doormat says:

    First The Star, Now Kellys
    Hearne you let Glazer tee off on the Kellys. Lets hear their side. We know you dislike the KCStar, now the Kellys. Who is next? Drunk man gets killed in Westport, Kellys to blame? Maybe. Not sure on this one.

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    Not blaming anybody for anything. Check the byline on this story, believe it says Craig Glazer. The issue that calls out for investigation – since you don’t seem to be following this story very closely – is that a dude was served booze to nearly 5 times the legal limit.

    You may want to read back and see what the Missouri liquor statutes say. It’s against the law to serve liquor to an intoxicated person. This gentleman drank to the point where many people would be at death’s door. Think about it for a minute.

  13. Matt says:

    Conversation at the Wake
    It’s starting to be like all the old gangsters coming together to share stories and rewrite history. Nigro sees himself as the Padre overseeing the festivities and offering hope. All of these losers are past their time and expiring. Their shelf life is up.

  14. chuck says:

    Good read.

  15. chuck says:

    Look at that fuckin picture!

    Third from the left!


  16. Rainbow Man says:

    We all know what the westport prob is… but can’t say it
    The killer is in jail.
    Only one person is charged with a crime here.. and it is the person who killed Brian Euston. Let’s say it again…. The person currently charged is the one who killed Brian Euston.
    Craig— Again… this is fantastic, fearless writing that is compelling.
    But Euston is not dead because he got hammered in Westport. He is dead because a thug assaulted him, and let him lay dying in the street. We all know why Westport is hurting.. It is hurting because since the mid 90’s, people feared that they could become become Brian Euston. Smile the wrong way, say the wrong thing, bump into someone on the street… be with the wrong girl… and you are dead.
    And Hearne… Please stop eluding to Euston’s “problem.” He was 24 and he did not drive— which is pretty mature.
    Was he hammered.. probably. Beligerent.. I dont know.. A .387 on a corpse… is that a real world test?
    Stuff happens… But generally… people don’t attack with fists unless they feel their life is in danger.
    The killer is in jail.

  17. stupidiot says:

    The bad ole days
    Hey Glazer,

    Rumor has it that Stanford’s was started with the money you stole from drug dealers, and that you laundried other ill gotten money through Stanford’s. Now that the statute of limitations is up, will you confirm this? And as for you being disliked for “having lots of girls”, I don’t recall you having any girlfriend long enough to spit. Perhaps you are impotent and even the vapid type who would go for a loser like you eventually wants real sex and heads elsewhere?

    I always liked the atmosphere at Kellys. Still do.

    Oh also, of course you are right……… It takes a genius like Jeff to realize that giving away beer will draw a crowd.

    I’m not an atheist like you Glazer; In my religion, as soon as you are dead, you’ll wind up in a room with everyone you beat out of money. They’ll have baseball bats…… Wish I could be there to watch 🙂

  18. rogger says:

    Tidal Wave
    In the late 90’s, Westport became the night time version of Bannister Mall. It still is, and people stay away in droves. Having some thug make a vulgar comment to your girlfriend when you’re outnumbered ten or twenty to one….and Westport has seen the last of you. Too many decent area to party where this doesn’t happen. It’s amazing that Westport has managed to survive this long.

  19. harley says:

    now glazer tell us the real story…
    The kelly’s are a great family…and an honest and successful family.
    To rip them here is a bunch of b.s. Its old news…and kellys is not the reason
    that westport has fallen on hard times……
    But surprisingly you left out so much of “your” story that you never
    mention….no more putting others down.
    stop these attacks…..

  20. kcredsox says:

    I partied quite a bit in the early 90’s in Westport. Not once did I ever have the urge to go to Stanford’s. Hung out at Kelly’s a few times, seemed like a small town bar to me, which is why I liked it. I would love to hear the other side of the story too, would imagine it would be like night and day.

  21. Jacko says:

    Kelly’s Rocks
    Kelly’s and the Hurricane were the place to be- Stanfords was where you hid in a booth if you snagged a big girl. Haven’t lived in KC for 10 years, but Kelly’s is must-stop every time I get back that way. It’s pretty rare that bar/restaurant districts don’t go in and out of style in every city, Kelly’s is the most iconic bar in Kansas City and I know I’ll be drinking a cold one there 20 years from now.

