OTC: Wally Judges Frank Martin To Be Lacking


"Wally (Judge) quit the team today.”
Frank Martin, according to a tweet from The Star’s Kellis Robinette, Twitter
GH: Whoa. Is Manhattan now Iowa City west – where a new bombshell explodes over the Frank Martin’s Cats’ each week? First Dominique Sutton bolts the program last July. Then Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly get pinched for their Dillards dash. Highly regarded juco transfer Freddy Asprilla leaves the program after a tough practice. K-State gets embarrassed by Kansas on Saturday and then Martin announces his most acclaimed recruit, Wally Judge, has left the building. Whoa.
“He’s not happy. I kinda saw it coming because of some of his emotional situations.”
Frank Martin, via Robinette’s tweet
GH: So now Martin is going to publicly label Judge’s issues at Kansas State as “emotional?” What a load of purple garbage. Man up, Frank. It’s your program and you are the common denominator in the issues that have invaded and destroyed your team.  Martin is making millions and he wants to paint a 19-year-old kid as an emotional cripple? That’ll really help Wally find a new school. Damn, that is a low blow coming from Frank. Maybe we should rename him Not Very Frank.
“Earlier this month, Jacob Pullen said he wouldn’t play in the NIT. If they continue to play like this, the feeling will be mutual.”
GH: Pullen and the Cats will be lucky to make the NIT. How does Martin recruit any quality players to a program that just had three of their better-known players walk out? We saw Kansas turn on Roy Williams when he left for his beloved Carolina. Is Martin the next big name to leave the K-State program?
“I am not usually big on saying stuff like ‘that team has quit.’ But if any team has quit on a coach, it might be the Cats. We’ll see.”
Gary Bedore, writer, after Kansas’ beat down of K-State in Lawrence Saturday night, Lawrence Journal World, Twitter
GH: Bedore doesn’t have to say K-State quit because Jacob Pullen pretty much accused his team of just that following the KU loss. Read on.
"I thought it was a dunk contest for a while. I thought we had stopped playing and just started watching them dunk. I don’t know. We stopped playing basketball."
Jacob Pullen, on K-State’s effort against Kansas, Salina Journal
GH: I watched the second half of that KSU/KU game and could not believe Frank Martin’s team had so blatantly quit. It was not as if they didn’t care, it was more they had no idea how to stop Kansas – anyone on Kansas. They looked as lost fundamentally as any team I have seen inside Allen Fieldhouse in some time. It was what Nebraska has looked like in past years when meeting an overmatched KU team.
“We don’t execute. We come out of timeouts and don’t know what we’re doing … We’ve got to do a lot of things. We’ve got to be able to compete. If we can’t compete there’s no reason for us to even go out there and waste our time."
Jacob Pullen, Kansas City Star
GH: Pullen hasn’t exhibited the best senior leadership I’ve ever seen. He appears all too willing to give up and get on with his hoops career in Turkey.
“Huuuuuuuge opportunity for Doc (Sadler’s Nebraska) team to steal a road win this week. PowerCats look like they want to call it a year and go home.”
Dirk Chatelain, columnist, Lincoln Journal
GH: The Wildcats were expecting to pound the Huskers in hoops in response to the beating Herbie laid on Bill Snyder’s team in the fall. If NU wins in Manhattan on Wednesday night, maybe the Mayans are right about the end of the world coming in 2012.
 “There’s not a super dominant team (this season in college basketball) nor is there a group of really good teams. There are just teams that are good enough to win it all. We don’t have the same quality of depth and talent across the country that we’ve seen in past years.”
Clark Kellogg, CBS college analyst, 810 AM
GH: Has it ever been this bad? College hoops this season is starting to resemble the NFC West. Gary Lezak is having a better year than most tradition-rich college squads. Duke is no longer Duke but rather Lumpy Rutherford. Kansas has but one loss but almost a dozen scares – by the likes of Nebraska and Iowa State no less. K-State went from SI cover team to not being able to beat the girls in the swimsuit edition. Coach Roy is berating his Heels’ fan base and Coach Izzo’s Michigan State is getting punked by almost everybody, including Indiana – the new Purdue. So who wins it all in April? How ‘bout a Final Four that includes Kansas, Texas, Mizzou and what the hell, Colorado? Hey, instead of this being a bad thing, mediocrity could be pretty damn exciting come March.
“(Michigan State) Spartans are going through rough patch but any talk about them not making the tourney is ludicrous. MANY mediocre teams will make the field.”
Seth Davis, CBS college basketball analyst, Twitter
GH: Could this be the year mediocre Nebraska gets its first win ever in the NCAA tourney? Can you believe that stat? Talk about a drought on the prairie!
“At some point Missouri’s going to have to rebound. They are never going to win on the road if they don’t rebound.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Mizzou did not look competitive against Texas. Losing Laurence Bowers to a concussion hurt but the Tigers looked to be out-talented in Austin. That doesn’t mean MU won’t win a lot of games down the stretch. KU didn’t look much better against the Longhorns – who are quickly becoming the hottest team in college hoops.
“Phil Pressey is looking more Ricky Clemons than he is Melvin Booker. He is looking like an absolute wildcard.”
Soren Petro, on the Mizzou guard’s inconsistent play, 810 AM
GH: Mizzou will live or die with the play of their guards. It’s scary at times but it is also damn entertaining basketball!
"It is beyond amazing and it was a good crowd. We have great people all across Kansas. This past month has really opened my eyes to how amazing this place is. It’s beyond words to describe how I feel and the love that I have for the University of Kansas and the fans.”
Thomas Robinson, on the Allen Fieldhouse crowd’s reaction and support for him during the K-State game and the past week, Kansas City Star
GH: Robinson and his teammates quickly dissolved my fears of a funeral hangover by playing one of their more complete games of the season. I have rarely been so glad to have been so wrong.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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18 Responses to OTC: Wally Judges Frank Martin To Be Lacking

