OTC: Players & Media Turn To Twits On Whether Cutler Quit


Jay Cutler“I’m sorry. I don’t need an MRI to confirm King Cutler quit. FOX cameras provided all the evidence I need. … Despite all their strong words defending Cutler, I bet you couldn’t pay Brian Urlacher and Lovie Smith to start Cutler’s car for the next month. Cutler is the new Steve Bartman, the interfering Cubs fan.”
Jason Whitlock, who compares Cutler to Lebron James quitting on the Cavs, FoxSports.com
GH: Whitlock isn’t alone in crucifying Cutler on a subject he admits having no facts. Whitlock doesn’t need an MRI to defame Cutler to the masses. It is why today’s media is more powerful than ever and more wrong than ever. Read on.
“Read all the tweets from current and former players that defended Jay Cutler. Yeah, there weren’t any. … Hey, if I’m wrong I’ll apologize.”
Mike Golic, on the numerous people in the NFL and media (himself included) who condemned the Bears’ QB for quitting on his team, ESPN Radio
GH: The one thing in common with all those current and former players, Whitlock, Golic is that just like you and I, they weren’t there. They watched on television like you and I and then made maybe career-damaging comments about a player’s courage, heart and competitiveness that they could not have known. It is simply too high a price for Cutler to have to pay so these people can be controversial or add another twit to their Twitter account.
"No player decision. For us, Jay hurt his knee, he couldn’t go. He was injured.”
Lovie Smith, Bears head coach, Chicago Tribune
GH: What more needs to be said? The guy’s head coach said his medical staff pulled him from the game. But facts from those closest to the situation rarely slow the damning onslaught from today’s hyperactive media.
"(Expletive) them, it’s (expletive) stupid. I could see (his knee) wiggling when he was walking back in the huddle (late in the second quarter).”
Olin Kreutz, Cutler’s center on the Bears, Chicago Tribune
“Jay was hurt. I don’t question his toughness. He’s tough as hell.”
Brian Urlacher, Bears linebacker, Chicago Tribune
GH: Mike Golic twisted Urlacher’s words by saying he would have done the same thing publicly despite thinking Cutler quit. So even when Cutler’s teammates stand up for him, the media makes it look like they’re just doing it to be good teammates but don’t believe what they’re saying. What incredible bullshit.
“Before you join the inane antisocial media movement questioning Jay Cutler‘s toughness via Twitter, Facebook or your unfriendly neighborhood blogger, pause before you hit ‘Enter.’ Before you unfairly label the injured Bears quarterback ‘Jay Quitler,’ or put that No. 6 jersey in the Goodwill pile for reasons you can’t possibly understand, take a deep breath.”
David Haugh, writer, Chicago Tribune
GH: I heard Jayice Pearson tell Bob Fescoe that he didn’t think Cutler could ever play again for the Bears. And if that is so, who is to fault? Cutler,for getting injured? Or the media for jumping at the chance to be “edgy” and “opinionated.” I’m all for both when they are accurate. But neither works when they are unsubstantiated fairytales.
“I can say this — I just know that Ben Roethlisberger is back out on that field. I just know that.”
Shan Shariff, 610 AM
GH: Ridiculous. Shariff doesn’t know anything. He can’t know anything. But he and others are very willing to make outlandish declarative statements that hold no truth or even could hold truth. It’s a new day in sports journalism and everybody with a Tweeter account or a microphone is gonna try and leapfrog the guy next to them who is trying to follow some of the rules. Ridiculous.
Kudos to KCTV5 for NOT running school closings DURING the game… They are learning their lessons well.”
Todd Leabo, Twitter
GH: Why radio and television stations continue to revert to 1970’s thinking every time it snows is as maddening to me as Katie Horner. Schools are well equipped in today’s tech-savvy world to communicate with their students and parents far quicker and better than your local TV station. When our kids’ schools close, they know it long before Ellen reads it on KMBZ or Channel 5 runs it along a screen-shrinking crawl.

“So the Star sent its lone columnist to an NFL game rather than Texas-Kansas? Wonder why newspapers are irrelevant?”
OTC Reader, via Twitter
GH: When I saw that Sam Mellinger had traveled to Pittsburgh my first thought was – this is why the rest of the Star’s staff hates the sports desk. Rumors of more cuts are floating about yet The Star pays for a columnist to fly off to a city where no team of local interest is even remotely participating. Sam’s column on his Pittsburgh trip and Roethlisberger was one he could as easily written from his desk – as many already have.