  22. chuck says:

    ‘Nother snow day-lemme apologise in advance for this-
    but you young guys are all talking about where you went, so…

    When I got outta the service in 73, on Friday nights we all went down on Main St. to Walter Mitty’s, Butch Cassidy’s and Mothers (Sometimes, Mothers, all the ‘made’ guys were there, and you could never get a good seat or spot at the bar. Jersey Shore shit, only with real Italians and real guns. Guys we have all heard of btw.) Mostly we went ot Walter Mitty’s, Vic F. owned the place and Mike McGuire was running it with Darby, Tony and Jerry. Great place.

    I got a job there through a friend, checkin ID at the door of Walter Mitty’s. What a fuckin hoot. Vic comes over to talk to me first night on the job, and asks me to tell him, based on a drivers license date (He made up a couple) if the guy could get in. He says, “Chuck, if this guy is born (Insert date) than will he be allowed in tonight? I answer the exact same question about 3
    times. I say yes, if hte date he gives me, makes the guy 21. Then he says, “Ok Chuck if a girl comes in with (He gives me a date with a presumed patron’s age, female of about 19.) does she get in? I say, “No Mr. F, she does not!” He looks down at me with those fuckin hawk eyes, leans into me, and says (Emphatically) “No you dumbfuck!!! The girls always get in!!!”

    What a great bar, Ladies night was Monday, it was packed for years. Place went downhill after McGuire had to toss a couple of Black guys out, and there was a drive by later that week, much ammo expended.

    Always went to Kelly’s in the 70s on Sat night. Had a great time there too.

    Sorry if that was boring.

  23. dp says:

    Has Been
    The Glazers are has-beens. This article is sour grapes. Kelly’s is one of the most famous and recognizable bars in this city and Stanford’s is an off-brand comedy club out by the track. Comparing apples and oranges, really. People would miss Kelly’s if it left Westport, nobody cares Stanford’s left.

  24. Rob Lane says:

    Stanfords is a National Name, Kellys is Not
    Rob here from SF, was at both bars many times in the 80’s and 90’s and beyond. Now live out west. Sad but true, Glazer is telling you the truth about those events. I was his insurance guy back then, he kept me up on the stuff happening in Westport. Stan as well. No matter, most important…Kellys is not a nationally known anything. Stanfords is always in the national news, on Jay Leno, the comics and Jay talks about Stanfords, having been there and even Glazer. So does David Letterman and Howard Stern. I have heard Frank Caliendo do Craig’s voice on radio out here even. I now you guys are jealous of them, but the fact, and it is a fact, Stanfords is not probably the best known anything we have outside of the Chiefs,Royals and the Plaza, not even sure about the Plaza, never hear much about it in the national news. By the way that stupid Jeff Glazer was even quoted in the Wall Street Journal, unlike you guys I read that too. Sorry, Stanfords and the Glazers have a national presence, just the facts jack. By the way yes I went to school with Craig and think highly of him. Yes I know he was an outlaw…P.S. he did write a book about that, by the way you can buy that book at Barnes and Noble in my city right now. Its in paperback, THE KING OF STING, read it you might learn something.

  25. Stuart Bodker says:

    Glazers Has Beens? Don’t Think So
    I have known them for years, even Stan has been in the KC Star several times this past couple weeks, Craig is I’m pretty sure the most written about person of all time in this city. Thousands of KC Star stories and many around the nation. That is outside say Bob Dole. Yes that includes George Brett. My opinion and from what I see that is a fact. His book was out a year ago big hit, movie deal now, another book soon he says, best known comedy club in the nation, it is from what I’ve heard. So I’d say current stars.

