Today: Nigro Cries Foul, Vows the Strip Won’t Trip

Please be kind to Bill Nigro

A certain local blogger – let’s see, what is his name? Oh yeah, Tony – has been riding the Kansas City Strip trolly system hard and putting it away harshly on his blog Tony’s Kansas City.

Not enough riders, too much tax money – never shoulda been subsidized by Kansas City, Tony says.

Enough already, Nigro cries.

"Tell him to take his stick away and come help us," Nigro says. "Tell Tony to come stand with me at the trolly stops on a Saturday night and he can help greet and welcome people to Kansas City."

As for Strip ridership being a little light in the loafers…

"We’re going to be busting loose at the seams when the warm weather hits," Nigro vows. "People are just starting to discover us. I’m on a mission to make this thing happen. Because if we wanna be a first class city, we need the amenities to attract conventions and tourism to town. And I wanna be a part of that."

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9 Responses to Today: Nigro Cries Foul, Vows the Strip Won’t Trip

  1. Gavin says:

    I Like it
    Hey, Hearne,

    Could you always give a recap of whatever it is that Tony shoots forth from his angry rectum? I refuse to give him the page views and you are eminently more readable anyway. If you could just do a daily “here’s what Tony said” -type column that would make my life much better.

  2. d says:

    Internet Reports
    Recap: An “Internet Reporter” just did an “Internet Report” on another “Internet Reporter’s” “Internet Reports”.

    Stay tuned for another “Internet Reporter” to post his “Internet Report” on this “Internet Report”.

    Ay ay ay.

  3. harley says:

    for who. As i mentioned in my previus analysis of kansas city having a trolley that transports
    drunks from bar to bar is good…reduces dui’s and shootings…..but i think you guys
    have put in stripper poles and video cameras so the people can show others
    what a great time the trolley is.
    this will not make kc a world class city. But it will keep drunks off the street.
    I rode it once…girls pulling down their pants and tops….was worth the few
    bucks we spent….
    can’t wait to see if it brings in conventions like the ffa/the shriners/wal mart/
    toastmasters (oh…forgot…they all left our world class city).
    The people who own that trolly also own 10/10 cab in joco…heard thats doing
    a big business…
    good luck bill…

  4. Haley says:

    You Need More Ads Hearne.
    Seemed you had more advertisers a few months back online. Did you piss some off? I like this site, good stories. Need more on female takes. Would like more information on entertainment openings and closings too.

  5. Kellys Man says:

    Nigro is all about the money
    First off Kellys is doing just fine with or without smoking. Nigro owns the Trolly for free and makes lots of money on it. You guys are just all buddies with Bill.

  6. Hot Rod says:

    Tony is just a rabble rousing blowhard who uses his ” insightful views” to blog and justify whoever paid for his education. Has he ever opened a business, created a company, met a payroll? I am going to guess probably not.

  7. Westport Man says:

    Kelly’s Man Needs to Come Up for Air
    As a frequent customer in Westport I have seen a lot of people getting off the trolley and going to Kelly’s. I know a lot of business owners in Westport over the years and no single business operates and makes more decisions unilateraly than Kelly’s. Enjoy your free tab there bud.

    I am a frequent rider of the Trolley and have talked to many people on the Trolley who are headed for Kelly’s. Kelly’s is known for making unilateral decisions and probably would like to be the only surviving business in Westport. Then they could have all the parking! Swallow , come up for air and enjoy ur free tab there bud!

  8. Bill Nigro says:

    Tony, quit poking and start helping
    Tony, you use your stick to poke alot of holes in many Kansas city issues. Instead of complaining about everything wrong in Kc, why don’t you join me in volunteering to be on committees at city hall, and help make things better. If you’re such an expert, volunteer and help make things better. Lets see if you really care about KC. City hall has alot of great people who really care and you throw alot of rocks at them. Do you really love this town Tony? Then help make it better. Join a few committees downtown and contribute. I want to stimulate business for the entertainment industry in this town. Bill George’s company has more money in this project than the city does and he works hard to make it work too. Bill and I are 2nd generation lifers in Kc and we do care about creating a better city. Sure we want to earn a good living too, but at least we’re working it and employing more people. I’ve asked you to come see me Tony, and ride the Strip. I’ll be there at a Trolley stop every weekend giving the city their monies worth greeting customers and welcoming them to our city.. I haven’t missed a weekend yet. By the way, we did over 500 people on Saturday. Come join us and have some fun…… better yet, put down your stick and lets see if you really care and vounteer downtown. Why don’t you really shock the council and Mayor. Bill Nigro

  9. Rainbow Man says:

    Nigro is another one
    I like Nigro. He is basically operating a “micro” version of what will bring our city back to life. Transportation. I am going to Chicago in a week and a half for fun. Because it is a pleasure trip I am going to drink on the plane and in the airport. My wife will too. We will not rent a car because we will party too much. We love Chicago. Everywhere we need to go… we will go by train.
    I am older (44) so I do not hit Westport like I used to but my nephew does and he says The Strip is awesome. The best thing that can happen to a city is to have a reputation as a “fun” town. Miami has it.. New York, NOLA, Omaha, LA

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