OTC: John Kadlec Retires His Edsel Voice From MU’s Radio Booth


“Just saw this about MU fb analyst John Kadlec retiring. I enjoyed his work and our conversations. Wonderful link to Mizzou, Big 8 history.”
Blair Kerkhoff, of The Kansas City Star, Twitter
GH: Kadlec spent 16 years as Mizzou’s football radio color analyst. While Kerkhoff says he enjoyed his work, it was 16 long, painful years for my ears. Read on.
“You are truly a Mizzou legend!”
Kevin Kietzman, while interviewing Kadlec on 810 AM
“A very nice man.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
“A great man.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: At least the 810 crew didn’t pretend to laud Kadlec’s broadcasting skills. They politely talked about everything but.
“I’ll miss him. I wouldn’t want them all to by like this, but there is something fun about a color guy who is a big time homer and not smooth at all.”
Sefo, Reader comment in St. Louis Post Dispatch
GH: Yes, there is something to be said about a color analyst that fits that description; unemployed. Mr. Mizzou is a guy every Mizzou fan seems to love because of his deep passion for the Tigers and the school’s history. Great guy but a lousy radio analyst for a school that has one of the finest J-schools in the country.
“About ten years overdue………the echo is finally gone, now I can watch the games and listen to (Mike) Kelly again. Thank you coach, what the H took so long……good bye and good riddance.”
tabbythetiger, Reader comment in St. Louis Post Dispatch
GH: I have heard a lot of the media kiss up to Kadlec after his retirement was announced. Maybe they all thought like Kerkhoff and “enjoyed his work.” I find that difficult to believe of those who still have their sense of hearing.
“Curious if (Chris) Gervino now moves into the booth or if they’ll try to replace Coach with a former athlete or coach?”
sofa, Reader comment in St. Louis Post Dispatch
GH: This would be a mistake. Not that Gervino wouldn’t be good in the booth – he would be excellent. But rather he is the rarest of rare – an excellent and insightful sideline reporter. Gervino treats his sideline job like every sideline reporter should – as an important extension of the game broadcast. He gives field-level perspective to live action on the field and on the sideline. I think Gervino is one of the more underrated broadcasters in the Big 12 area.
“Never say ‘should have’ on the air. … Don’t second-guess. Analyze what happened & just call the game."
John Kadlec, when asked for his advice to his successor, via Columbia Tribune’s Dave Matter’s Twitter
GH: Please, whoever does replace The Coach, please do everything opposite of what he suggests. Too many schools have so little respect for their fans that they feed them sugarcoated pabulum when it comes to their favorite team. Fans want to know what’s really happening, not what a broadcaster thinks is best for the job security of the head coach. The sooner more dinosaurs like Kadlec retire the better for every team’s fan base.
“Knowledge of the game. Enthusiasm and energy. A connection to Missouri.”
Dave Matter, columnist, on what credentials the next Mizzou football color analysts needs, Columbia Tribune
GH: I would add entertaining and a strong-opinionated voice. How good would Mizzou football be to listen to if they hired the next Jason Whitlock as their color analyst?
“Corby Jones: The former quarterback will always be popular with the fans. And the Kansas City-based attorney has gained valuable TV experience as part of FSN’s game day broadcast team the last few years.”
Dave Matter, listing the former Mizzou QB as one of his top candidates to replace Kadlec, Columbia Tribune
GH: Matter also mentioned Brock Olivo, Jerome Salley, Lorenzo Williams, Brad Ekwerekwu and Kurtis Gregory as other possible analysts. Read his assessment of each here.
“I got no problem with what people think or care to express. People want to have opinions that we’re not good? That’s fine.”
Frank Martin, in an interview with Nick Wright on 610 Sports
GH: Wright interviewed Martin and did as good a job as anyone I’ve heard not allowing Martin to skip past tough questions with his usual charm. Read on.
“Absolutely! Absolutely I think we’re a good team! … Are we world beaters right now? No. Are we a good team? Yes!”
Frank Martin, when asked by Nick Wright if he thinks K-State is a good team, 610 AM
GH: Interesting how Martin will publicly blast his team and call them terrible when they are winning and coddle them when they are 2-5 in the conference. If Martin really thinks his team is absolutely good, he’s one of very few.
“I don’t know if Kansas will go on and win the NCAA title or go out again in the first round but you are soooo right about funerals. It is the most barbaric ritual we’ve retained from our caveman days. Funerals
prolong grief, deepen the sense of loss, traumatize children and rape the survivors’ savings, often after lengthy and expensive hospitalization have already drained much-needed financial resources.”
OTC Reader, via email
“Yes. I own Uggs! I own Uggs! They’re not furry on the outside but they are furry on the inside. I’m going to get everybody a pair and bring them in some day and then you guys will take it all back. You’ll all say, ‘I’m sorry, Greg. These are awesome!’ ”
Greg Gurley, former KU player, current college hoops TV analyst and local Ugg Boots spokesperson, 810 AM
GH: The Gurley Man’s Uggs fetish was exposed when he showed up in studio for his interview with WHB’s Border Patrol. Gurley is a funny guy and I have to think his Uggs only added to his humor.
“That’s my question to you guys this morning; what NFL player do you want to have a beer with?”
Bob Fescoe, on his Tuesday morning topic, 610 AM
GH: Believe it or not, there was a time Fescoe was a decent reporter. What 610 has asked him to do in carrying a morning-drive show is simply beyond his talents. Fescoe is not bright, he is not quick-witted and he has little feel for what is entertaining. That kind of leaves him stuck with lame canned shtick like the above act when it comes to eliciting conversation. Has 610 just given up the morning drive slot?
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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5 Responses to OTC: John Kadlec Retires His Edsel Voice From MU’s Radio Booth

  1. theKCeye says:

    Again… you missed the point Greg
    “Fescoe is not bright, he is not quick-witted and he has little feel for what is entertaining.” … Finally, Greg has found his equal.

    Everybody knows funerals suck, Greg. It doesn’t make you right for thinking young college athletes would be better off being allowed to side-step one of their brothers losing multiple family members in less than a month instead of addressing the issue, and backing up your opinion by citing the many KU alum who would be disappointed if the players responded poorly on the court. You are out of touch, lame for quoting your lone reader who agrees with you, and full of some weird inner-demons because you missed the lessons Bill Self helped teach his players last week.


  2. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Here’s a news flash
    Mike Kelly sucks too. Absolutely atrocious.

  3. Ryan says:

    It is STILL the right thing to do
    So, you found one traumatized, insensitive reader that is scared of funerals. Him going for the money angle is just an immature way of justifying his fear of facing reality. If there is ONE thing in life that everyone will have to face, that is the death of a loved one. I get the feeling “OTC Reader” may choose not to love anyone. (perhaps a barbaric ritual from caveman days)

  4. Steve says:

    Kettle meet Pot
    Please tell me what you think of the NU coverage. Fair, balanced, somewhat provacative? Jason Whitlock would be lynched the 1st time he noted that the tunnel walk is lame or that the program will never return to the Osborn days. Let the fab bases eat their red meat. It is what makes being a fan fun.

  5. Brencado says:

    Gurley is a girlie man
    The fat faced Greg Gurley is a goof. Outside of this area, who the hell even knows who that dipshit is?

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