  26. harley says:

    hese posts are absolutely stupid! dont mess w/ Kelly family
    glazer stop. You get your friends to write these phony posts blowing up your ego.
    Stop. It’s gotten beyond stupid. who is this rob guy in san fran….or this stuart guy…
    come on glazer who cares if you’re more famous than GEORGE BRETT!….
    come on…been in this town a long time….longer than you…and noone really cares nor
    wants to hear you blow your own horn anymore.
    sorry…your ego is just to big to be in this town. You need national coast to coast
    coverage of your life. Where do you get all these strange people and friends from?
    come on….you’re a big fish in this stupid little pond and you think the world of yourself.
    when the real story comes out you won’t know what to do…because what few things
    you’ve done we’re done on the backs of other people….
    You ruined westport with your urban music club. Its real simple…and one family i would
    not want to tangle nor hassle with in kc is the kelly family….they have a lot of power
    in this town and a lot of connections and probably could cause you and your family
    some problems. Don’t start a fight when you’re gonna know ahead of time that you will
    get your ass kicked.
    the true story is coming…..and its not a pretty picture…..stay tuned….

  27. harley says:

    I’m gonna bet anyone
    that the kelly family has more money than all the glazers combined. they’ve run the same
    clean operation for decades…no bankruptcies…no stealing…no con artists….no egos….no race problems…
    no family hatred….and now a new genertion of kellys is taking over….don’t fool yourself people….these
    people are good people and i’m sure they’ve done incredibly well financially at their bar….and
    actually a great irish family thats done a lot for this city. Don’t mess with the irish in kc…
    they have a lot of power that extends beyond kc.

  28. stupidiot says:

    Glazer’s assumed names

    What percentage of people who read these comments do you believe DON’T recognize that you shill the positive comments? Maybe its a high, but you sure don’t have me fooled, and I .suspect most people who bother to read your crap know that you take on about 5 akas here.

    Nobody of any consequence respects you glazer; you can brag all you want about being a thief, and except for a few complete idiots, everyone will think “What an asshole… He’s a thief, and he thinks that’s something to brag about”

    Don’t you realize that being a thief is NOT something to be proud about? I guess you don’t, since as a boy you were taught by Stan that stealing is a good thing.

    You, your dad, and your brothers have but one useful function…. we can point at you and tell impressionable teenagers that you are an example of what NOBODY should ever become.

    glazer, you aren’t quite dead yet. In your remaining years, why don’t you take stock of what a dishonest failure you are and turn it around?

  29. Jeff Abrams says:

    Glazer Love You Man
    Man I wait daily to see if you have a new artilce up. Bet I’m one of your younger readers. Hear you on radio all the time. Teresa of Mix 93.3 was talking about you this morning on Mix, she loves your book, didn’t like your dad too much. Said you were gonna be on tomorrow, I’ll listen. Dude I think you did my mom back in the day, she says she dated you, Karen. I’ll listen.

  30. chuck says:

    I have never met Glaze.
    I like his tales from the dark side.

    Everyone makes mistakes, and even if the guy has an ego, he owns the mistakes he has made, imo.

    Besides, WTF??? Ya wanna read about your accountant neighbor whose big night in the 80s was stayin up past 9pm listenin to Duran Duran? Vacation pictures and stories from your butcher, baker and candlestick maker???

    I want fuckin coke-whore-stripper-inside-info, primary source material as Julian Assange calls it. Politicians with their pants down, real and metaphorical, local sports heros peccadilloes, cops on the take, shit, you ain’t gonna get it from the fuckin KC Star.

    Yeah, thats right, ya gotta take all these Wikiglaze leaks and sift through ’em for the gold dust, er, the ‘Glazedust’…heh heh…

    There are plenty of opportunities for all of us to get famous too, don’t despair.

    Just today, in the KC Star, there were pictures of celebrities partying at the Voo Doo Lounge! The next time anyone gets apoplectic over one of Glaze’s posts, I suggest a trip to the Voo Doo Lounge, where you can pound out the beat in a paroxysm of diversity and joy.
    You may not get your pic in the Rolling Stone, but INK!!! There ya go, INK!!! Looky here honey, I’m famous!

    After INK, as Paul Harley would say, the ‘rest’ of the story to follow.

  31. chuck says:

    Jeff, ew…..
    That was uncomfortable.