“Well I guess I gotta go to Hawaii. Made the probowl.”
Eric Berry, Twitter
GH: Congrats to the Chiefs’ rookie safety. The last Chiefs’ rookie to make the Pro Bowl was a guy by the name of Derrick Thomas. I am not so sure Berry earned the right to be a Pro Bowler but I’m not the guy making that decision. I think Berry lacks cover skills and safety instincts. In other words, he often played like a rookie. But those faults can be corrected. It is very nice to see the Chiefs score big with a first-round pick for a change.
“I’ll tell you this about the Pro Bowl – it’s the greatest two-hand touch football game in America.”
Herm Edwards, 810 AM
GH: I can’t remember the last Pro Bowl I watched for more than a handful of plays. I doubt this one will be any different – despite the influx of Chiefs heading to Hawaii this time.
“Next Monday they’re expecting an ice storm in Dallas! So if Dallas can host a Super Bowl, we can host a Super Bowl here!”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Please. Anyone who continues to promote Kansas City as the host for a future Super Bowl is showing their extreme ignorance to what the biggest game of the season should be – a celebration, a party and a fair competition for the athletes to enjoy and exhibit their immense skills. Watching the NFC and AFC title games being played in single-digit temps on frozen grass was nostalgic but painful. Weather should not limit the skill sets of the participants. I am one fan who is thrilled to know I can tune into the Super Bowl in two weeks and not watch players just trying to stay warm.
“Thomas Robinson loses his grandmother in Dec., his granddad last Sunday and his mom Friday. Incomprehensible. Heartbreaking. Damn.”
Gary Bedore, of the Lawrence Journal World, Twitter
GH: What he said.
“This kind of collapse by KU could only happen to a team I said at halftime was the best team in the country. That’s why they call me Mush. … Ironically this makes me want to rescind my prediction that Kansas will lose at Colorado. Jayhawks will be in a grouchy mood.”
Seth Davis, CBS college basketball analyst, Twitter
GH: KU will be in Boulder on Tuesday night and I am guessing without Robinson, who flew off following the Texas game to attend his mother’s funeral. Kansas desperately needs a win over the Buffs. Who would have thought that a week ago?
“I think most KU fans realize today’s game doesn’t mean squat in the big scheme. Any that bag on the team consider the circumstances are wrong.”
Gary Bedore, of the Lawrence Journal World, Twitter
GH: I have not heard or read much bagging. Rather, I’ve heard more about the talent that Texas displayed and how they might be the team to beat in the Big 12. They look to be very deep and can toss as many NBA players at you as anyone.
“A great man and a great life. RIP Jack LaLanne, a man who at age 96, finally has slowed down.”
Adam Schefter, on the passing of the fitness guru, Twitter
GH: Jack LaLanne was known for his v-cut jump suits and his Popeye arms. But something else I will remember about the Jumping Jack was his command of the English language. He was one of the first fitness shows on the new invention of television. His show worked because he communicated with his audience. His enthusiasm, charisma and voice were impossible to ignore. He was much more than a physical fitness freak, he was also a communication freak who understood well the power of the tube.
I do recall one print ad for channel 9. A head shot of Moore was featured front and center, while below him were smaller photos of sportscaster Don Fortune and the new weather gal, Cheryll Jones. The headline: Moore. And more. The ‘more’ in that ad was tilted in favor of Cheryll Jones, who’d replaced the legendary Fred Broski. The TV teasers that preceded her debut had shown the woman from the waist down, in a short skirt and provocative boots, accompanied by Nancy Sinatra music and this sonorous voice-over: ‘You’re going to like the rest of her, too.’ ”
Jeff Wopks, writer and OTC reader, from a piece he wrote on his recollection of Kansas City’s local news as he viewed it as a boy, OTC email
GH: Ah, you’ve come a long way, baby. You really need to read Jeff’s entire essay online at;
It is almost as good as the rest of Cheryll.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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15 Responses to OTC: Players & Media Turn To Twits On Whether Cutler Quit

  1. jjskck says:

    …has a torn MCL. Yeah. What a wuss.

  2. John says:

    Pot calling the kettle…
    Wait a second. Were you not the same guy who ranted and raved over Colt McCoy injury during the National Championship game not so long ago? You said he wasn’t a good teammate or much of a leader because he was Injured? Who there hell were you then and who the hell are you now to question people about Cutler. He seemed to quit to me….

  3. John says:

    Pot calling the kettle…
    Wait a second. Were you not the same guy who ranted and raved over Colt McCoy injury during the National Championship game not so long ago? You said he wasn’t a good teammate or much of a leader because he was Injured? Who there hell were you then and who the hell are you now to question people about Cutler. He seemed to quit to me….