  1. Jayhawk Fan says:

    Not a peep?
    Not a peep about how wrong Hall was about “Funeralgate”??
    Not a word that maybe KU WAS just too good a team for ksu??
    Nope, none of that… it must be that ksu quit… HaHAhAHhahAHahahHAHahAHhahAHhahAHah

  2. Jayhawk Fan says:

    oops, I did not finish the article whne I posted…
    I see I was wrong, It appears that Hall did incude 1 sentance at the end One snetance? after his long rant condemning mean old Coach Self for forcing all the kids on the plane? Oh well, that is Hall for you.

  3. hammy says:

    Karma is a bitch Frank Martin
    –Tony Mitchell

  4. Cliffy says:

    @ Jayhawk Fan
    Somthing tells me attacking Hall isn’t the only thing you do prematurely.

  5. Johnny Utah says:

    too much yelling
    anyone who’s played under a yelling coach can tell you, after a while, you just tune it out. all yelling is the same. that’s frank martin. no one in purple hears him anymore.

  6. MonkeyHawk says:

    Martin is a loser.
    If his players followed his coaching would they win?

    I don’t know how you recruit anyone to Manhattan, Kansas.

  7. Jayhawk Fan says:

    Kramer = Martin
    Have Kramer (Seinfeld) and Frank Martin ever been seen together in the same place at the same time? One and the same?

  8. jjskck says:

    Utah = Correct
    Johnny Utah: I had that coach. At that age especially, not only do you tune the yelling out – you get to the point where you actively want to make the other person look bad. Show him up a little. Put some of the public humiliation back on him. Again: these are kids, most of whom have never been embarrassed in public like this. They also realize they don’t have to put up with it.

    My biggest concern is that Martin is developing (or already has developed) a reputation that will keep kids away. He’s already at a relative disadvantage being in Manhattan, and he’s making it worse.

  9. Kerouac says:

    They have lost 3 games – all on the road: @Kansas by 3 points, @Texas Tech by 1 point and @Missouri by 8 points. They are a total of 12 points from being 6-0 in Big 12 play. They had Texas Tech beaten, were ahead of Kansas in the 2nd half, & stayed with Missouri all game long. For the first time since Stu Lantz (later of the Lakers) and Nate Branch (later of the Globetrotters) helped the Huskers to an Top 10 ranking nationally for a brief time in 1966, basketball is no longer an afterthought in Lincoln. K-State could very easily be beaten on their own court Wednesday night.