  32. Robertoe says:

    Good stuff
    I really enjoy your posts. Enjoyed your book too. Keep em coming!
    And Chuck, enjoyed your post. Thanks for relating it.
    Lots of us are about the same vintage and its sure fun to reminisce.
    I went to work at that 3.2 beer bar in downtown Overland Park- Jacks. It was crazy because they had $1 pitcher nights every Tues & Thurs. I saw Jack Lash paying off the firemen at the station across the street to the west of his back door. No fire code problems even though it was way over packed! I worked that downstairs bar and he had to manhandle the kegs down the steps through the crowd. Upstairs was the fight crowd. The more mellow pot smokling foos ballers were downstairs. I put a good buzz on out that back door many nights. One of my counterparts dropped a keg on the stairs and the drunk and stoned foosballers in the basement had to dive out of the way as the keg bounced down the steps and crashed through the wall at the bottom!
    My first night at that downstairs bar my Shawnee Mission East buddy, Mickey Miller, was showing me the ropes. We were both busy and left the cash envelop too close to the bar after we tallied the cash register. Some low-life grabbed it. Later that night Jack grabbed me by the collar and threw me up against the wall. “Its your first night Missouri Boy. If I found out you had anything to do with that money getting stolen, I’m gonna shoot your ass!”
    I guess I did ok and survived because 6 months later I was running the place at night.
    My dad also owned part of Romanellis for 17 years. Both experiences taught me I didnt want to be in the bar biz!

  33. chuck says:

    Joe McCabe is a nice guy.
    Loved the lunch specialls at Romanelli’s. (:

  34. Maureen says:

    So I Am a Phony Friend Huh
    Seems like anyone who likes Glazers tales or supports him in some way is not real. Maybe he puts us up to writing these comments. Hey I couldn’t get the guy to even call me back half the time and I’m a very hot blonde. Really. He likely regrets that now. Read this story, I don’t know the Kellys and didn’t know Craig or his family much back in the 90’s, I am only in my early 30’s now. One night I was watching Johnny Carson and they had a comedian on, kinda famous and I remember they went on for several minutes about Stanford and Sons and Westport and even mentioned Stan Glazer. I was impressed, we don’t get on the Tonight Show enough round here.

    Hey I’m not saying Craig wasn’t a hood or whatever name he puts on himself, but know what the man was pretty nice to me and my friends. He has a very good heart, lots of friends and if you knew him, you’d like him. But you people who write this shit, like stupididiot, good name you are, don’t know Mr. Glazer. I’ll leave it there.

  35. Dean Boese says:

    People are thick headed idiots
    Okay let me go down on record by saying that I know very little of the history between the Nigro’s and the Kelly’s, but what Craig wrote matches up pretty well with the little I know. Is there some bias, I am sure there is. But the Kelly’s aren’t the ‘good guys’ they make themselves out to be. They are businessmen as are Craig, Jeff and Stan Glazer. I am sure wrongs were committed on both sides of that feud…that is the way the world works. However, it distresses me to see how little some of the minds in this town really are. Stanfords (later Stanford & Sons) Restaurant was founded by Stan Glazer, not Craigs supposed ‘drug money’. Craig and Jeff took the club over later. After that point, yes Stan ran into financial trouble and filed several bankruptcies…to my knowledge Craig and Jeff have not even had one. And yes, Craig in his younger days posed as a DEA agent and stole drugs and money from drug dealers. He was arrested for it, sentenced, and served his time…time that included him training DEA Agents on how to bust drug dealers. This is the basis of his book ‘The King of Sting’ which has been optioned as a movie by no less than Clint Eastwood. Anyone else in this town who accomplished this would be hailed as a hero. Not Craig…because the thick headed idiots that live here can only see Craig as some kind of Evil. People are stupid.

    Say what you want about Craig. Is he egotistical and egocentric, sure he is. Does he like himself a lot? Of course. Does he date strippers and women of loose moral virtue. Absolutely and God Bless Him for it? Is that his real hair? I have no idea nor do I care. But I have known the man for over ten years and I will say that underneath all of that, he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Furthermore, he is responsible for giving stage time to every decent comic in this city, and more than a few of them have managed to keep going because they caught a gig from Stanford & Sons. So, how about some of you climb off your holier than thou high horses and admit the man has lived an interesting life. And if you are going to condemn him, than maybe condemn him for the things he’s actually done…but be aware…good and bad Craig has done more and accomplished more than most who read these musings of his ever will.

