Glazer: The Five Greatest Sports Leaders in Kansas City History!

Kansas City sees itself as a big time sports city…

And face it, that’s really all that matters. Because deep down, we know that overall as fans we’ve been screwed. We haven’t had much national attention the last 70 years. But we’ve had our  moments. So here are the top five coach’s/managers/leaders of our area’s big name pro and college teams. Since we’ve only got a handful of national titles the list is just five.

Here they are.

1) Without argument that title goes to Chiefs all-time best Hank Stram.  Now a Hall of Famer. Hank led the Chiefs to TWO World Championship games. The Super Bowl. In a way our greatest moment may have been been being the first AFL team to go to the big game in the 1966 season. We lost to Green Bay, but just going was huge. Stram Coached the Kansas City Chiefs from 1963-1974. The Chiefs greatness ended in 1972 at home to the Miami Dolphins in what was then the longest game in NFL history.

Of course we lost.

Our greatest sports moment ever was winning the Super Bowl as a big underdog to the Vikings in 1970.

This team that was 11-3 may have been one of the greatest NFL teams of all time with quarterback Len Dawson and super star Otis Taylor running the NFL’s first so-called west coast offense. The Chiefs were the first wild card to win a super bowl. We beat Oakland on the road and then the Jets to get to New Orleans and win the big game. Stram was mic’d up and did his famous sideline cheers and talks to players that are still shown on sports TV. They represent the brightest sports moment in KC history.

Stram is still the man – No 1 – no question.

2) Roy Williams: KU Basketball Coach from 1990-2003.

Roy’s not too popular in some KU bars and on talk shows. He deserted Kansas for North Carolina, his alma mater, after promising to stay at Kansas. Not nice. Roy has too many records to count. From ’90-99 College Basketball’s best record, 286-60. Roy has four Final Fours and two Championship games – in ’91 a loss to Duke and 2003 a loss to Syracuse.

He never won the big one. Which leaves the door open to Bill Self.

3) Bill Self soon will be No. 2 on this list and one day he’ll be No. 1.

That is if he stays at KU. He already has a National Title, something no other KC area coach can get close to anymore. That came three years back in 2008. Self has led KU to six straight Big 12 titles. And Kansas is one of the elite teams in basketball, thanks mostly to Roy and Bill.

It may be the No. 2 program in America.

Kansas Basketball is the only truly dominate program we have – without it we kinda suck.

The Chiefs have had their moments – with Marty Schottenheimer – but they haven’t been great since the days of Hank Stram.

The Royals stink and have for 30 years, so they are toast. Thank God for KU and Bill Self.

4) Whitey Herzog, the Royals Best Manager: Whitey won three titles, the Western Division, from 1976-1979. But the New York Yankees defeated the Royals in classic playoff games each time. George Brett became a star, as did Amos Otis and Hal McRae.

Finally we had a great baseball team.

Then Herzog left for St. Louis in1980 and Jim Frey took Herzog’s team to the 1980 World Series. We lost, but beat the Yankees in the playoffs. That was a fantastic feeling with George Brett leading the way. Whitey would then win the World Series with the Cards in 1982.
5) Marty Schottenheimer, the Chiefs best coach since Hank Stram. Marty returned the Chiefs to the top in the ’90’s with a strong defense and big name players like Joe Montana, Marcus Allen and Derrick Thomas. But seven playoff games  and only three wins. Marty had two 13-3 teams that both lost their first games at home. From 1989 until 1998 it was Marty Ball.

He just couldn’t win the big one!

That followed him to San Diego where he went 14-2 in his last season there, but still went out in game one of the playoffs.

Oh, there were a few other name leaders. Bill Snyder at K-State – but no cigars there. And sadly K-State Football is just is not up there on a national level. It’s been forgotten. Dan Devine had some good years with Missouri Football – good teams but no major national titles. He later went to Arizona State and Green Bay.

Honorable mention goes to the late Dick Howser: He won the 1985 World Series but died too young and he had no other big seasons.
These were the men who made us proud.

The future is bright with Bill Self and possibly the current Chiefs. The Royals totally suck and will continue to as long as David Glass owns the team..

Sorry but – aside from KU – our glory days are behind us.
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16 Responses to Glazer: The Five Greatest Sports Leaders in Kansas City History!

  1. Lee says:

    Larry Brown?
    Larry Brown?

  2. HARLEY says:

    For this week…tony dipardo is #1
    the greatest supporter of the chiefs…the greatest nicest man to ever wear
    His bands entertained my parents for years…and he led the chiefs fans for
    so many great years at both stadiums.
    Taps to tony….we miss ya and that great enthusiasm!

