STARBEAMS: Little Piggies; Princess Di Exhibition at Union Station; Happiest Countries in the World and Octomom Celibacy

A truck carrying hundreds of pigs flipped over on a highway ramp Monday morning, causing the pigs to run wild on the highway. The ramp from Interstate 435 north to Interstate 35 north was closed due to the crash. Roughly 720 pigs were inside the truck. Police said about 50 of them got loose.

One little piggy went to market. One little piggy stayed home.

Police were able to pull most of the pigs off the highway and back to safety.

Talk about your PULLED PORK.

The pigs began running frantically once they realized they were in the BBQ capital of the world!

Where does an escaped pig try to hide near the plaza? LOOSE PORK!

The new exhibit coming to Union Station is "Diana, A Celebration." It contains 150 objects belonging to the late Princess of Wales including dresses, her wedding gown and diamond tiaras. Women are the ones primarily attracted to this.

If Union Station wants to attract men, they should include some of her panties.

According to a new study of the happiest countries in the world, the U.S. finished tenth. Norway came in first place. Zimbabwe was named the least happy country in the world, just ahead of Pakistan. Of course, this poll was taken before Larry King retired, so we could be at number one now.

Octomom says she hasn’t had sex in eleven years. That’s because the doctor gave her 50 extra husband stitches.

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