Glazer: USA, Land of Internet Fueled Depression, Fading Greatness & Global Paranoia

President Barack Obama proved to America again last night that he’s every bit the speaker we had in Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.

Without a doubt, the dude has charisma.

And the idea of having Democrats and Republicans seated next to each other was interesting. It kinda worked.
Obama went into "investments" in research, clean energy, and of course, technology. The president talked about a five-year domestic spending freeze. A simplified tax code. He spent little time on the Middle East – as if the war was over or about to be. Not much on terror either. It was a feel good speech. America is doing much better, the economy is moving forward. The stock market has doubled since he came into office. He also hit hard on education and the needs to improve it.

Agreed on that one.

The president spent time early on letting us know that it is technology that in a way has brought us down – the Internet and online world.

" A few years ago a plant would hire 1,000 workers to get the job done," he said, "Now they only need 100 employees because of technology and the Internet."

Finally somebody said it!

I have felt for years that the world has changed much for the worse because of computers, iPhones, iPads, and so on. It’s made us all "typists" and not much more. You go into a shopping mall and everyone has stopped to check their cell phone for what usually is an unimportant message from FACE BOOK or wherever.

We are living now in a modern day prison of sending and receiving messages, that for the most part don’t matter, just waste our time.

More importantly, it’s taken away our lives, our jobs and reduced our talents.  There are no more new journalists, except online. There’s very little to no money in writing for the most part (just ask Jason Whitlock). There’s very little new music that really matters and pretty much no record biz.

The music biz, its pretty much over for now.

TV and Film are fading in financial reward and everyone is on YouTube.  For free. We download music and films for nothing. Sales folks are not needed because everything is online. Even new cars and homes. Need a loan?  Do it online. Need legal hel?, Get it online.

The human touch is fading away.

The president hinted at this. That we need new ways to fight this onslaught with modern jobs and research. But I don’t see how. Do you?

There’s plenty of talent out there, just nowhere to put it anymore. Young people finish college and become, bartenders and servers. You can sit in a cube and work a computer all day for usually small to just OK dough. Rarely the big bucks..

Sure, once in a blue moon somebody finds a way to make it rich online, FACEBOOK,GOOGLE – not many though.

And that law degree is no guarantee anymore, is it?

As for war, its only important in the beginning. Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, the entire Middle East. 

The first men or women killed are on the front page but after a 100 or so, the metro section and later, like now, nowhere to be found. That’s sad, because soldiers die every day but it doesn’t count unless it’s somebody in your family.

It’s always like that.

There’s always an enemy who wants to destroy us -. the Russians, the Chinese, North Korea, they all want to take us out.

Do they? Did they? We always need a "bad guy."

Life is about solving problems. But they never end. We’re always on the brink of some nightmare. It is never solved and when it drags to an end, it goes out with a whimper. Like the Berlin Wall or the fall of the USSR as we knew it. Very quiet.

The President gave a nice speech. He’ll likely be re-elected. Obama’s a smart guy. He stopped the bleeding.

Things have improved.They always do. Untll our next crisis – real or imagined.

When you are No. 1 – and the United States is in every way – you look for pretenders. We always have.

About China; come on man, they want to be like us. We make them move forward and are about the last thing they want to hurt right now. We’re the economy of the world. I don’t know of any real celebrities in film or sports coming out of Russia or China. Everything is here, in America. Our money is backed not with gold, but with WEAPONS and the world’s ONLY FULL MILITARY MIGHT. Our back-up, ISRAEL, is placed right in the middle of the trouble area, the Middle East.

So if we owe, who can collect? Nobody.

It was a great speech by a man who is trying hard to be well GREAT. That’s a tough job because it’s always TOUGH TIMES.

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10 Responses to Glazer: USA, Land of Internet Fueled Depression, Fading Greatness & Global Paranoia

  1. harley says:

    The answers are very simple…but we’re dying out here!
    good points glazeer…especially “wasting time”…..
    1. No more offshore transfer of wealth. The large corps have a trillion dollars in cash offshore.
    Last night a republican congressman said we shold let those corps bring the money into the
    u.s. at reduced corp tax rates if they invested it in america. They stole the money in the first
    place by using loopholes and evaded paying taxes on that money. They all should be in jail.
    But at this point they control the country…let them bring in a trillion dollars at 5% rate only if
    the invest in this country. Hoepfully they keep their promise…at this point we have no
    other way to fuel investment outside the public sector…do it….ev en though they broke
    the tax laws that everyone else is supposed to abide by. If that money comes in…we have
    a new industrial revolution like the world has never seen…they’re thieves but we have no
    other way to dig out of this hole we’re in.
    2. Cut all government subsidies to oil companies…farmers….auto companies etc. immediately.
    Forget cutting social secruity or medicarre…corporate welfare is killing this nations.
    No more tax cuts for outsourcing labor….that would be worth about 130 billion dollars a year.
    I havent seen one oil company thats hurting financially…why should we give them subsidies and
    tax breaks?
    3. Energy…..take investmet dollars directly into renewable energy projects in this country…not
    in china or romania. Create 3 million new jobs and keep 1.3 trillion dollars in american dollars
    in this nation….we have no choice.
    4. Health care….no repeal…fix the few things thatneed fixing in the new hcr bill and let it ride.
    We’re going broke with rising health care costs….either we change or go broke. Possibly
    change the mandate but too many people who can afford insurance are not buying it…therevfore
    the taxpayer pays for their care when they get sick….move onto other matters.
    5. Education: double down…close those schoolsthat don’t work…open up new concepts that
    do work. If the nation isnt educated…we can’t compete……
    The answers to this are simple3 except we’ve allowed the lobbyists to control america. Either they
    step out of the way for the good of the nation or we will have to end them….they are killing america.
    6. Banks…no more too big to fail…americans can control this by moving their dollars out of the
    big banks into smaller banks in the community or credit unions. Fuck the banks…they screwed us!