  3. Rainbow Man says:

    roy is not #2
    Roy is Maybe #5…… Self is definitely #2… Marty is an easy #3… But you got the top 5 right.

  4. Kerouac says:

    The Five Greatest Sports Leavers in Kansas City History (+1)
    Our loss(es), their gain(s)

    #1 – Bobby Beathard… left the Chiefs & his little brother Pete to help MIA, WAS & SD to several Superbowls (BB won 4 of 7 all told.)
    #2 – Bill Polian… after leaving KC (of course), he built / led 3 other NFL & 2 CFL teams to post season, winning 3 Championships.
    #3 – Charlie Finley… left for California & took MLB A’s and Charlie O the Mule with him – won 3 consecutive World Series in Oakland.
    #4 – Roger Maris… hit 35 hrs his KC career – then hit 61 in his first season in NY, breaking the Babe’s record and A’s fandom hearts.
    #5 – Warren Wells – released by Chiefs, caught 42 tds in 56 games & went on to 4 consecutive Championship games for Raiders.

    HONORABLE MENTION – Lin Elliott; missed 3 fgs in 1 post season game… but then received the key to the City of Indianapolis.

  5. Kerouac says:

    It was Rog’s 2nd season in NY that he clubbed 61 – all he did in his 1st season there was hit more hrs than he had in his entire KC career…

  6. Ptolemy says:

    You’re Nuts
    Start with Len Dawson.
    Next, George Brett.
    Then, Ewing Kauffman, Lamar Hunt, and then toss-in either Tom Watson or Whitey Herzog.

  7. John Doe says:

    Please Research What You Claim
    Herzog did not win two World Series with the Cardinals. And Joe Montana did not play for the 2003 Chiefs. And the Colts are no longer in Baltimore. If you want to be taken seriously when talking sports, at least put in enough time on these posts to get your facts straight.

  8. Maverik says:

    Glazer Gjot it Right
    Good story. Readers Glazer means coaches and Managers, not players he said that. Those are the top guys. As for Herzog he went to two series I think, won one. Yeah we know you know that Joe was 93 not 03. Some people are just stupid a holes Glazer. So tell us about the Super Bowl. Who will win and why. Bring back Chong and Slayton.

  9. Maverik says:

    Glazer Gjot it Right
    Good story. Readers Glazer means coaches and Managers, not players he said that. Those are the top guys. As for Herzog he went to two series I think, won one. Yeah we know you know that Joe was 93 not 03. Some people are just stupid a holes Glazer. So tell us about the Super Bowl. Who will win and why. Bring back Chong and Slayton.

  10. Mortin says:

    Hey Playa
    Funny stuff Kerouac, Lin Elliot Key to the city, love it. Craig, nice job this year on NFL. I laughed when you gave us your pro bowl picks. Damn you were right I think on all of them. By the way Cassel, who you also picked and was on the team, really stunk it up. Don’t you think. The Chiefs looked kinda average, like they are, at the Pro Bowl. Like your junk though.

  11. Spero says:

    Nice Photo’s.
    Good pictures, brings back some good memories. Thanks

  12. Sports Guy says:

    Need Super Bowl Coverage Greg and Craig
    ;Feed me, Super Bowl stuff boys.

  13. Cowboy says:

    Love Stram
    Good to see Hanks smiling face once more. He was the man.

  14. stupidiot says:

    For a KC Sports “Expert” Glazer Is an Idiot
    Glazer, the 1971 (not 1972) Christmas Day playoff game is STILL the longest in NFL history. Why don’t you spend two minutes checking facts?

  15. cglazer says:

    HEY MORON, SINCE I AM A GOD AND YOU ARE ONLY HUMAN, I WILL NOT HAVE YOU DESTROYED. THE GAME TRIPLE MORON, WAS PLAYED ON XMAS DAY OF THE 72 PLAYOFFS FROM THE 1971 regular season…is this your lot in life finding minor things written by people like me who know whats up when you are a dickweed. My articles are more than great, write something like that and then maybe we can talk until then SHUT THE FUCK UP…read, listen, learn, oh yeah Montana 93, like me a sports guru thought that,me who is on radio/tv all the time about those games, mis spoke, sorry for one or two mistakes, well meant, that bother your little brain so much. It is very little.

  16. stupidiot says:

    Glazer is a rattled idiot
    Seems like, Glazer, you are a tad rattled about someone pointing out what an idiot you are. Next time, count to ten llike your dad should have taught you and EDIT your wonderful prose. A big time guy like you who writes for such an amazingly important journal should do better.

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