  10. Kerouac says:

    They have lost 3 games – all on the road: @Kansas by 3 points, @Texas Tech by 1 point and @Missouri by 8 points. They are a total of 12 points from being 6-0 in Big 12 play. They had Texas Tech beaten, were ahead of Kansas in the 2nd half, & stayed with Missouri all game long. For the first time since Stu Lantz (later of the Lakers) and Nate Branch (later of the Globetrotters) helped the Huskers to an Top 10 ranking nationally for a brief time in 1966, basketball is no longer an afterthought in Lincoln. K-State could very easily be beaten on their own court Wednesday night.

  11. Chet says:

    It’s a huge concern for sure…
    But I’m not going to write off what Frank Martin has accomplished, and what I expect him to accomplish in the future. It’s easy to point fingers at the coach for the individuals who have transferred, but ask yourself one question. Which of these transfers have moved on to accomplish bigger things in basketball? I can’t think of a single one from either KSU or KU that has. With that in mind, when is it a problem with the kid and not with the coach? Martin’s program will never be a fit for every type of player, but it’s proven to be effective to the right individual. A McDonald’s All-American is used to everything being handed to him on the court, and that just isn’t the case with a D-1 program. I think Wally struggled with struggling. The game had always been easy, and he’d always been the best player on the court. I do think he quit on his team mates, and I think that is a reflection of his character.

    With all that being said, Martin has to become a better manager of this team. Better at managing the recruiting process to make sure we get players that fit in his program. Better at managing in game changes to make sure our offense can adjust to the other teams defensive sets. Better at managing his roster in game to make sure we get the much needed consistency this team has lacked all year long. One mistake and done simply isn’t working and a kid has to understand that he’ll be given the opportunity to work through is mistakes, rather than being scared of the bench. It’s also easy to forget that Martin is in just his 4th year as a D-1 coach and he has to be given the chance to learn from the multitude of mistakes that have been made with this team.

  12. JimmyK says:

    Nebraska Basketball
    Can’t stop laughing about Kerouac post staing the Cornholers COULD be 6-0 in the conference. If not for those 3 losses, you’d be correct! A .500 league record and you start getting wood? FYI – you are going to be below .500 after Wednesday’s loss to an terrible KSU team. Oh well, back to being an afterthought.

  13. STFU says:

    NU BB Still an after thought
    Seriously you went a long way to prove the after thought is not an after thought. Will NU win again is the question?

    Is anyone going to call the bo pelini of college bb out? I have heard many rip Bo but laugh at frank, why is that aren’t they one in the same? What has he accomplished? Elite 8, NIT, 1 st round bye in big 12 tournament, hell quin did that! You need to ask if you want your program to be a laughing stock. Watch Melini and Self…You never see Self walk up and down the bench yelling at everyone. Does he yell hell yes, but when they do well he praises. Seems like every KSU as soon as they make a mistake they hang their head, because they know what is coming. Also is no one going to mention the kid that was going to play pro ball to help his family and now is at anothe university? One of the best big men in the country????

  14. kcredsox says:

    Come on Kerouac, I’m a die hard Husker fan and I don’t even bother bragging about how horrible we are year in and year out. Basketball IS an afterthought in Lincoln and will always be unless they upgrade their facilities, which they are trying to do now, and hire a high profile coach that can recruit. They have a hell of a coach now, but he can’t recruit for shit. Hard to recruit McDonald’s All-Americans to play the slow pace boring ass basketball that Doc has em play.

  15. Kerouac says:

    despite having lost 3 players this season who left (or were subtlely nudged via less playing time to leave) – minute men the 2009-10 season unlike Wally’s world wherein he wasn’t playing much at all 2010-11..

    Yes, backsides be puckering from KCC to Manhattan to Lawrence to Columbia… the Huskers are a COMIN’ ON!

    Be afraid – be VERY AFRAID!

  16. Stop smokin says:

    You must remember to pass
    Quit bogarting whatever you are smoking that is rude! NU is just good enough to lose. That is all they are good for and for easy wins for KU

  17. Kerouac says:

    Despite playing without their big man injured Andre ‘The Giant’ Almeida 6’11 330, copious home-cooking from the the refs & their best player Brian Jorge Diaz having to make an long emergency flight back to the USA from South America & only arriving mid-morning, the Huskers stayed in the game all the way as kansas state hangs on for a slight 5 basket edge.

    Andre Almeida returns in Lincoln & the Huskers win by 25.

    NU still looks good to take the Big 12 basketball title.

    Huskers are COMIN’ ON!


  18. Kerouac says:

    the ‘HUSKERS’ were impressive!

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