  2. kevin lager says:

    Nothing will change until lobbyist are banned and the Fed is brought to justice

  3. kevin lager says:

    Nothing will change until lobbyist are banned and the Fed is brought to justice

  4. Rainbow Man says:

    the typical ku grad caused this
    We are an unproductive lazy lot of wimps. We think college is a right. We invented ridiculing the worker at McDonald’s while we go earn our 2.2 GPAs in “General Studies” and expect $75K in the first year. We will still show up at 8:30 every day, leave at 4:59… except Friday… where we leave at 2:30. If our boss does not provide us with a state-of-the art laptop and iPhone we will bitch. Hey.. we are college grads… we are special. We deserve to live in a $360K house before we are 30.
    Females now outnumber males in college. Then they wake up when they are 30… want kids… because biology just has a strange way of encouraging procreation. But they are pissed because their husband can’t make enough for her to not work. But she has been clawing and competing with fathers-to-be for 8 years
    Some people do not belong in college. They should go to work. Not anymore baby. Everyone deserves college…

  5. chuck says:

    Kiss my ass on main street Harley is dead on the money.
    With this exeception, imo,

    I do think ya gotta let the farmers be, there have been hundreds of famines in the world that we are impervious to, but would be a big deal, in the clutch. Really–we are so used to food, that our opinion, judgement of farmers and produce is skewered by opulence.

    I remember Eric Sevareid on the evening news, a long time ago (Sorry, this hit home for me (Food), and I have always been interested in politics, policy, war and the human condition, as it relates to American interests.) in his monotone (Which was heavy, heavy with content.) after speaking of another disatster in Africa (And this was before I got drafted, so we are talking 68), he said (And this is pretty close–), that no matter what happened in the world, we still had 8 feet of topsoil. He went on to explain that Africa has 2 inches for the most part.

    I would leave the famers alone—I know agribusiness is a horrible scam, and infects us with ungodly chemicals (See the many recent documetaries about the agribusiness industry–very sick, very scary-captains of industry killing our asses as usual.), but, it is, in a extemporaneously bad situation, that involves the population, a good thing—imo.

    Tarrifs—trade wars are good—inflation is good for a while—We need to produce things.


    Fuck China, and fuck Jeff Immelt.

  6. Guy says:

    Yeah…what he said!!!
    I couldn’t agree more…..FUCK CHINA! They do us NO favors! At the same time, Obama has got to quit kissing their ass. No state dinner, no invite here, unless President Hu is willing to level the playing field economically. Quit taxing the hell out of our goods or we shall put tariffs on all the half-assed, low quality, crap your country makes and sends here.

    South Korea……..You are in fine shape financially. Here is the bill for sending our Navy to protect your asses.

    How about that Iraq war, that we supposedly started in order to take their oil? WHERE THE FUCK IS IT??? Not even a drop!! Again…here is the bill. Pay up, you thankless pieces of shit. Reopening Saddam’s Disneyland of Torture is sounding pretty good right about now.

    Kuwait?? Again……saved your ass, put your oil well fires out, and drove Saddam out. Have we seen a dime?? Nope.

    How about a fee or tax on every Western Union transaction, where American $$ is being sent south of our border by people here illegally?

    How about ending the ridiculous “war on drugs”? Throw a tax on the hippie lettuce and quit spending so much $$ on putting otherwise law abiding citizens in jail.

    Finally…..END LOBBYING!!! This evil shit has got to stop. All it does is make the pig politician fatter and big corporations more powerful. Why would they listen to constituents? I don’t have enough money to send my congressman/woman on a ski trip, or buy them expensive gifts.

  7. kcredsox says:

    One of the biggest problems by far in education is the Teacher’s Union. Give parents a choice where they send their children to school (schools without teachers unions) with vouchers, etc. Also, instead of cutting teachers, cut administrators. I know in the school district I live in, there are way to many assistant superintendents and faculty that are even staffed at the schools.

  8. harley says:

    It’s really funny…
    all of us here know what needs to be done…we could all solve the problems
    in about 10 minutes…but the politicians who “work for us” can’t seem to figure
    it out. Whys that. all of us here know what to do…we see it everyday…
    but we need to start paying attetjion to what the fuckheads on both sides of
    the aisle are doing…because they all neeed to be fired!
    As far as tarrifs on chinese products…its not true that the chinese finance
    all our debt…its actually a small portion…most of thev debtis financed
    by pensions in u.s. seriously…why the hell can they ship in their shit
    and we can’t do the same…and the shit they ship in is dangerous..
    (earrings/dog food…i mean the chinese killed our pets with their dangerous
    dog foods)………….we better wake up

  9. Maureen says:

    Big Brain
    Look at the big brain on Craig.

  10. Monkey Man says:

    Pooh Pooh Pants
    Funny ass story glazer heard you on radio both Dare and Q. You dog.

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