Shauna: How to Designer Sale Shop Without Having to Kill Yourself Afterwards

It’s no secret that the economy sucks…

And when the economy’s in the tank, fashion, retail and shopping can create a wave of frustration. Designers hesitate creatively, retailers continue to shove the word "sale" down shopper’s throats and shoppers don’t know whether to buy into new trends during sales because the word "sale" means to many LAST SEASON!

When most people think about the word sale, they think about long lines, crowds of quick tempered people – ugh! 

Who wants that!? 

This weekend at Hobbs in Lawrence, we too are taking on the word "Sale". 

We’re taking up to an additional 50% off the lowest marked sale prices on everything in the store from American Apparel to premium denim like Naked and Famous and everything in-between.

Watching our customers shop our store sale got me thinking…

Everyone loves a good bargain but not everyone knows how to shop for a GREAT bargain. 

Be it online or in a real, live retail environment. So here are some sale shopping tips that will make that painful bargain hunt more bearable!

*Don’t go "Sale" shopping when you’re hungry. And bring a bottle of water.

You’ll need your strength.

*Plan ahead!

Go into the sale with a clear idea of one item you really, really want and need. It’s always fun to hunt for that ultimate bargain, but it’s an even better feeling to find what you’re actually hunting for at a great price!

*Go into it with an open mind!

Bargain shopping allows you to buy something you wouldn’t normally get. So be willing to try something you wouldn’t normally try on.  You never know, it could turn into true love.

*Trust the mirror!

Just because the jeans are reduced to $29 doesn’t make them a great deal. Not if they don’t fit. And remember, if it doesn’t fit in the store, it won’t fit at home.

*Only buy what you’ll wear or what you’ll use!

Don’t buy something just because it’s cheap, cheap, cheap.  If it’s just going to sit in your closet, it’s a waste of space and money.  Buying just to buy is never a good idea.

*Go designer!

Sales are a great time to buy designer labels you normally can’t afford!  

*Check the return policy!

Remember, for the most part, when it comes to sale items, all sales are final! 

So read the fine print and make sure you love it before you leave the store. If you’re unsure, ponder it for a minute. Chances are if you have to think about it too hard, it wasn’t meant to be!

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One Response to Shauna: How to Designer Sale Shop Without Having to Kill Yourself Afterwards

  1. wildabeest says:

    Got any specific haunts?
    websites? stores?
    I appreciate the attitude tips, loved the one about hydration!
    But I was hoping for some insider tips.

    I will be shopping there in Lawrence DURING THE GAME because there will be no one on the streets then.

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