    And by the way, I know most of the people who posted positive stories about Craig on here and if they are ‘aka’s’ then Craig is a mutant shapeshifter.

  36. harley says:

    irish tavern owners versus jewish con men…
    thats what we have here. and rob/stuart/maureen and the rest of you phony commentators
    stfu. Maureen admiteed that glazer puts people up to writing these posts.
    and maureen..little bit of advice…get checked for std’s asap. You said you slept
    around alot…not real safe these days with all the diseases you can catch from
    “f” ing (you’re words not mine) guys all over town.

  37. Maureen says:

    Harley You Are A Little Bug,Loser,Old Fart
    Hey Harley first off I never ever said slept around like your wife does. I have no STP’s never have. I haven’t slept with Craig in at least a year so I think I’m safe, huh. I dated Glazer, it wasn’t a one nighter, I don’t do those, like your little sister and your old lady. You must sit around and dream of being Craig Glazer, thats all I get from you, old fart. Maybe you should try and be more like Craig and you’d get laid instead of playing with yourself all night while your wife is out screwing the milkman.

  38. Maureen says:

    Harley You Are A Foul Mouth Liar
    Oh yes, Craig did not put me up to writing anything, never did. I am happy to hate you on my own. By the way this is my real name coward, what is yours?

  39. Marcus Aurelius says:

    Maureen, 1956 called and….
    ….it wants its milkman back.

  40. chuck says:


  41. Indian says:

    Glazer is Stand Up Guy
    It’ me Indian, not good on these things, my girl wrote this for me. I hate seeing all these comments from people who hate on you brother. As you know we met at Levenworth, the prison. I was finishing a 40 year bit(life). I checked you out with my people,Lompoc and T.I. They said, “Craig Glazer is a stand up guy.” That was enough for me, you were and are. Jack gave me tickets about 8 months back and I saw a show you were out of town. Hope to see you next time. I am doing well, work on cleanup crew on the Plaza. My boss I think married Gale from the Harly Place. I got your back brother,anytime.

  42. Kellys man says:

    Drunk Brian not even at kellys that night!
    Hearne and Glazer and Nigro, this drunk person was drinking at America’s Pub not kellys. I was there he wasn’t. The whole thing is a lie manufactured by you guys. Glazer, Kellys never got busted cause nobody under 21 ever has had a drink in Kellys. Leave us alone.

  43. clint says:

    You Do Bring Out The Comments
    Thank you entertaining me today. Fun to read all these comments. Good story. Enjoyed it all.

  44. harley says:

    maureen…please stop posting….
    what are “stp’s”? please tell me what that is besides a motor oil.
    I can’t believe these posts….absolutely funny….and the best is set to come.

  45. bschloz says:

    What is this– fucking Deadwood?….Who’s gets to play Swearengen…..I always thought Stan kind of looked like Cy Tollivar.
    How cool would it be to Ride a Camel down Westport Road with a bull whip in hand.

    @Chuck,Rainbow,Harley,Dean,Robertoe….good stuff.

  46. chuck says:

    Deadwood was so cool.
    Fuck Alexis de Tocqueville, Shakespeare goes west young man!

  47. stupidiot says:

    There is no reason to glorify this family of criminals
    “…good and bad Craig has done more and accomplished more than most who read these musings of his ever will.”

    The above comment may be true; I do not know who reads “KC Confidential”, so from my prospective it is possible that most reading this have little to be proud of.

    Stan taught Craig, Jeff, and Jack to steal from their friends and neighbors. Jack was proud to steal marijuana from the trunk of one of his oldest friend’s car. Jeff and Jack were sorry to be caught stealing from banks, but not because they finally realized it was wrong, but because they faced jail time. Craig is not only without remorse for robbing and stealing from drug dealers and others, he is so proud of his crimes that he wants the whole world to learn about them on a movie screen.

    These mediocre brothers have nothing but distain for people who earn their livings honestly. Stan is responsible for this. In a moral sense, he abused his boys by teaching them to disrespect the law, and teaching them that the only standard was to keep from being caught when committing crimes. So Craig’s partner in crime is murdered, Jeff and Jack spent a whole lot of time in jail, and none of them regret anything other than being caught.

