OTC: Are Frank Martin’s Wildcats Back or Bad?


“They took the game to Baylor. I think they’ve found something in Manhattan. I thought it was a great half of basketball for Kansas State.”
Soren Petro, after K-State’s win over Baylor, 810 AM
GH: I heard Dave Armstrong make a similar point Tuesday night as he and Reid Gettys broadcasted the KU/CU game. I watched the Baylor/KSU game as well and I didn’t see anything there that made me think Frank Martin’s squad has turned the corner. If anything, they looked less lost than Baylor. But still undisciplined, disorganized and a long way from becoming an NCAA team.
“With all due respect, I really don’t care what other people think. I could care less. The only thing I pay attention to is that we pay attention to the things we can control.”
Frank Martin, after being asked by Nate Bukaty how he responds to people calling his team’s style of play “ugly,” 810 AM
GH: It is very obvious Martin has no regard for what others think of his actions, sideline antics or coaching style. It appears to me has changed almost nothing despite his team’s downward spiral from their early-season top-three ranking to probable NIT entrants. It’s my opinion he will begin to care as the losses mount and the heat in Manhattan gets turned up. Read on.
“First you guys want to know why I don’t cut my rotations down! Now that I’ve cut my rotations down, you guys want to talk about why I don’t player other guys! I never win!”
Frank Martin, when
asked by Steven St. John why Wally Judge isn’t playing more, 810 AM
GH: It was a great question by SSJ and a masterful answer by Martin. He immediately disarmed St. John and Bukaty and got them to chuckle along with him and his playful ire. Martin is a pro at handling the media – maybe the best coach or front-office person in the Kansas City area. He turned a potentially revealing and damaging question into a giggle and it was quickly forgotten. Good for Martin, bad for the listener. Read on.
“We’re trying to play the guys we feel are most prepared to help us win games right now. … That’s not a knock on the guys that aren’t playing.”
Frank Martin, 810 AM
GH: No Frank, it is obviously a knock on those guys you’re not playing – especially the highly-touted and much-maligned Wally Judge. This was Martin’s price recruit. The nation is watching him languish on Martin’s bench and wondering why, how and what happened to this McDonald’s All-American. Martin wants to steer the cameras and microphones away from Judge to prevent future recruits from seeing Judge’s slumping, seated figure. It appears to me to be a huge failure for Martin that he refuses to acknowledge.
“I’d love for Wally to play more. Maybe I need to tell Jamar Samuels to not play as well.”
Frank Martin, 810 AM
GH: More jokes from Martin to cover the mystery that is Wally Judge. We need a member of the media who can conduct an interview and cut through Martin’s charm and make him feel as uncomfortable with direct questions as he makes his players feel during time outs. Maybe we have to go to Jay Bilas or a national guy. Our local troops seem too easily evaded.
“Most coaches change (their demeanor) for the game. They act like that at practice all the time.”
Kevin Kietzman, to a caller who criticized the way Frank Martin verbally assaults his players during the game, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman may be right, but how does that make it okay for Martin to act the part of a crazy man on the Kansas State sideline? Wildcat fans have to cringe when they see his act. As a Nebraska fan, I know Pelini’s act at TAMU was an embarrassment to Husker fans everywhere. But Martin goes grape ape a dozen times or more each game.
“Is Scot Drew the new Quin Snyder?”
Steven St. John, comparing Baylor’s head coach and their Elite Eight appearance last year and their spiral this season to Quin’s sudden rise and fall, 810 AM
GH: A better and more pointed question in these parts is whether or not Frank Martin is the next Quin Snyder. Was his Elite Eight appearance last season a fluke? Is Frank who we thought he was initially, a high school coach who fell into a job he never earned? Or is Martin as good as many of us thought when we urged K-State to get him signed to a long-term contract? Is this just a blip or the real thing? Martin has one month to prove to us what we are watching. Come March, there is a very good chance we’ll all know.
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5 Responses to OTC: Are Frank Martin’s Wildcats Back or Bad?

  1. THEY ARE BAD says:

    KSU is BAD
    I am still roflmao at this..http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/dickvitale/news/story?id=5752033

    I wonder will Dickhead ever fess up to how wrong his iction of KU ending ath 5th in the Big12 So funny, even after years and years of winning the Big 12 EVERY year, he predicts 5th?…so freeking funny.

  2. Cliffy says:

    Remembering Quin …
    I remember going to a Mizzou game in Quin’s last year. He was a sweat-soaked maniac on the sideline. It was pitiful to watch after his career had gotten off to such a promising start. By then it was obvious he couldn’t coach. By then, he didn’t have a whole lot of talent on the floor either.

    KSU still has talent but I think it’s going to get real ugly in that dump of a fieldhouse over in Larrytown this weekend.

  3. CMac says:

    Martin is a clown and proves it game after game after game. The players are obviously sick of his schtick.

  4. MonkeyHawk says:

    Has K-State’s fall blinded us?
    I’m not sure KU is as good as we thought the team was.

  5. Johnny Utah says:

    Frank misspoke
    He meant to say he COULDN”T care less what other people think. of course, all coaches are liars, so who really knows?

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