Sounds Good To Me: What to Do, Where to Go, Who to See This Weekend in KC & LA

You like music?  Dumb question, right?

That’s kind of like asking, “Do you like trees?” Nah.  Never really been into trees.  They’re so leafy and arrogant.  And sunsets – hate sunsets.

I was sitting in the corner of a dimly lit dining room a few years back when my date uttered the dumbest phrase I’ve ever heard: “I’ve never really been a music fan…"


“Excuse me, I need to go wash my hands,” I said smiling, moments before I scrambled out the bathroom window, only half believing what had just occurred…

If you’ve ever made a comment like that, a comment that forced someone to run away in absolute horror and confusion, stop reading right now.  Seriously.  Stop.

For the rest of you crazy tree-lovers, here are a few things that sound good to me….

Friday, January 28, 2011

Old 97s and Langhorne Slim at the Bottleneck in Lawrence

The Old 97s were among the handful of alt-country bands that got some major run in the mid-90s, during the post-grunge movement.  Though never enjoying the kind of critical acclaim that bands like Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, and Whiskeytown achieved, the Old 97s have been consistently touring and recording pretty damn good albums.  They seldom disappoint live, with performances that match or often exceed their studio efforts.

This Is My Condition, Umberto, and Muscle Worship at the Jackpot Saloon

You never quite know what to expect when the one-man-wrecking-crew known as This Is My Condition takes the stage.  It’s a given that it will be loud, heavy, and frantic.  And the stage will be filled with pedals, sweat, drums, and a bald guy who seems mildly disturbed.  But in a good, interesting sort of way.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Linkin Park at the Sprint Center

Rap rock?  I thought that died when everyone came to their senses and realized what a tool Fred Durst is.  Well, yeah…but Linkin Park isn’t quite the same heavy, screaming, guitar hook buzzing group they once were.  On their latest album, 2010’s “A Thousand Suns,” co-produced by Rick Rubin, the band explores more ambient and electronic sounds.  Less metal, more mellow.  But make no mistake, Linkin Park’s past hits will still be on full display Saturday at the Sprint Center.  I mean, you don’t just discard songs that sold you nearly 50 million albums, right?
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