    In Yiddish, a man of integrity is known as a “Mensh”. This word could never be applied to the four glazer losers, unless one of them did some true soul-searching and actually and truly repented. This is unlikely to happen, as they still see no reason to master a profession through hard work, or to earn a living in a way that improves other peoples’ lives.

    Mother Rita endured the humiliation of listening to her friends proudly discussing how their children became mothers, doctors, engineers, musicians, and teachers. All Rita could do was lament that her children were in prison for crimes that they didn’t regret.

    Glazers brothers; there is still a chance to redeem yourselves by good honest work. Do you really want your epitaph to be “He was proud to be a criminal, and only regretted getting caught”; ?

    Pushing heroin, cocaine, and large quantities of marijuana, smuggling, and armed robbery are disgraceful enterprises. Instead of glorifying your past, glazers, you could perhaps do some good in your life, finally, by explaining to young people how your life went terribly wrong and how they could avoid wasting theirs as you have.

  48. harley says:

    the best posts ever written on this site. Excellent piece of work.
    I believe in second chances…even third chances…I believe in repentance and
    forgiveness. I believe in people changing their lives.
    Maybe someone who’s always writing and talking but never listening
    should take your post to heart.
    Be interested to see what glazer has to say about this.

  49. Todd says:

    Just Found KC.Confidential
    My brother, Rick, told me to go on this website. Glad I did lots of fun stories and these comments are so different then others I read on similar sites. I only know of Craig Glazer through radio and the media, never met him. He sure stirs it up on this website. Always enjoyed Kellys Bar, don’t go there anymore, Westport is not my cup of tea. You guys keep up the fun, you hear.

  50. Sal Manna says:

    The King Of Sting
    As a few of you know, I co wrote THE KING OF STING with Craig. Known him nearly 25 years. Was at two of his trials,covered him and Woodbeck for the LA Times,Harold Examiner,The Reader and Los Angeles Magazine. I find your questions about the three brothers interesting. However from my investigation into Craig’s life, as well as the other Glazers, lets just say much of what I have read here isn’t true. These attacks. Craig Glazer wrote a book on his life in crime and law enforcement, he never says he is justified or a wonderful person having done what he did. He does give his reasons for that behavior. Craig sees himself as a modern day Wyatt Earp, John Dillinger, or even Jesse James. If you read the book you may agree with him. He does take responsibility for his actions. Trust me, he paid the price.

  51. Craig Glazer says:

    Fame Costs
    Once again glad so many of the readers got into this story. While I have never cared for the Kellys, Kyle or Pat, I don’t hate them or wish them any harm. They have worked hard to make Kellys matter, and in KC it does. The point of my tale was sometimes the guys who say they are the “good guys” aren’t so good, not the “bad guys” so bad. I could have gone on with more things they did, but no matter. I hope Kellys lasts another 50 years, Westport needs them.

    My father, Stanford Glazer, was partners with Chiefs Super Bowl player Jerry Mays. Jerry built the restaurant with his construction crew out of Dallas. I was around 20 at the time. So of course there was no drug money ever involved nor did anyone of real existence ever think that; STAN GLAZER HAS NEVER BEEN ARRESTED AND CONVICTED OF ANY CRIME, past a traffic ticket.. Even his well known Hooker stop, was innocent, he was single and pulled over to try and score a cute blonde, didn’t know she was a cop. Just thought she was pick upable. It was a trap site, like a DUI checkpoint, after he explained he was only trying to score, which is legal, they let him go, no charges brought. He never offerred her money, didn’t know she was playing hooker, as soon as he pulled over they jumped him. Again, it was dropped. If thats his big crime, BIG WOW. Let me say it again STAN GLAZER NEVER WAS ARRESTED FOR ANYTHING. EVER. We had run ins, but we love each other and speak several times a day. He lives down the street from me in Fairway.

    My two brothers manage Stanfords Comedy, do a nice job, work hard daily. Yes we have all been to prison. Nobody is proud of that.
    I wrote King of Sting for two reasons, one to expain the who,what,where and why. I pulled no punches in the end I ‘stung’ thugs for money not revenge. The revenge came first. Yes I became a pirate. I often speak, for free, to college students at UMKC and high school kids on my life. I don’t recommend my life style to anyone. Not the past one anyways.Never robbed an innocent person,EVER. If you were on the other end of my weapon, you were a bad guy as well.

