Tony: Typically Lame Avalanche of Local Snow Coverage

Newsflash: Throughout the metro area it’s snowing a lot right now. Anyone lucky enough to have a window knows as much. However, local media broadcast this "blizzard" as if it were the Second Coming.

Yes, yes I know that in terms of public safety people need to know the street condiditons and forecasts. But no one can reasonably argue that this blanket snow storm coverage isn’t overkill.

In the past, local news stations have attempted to tone it down but there’s just no stopping weather newsies when they get something halfway important to report. KCTV5 weather lady Katie Horner has the worst reputation regarding this kind of mania. But, she’s not the only guilty party.

What’s worse is that this trend has taken hold on the Internet as well with even worse results.

Nowadays most people don’t read the news through RSS but it’s a legacy tool that still works in the background on just about every website and blog on the Internet.

Think of it as a police scanner; old technology that’s still in use in newsrooms in order to effectively track what’s happening at any given moment.

In any event, today even RSS feeds from local news organizations are clogged with blizzard news in a typically lame an unimaginative fashion. Example: Instead of one "post" regarding metro Court closings, I get three individual news items noting that Jackson, KC Municipal and Clay County have canceled court today.

So far, I’m saving no less than two dozen individual posts that represent news items from local stations reporting on all of this snow drama. The main news websites are also covered in all things snow related from snow slide shows to the litany of schools cancelling classes and informing the entire city rather than simply parents.

Luckily this is just a reflection of what’s happening in every other medium. Other than a few minutes for sports, the local TV news has become nothing less than the weather channel and the rest of the media is following suit.

In a sense, I guess I’ve been inspired by this snow reporting blast. But, it’s just disheartening to think that local news doesn’t have anything better to talk about then the weather.

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8 Responses to Tony: Typically Lame Avalanche of Local Snow Coverage

  1. MrOlathe says:

    Tony……You seem like a very bitter & unhappy person.

  2. MrOlathe says:

    Tony……You seem like a very bitter & unhappy person.

  3. Gordon says:

    pot meet kettle
    you don’t have anything to say either.

  4. MrOlathe says:

    I think I just said it
    Just an observation. Tony seems very bitter most of the time.

  5. kcobserver says:

    It’s the meth, I’m telling you.

  6. mike t says:

    Fake Katie Horner
    Amuse yourself:!/fakekatiehorner

    You know it’s bad when she dawns the red pants suit.

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