    It was an exciting life, to drop it down to level some of you commentors try and present is pretty lame. I make no excuss. Yes it pained my mother to go through all this, if that makes you feel better. She was a great lady, the best of my family. Know what, we all loved and still do love each other. Its been a blast working with my two little brothers these past 20 years and rebuilding Stanfords.

    P.S. I am on the board, year seven, of Kansas City’s Drug and Alcohol Clinics, Renaissance West. Look for those who don’t like me or what I stand for now or in the past, nothing I say or do will change that opinion. So I won’t try too. Want questions answered, read the book, you might even enjoy The King of Sting.

  52. mermaid says:

    What is all this…
    What a bunch of haters. It’s so easy to come down on the Glazer’s because it makes you feel better about your life. Also you are jealous because of their lifestyle and money so it’s easy to contradict it by saying it’s all because of crime and illegal practices when really they are all and have always been a good hard working family. Believe me they work hard for the money! They are all good people and have big hearts. I am sure Kelly’s couldn’t say a bad thing about Uncle Bennie! Because he was a great man. Don’t criticize what you don’t really know or join a bandwagon of naysayers just for feel good sake. If I ever find myself jealous or hating it is usually because I am unhappy with the way my life is going at the moment. So take a moment to think before you blog and ask yourself is this something I really feel and can write from fact of actually knowing a person or am I just being hateful. The Mermaid

  53. harley says:

    wow…we almost broke the record…
    I was hoping we’d break the record for comments on a story. Ithink the record
    is about 68? Hearne tell us.
    Whatever the case…this story was a lightning rod for a hit on the kellys/their business/
    and their name and reputation in kc.
    In the past…most of the responses have been satirical/funny/meant to be cute and
    sometimes informative. but this was nothing but a hit piece. If glazer has a problem
    with the kellys….if they used the word “jew fucks”….if it was over business….this is not
    the forum for that. Personal grudges are not honest subjects for a website. This story
    was inappropriate for this site…period.
    But i said it before…someone who places themselves in the public light must be able to handle
    the hits. Politicians/celebrities/public figures/people who want to be famous better have thick
    skin because they will get brutally attacked for their actions.
    If you want the spotlight…you better be able to take the heat.
    As to the kellys…they have never put themselves out for being celebrities or wanting publicity.
    They should not have been the subject of this article.
    What we saw was someone who was very familiar with the author and his past and said some
    pretty tough comments. Obviously that commentator had previous interaction with the family.
    but hearne…you’re wrong here. this story was not in any way approrpriate for this site.
    You may defend it…but you put your friend and his family out there as targets again.
    It was a personal grudge of one business entity against another…and it was almost 20 years old.
    Why dig this up. I know…to get readers.
    You accomplished that while continuing to destroy a family’s reputation. Glazer should never have to
    publicly exonerate his father for the actions of his father….at least not in a public forum as miniscule
    as this site is.
    We enjoy his writings…some have been fun…and we’ve exchanged jokes/one liners/and some information
    that was a serious debate…..this is getting really close to being a hatchet forum for you and
    your buddies to take out grudges.
    Thats not good judgement nor good business on your part. This entire article should never been put on this
    site. I hope the kellys never catch you out in public. This became a wreck.

  54. chuck says:

    Love the Harley posts–but come on—
    No one gets the Paul Harley comment?

    You guys are such a tough crowd—-

    “Rest of the story?”

    So Glaze, I am not opening any time soon…..?


    Luv ya all very much actually—goin to bed, up at 4 AM—Home now.


  55. Skinner says:

    So Much Fun
    Cool, this is great all this back and forth. Glazer is a bolt of lightening in this town. Good and maybe not so good. I love it.

  56. Mad Man says:

    So Who is The New Girl Glazer
    Word is new lady. Who? Whats she look like?

  57. Good Person says:

    Just wanted In on this comment section
    Been reading this website/blog for over a year. Just wanted to be on this long list. Enjoy reading all these comments.

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