  4. John says:

    Pot calling the kettle…
    Wait a second. Were you not the same guy who ranted and raved over Colt McCoy injury during the National Championship game not so long ago? You said he wasn’t a good teammate or much of a leader because he was Injured? Who there hell were you then and who the hell are you now to question people about Cutler. He seemed to quit to me….

  5. Greg says:

    GH: John, no, no and no.
    GH: John, Here is what I wrote last January after Colt left the game:

    “McCoy disappointed me after his injury. He was obviously done for the night but he disappeared from the Texas sideline until midway through the third quarter. When he and his dad did make their way from the dressing room back onto the field, they walked slowly as if they were heading to a funeral.”

    I stated he was obviously done for the night. I didn’t jump on Twitter and declare him a quitter, despite words to the contrary from his coach and teammates. His body language (and that of Cutler’s) wasn’t team oriented and I commented on that.

    PS: I hope this Comments “fix” isn’t the reason some comments are now posting like Howard Stern’s Stuttering John.

  6. Johnny Utah says:

    Knee injury veterans
    I’d like to hear criticism from someone who’s had a knee injury. Has anyone with a torn ACL called Cutler a pussy? I know from experience, when you injure your knee, you do not know the extent until you get an MRI. Once it’s unstable, you can’t run, plant or twist. You’re out. You don’t “tough it out” through knee injuries.

    And don’t bring up “phil rivers played the afc title game on a torn acl…” that’s a half truth. he was knocked out of the game he injured it, and after mri, doctors said he couldn’t do any more damage, so he got a brace and played the next week. The damage was known.

  7. Kerouac says:

    The convenience pro bowl unworthiness & greeneyed jaundice
    “Well I guess I gotta go to Hawaii. Made the probowl.

  8. Kerouac says:

    The convenience pro bowl unworthiness & greeneyed jaundice
    “Well I guess I gotta go to Hawaii. Made the probowl.

  9. bschloz says:

    *Yes I think the Chiefs could of sucked easily as well as Jets and Bears….kind of a let down for Finals.
    *Was Raji’s pick 6 the ugliest play in NFL playoff history? Cutler ..well a lot of Bears fans are adding an “n” to his name……
    *Watching Rothlesbergers name come unglued on his jersey…I could only think of that spam mail I’ve received 100 times, of the ladies wearing the panties with the name of their home team’s QB.
    * Looking on the bright side for the Jets..Rex Ryan now has plenty of time to play with his wife’s feet.
    * KU….needs a point guard–BAD?…. Something did not sit well with me watching T-Rob compete on Sat…. maybe Coach Bill dropped the ball on this one? My condolences go out that young man.

  10. 611sports says:

    Walk Softly
    The problem with making brash statements like Sharifs is once you know the truth…Cutler has a tear in his knee….you cant go back on your statement. SS stated later today on twitter it doesnt matter to him that Cutlers knee is torn his stance is the same. Im assuming his stance would have to be the same if it was decapitation too. Once you yell loudly its hard to get those words back…even once proven wrong. SS couldnt even walk to his fridge on a knee like that (though I believe he’d try mightily) much less play football. Tough talk from behind the mic. Im sure hed ask cutler the same questions if he was in the Chicago locker room Sunday…with Urlacher standing up for Cutler right behind him.

  11. Brian says:

    Greg you left out part of your quote.
    You also said, “Colt was anything but a leader last night.”

    Why were you questioning Colt’s leadership skills after his injury? Where you there that day as well? Were you there on the sidelines? Have you been there in the lookeroom? Have you talked to anyone in Cleveland to see Colt shows any leadership?

    You blasted Whitlock and Golic for doing the same thing you did with McCoy.

  12. Jim says:

    Whitlock, SS, et al
    Whitlock calling someone a quitter? Say it ain’t so. The only thing he hasn’t quit on was the last rib on a Gate’s 2-slab pack. All these talking heads are little bitches trying to get a little attention. Even Trent Green said on BTL last night, “Oh, yeah. I would have been in there.” Really? How many games did you miss with a concussion? Back in the day, YOU would have been called a pussy!

  13. Doog says:

    On the critics….
    Is anyone backtracking on the Cutler firestorm today? A Grade II sprain is something that’s not easy to just shake off.

    I agree with you, Greg, that too many folks were jumping immediately on the Cutler-is-crap bandwagon. Reading through Peter King’s MMQB gave me more of an ‘insider’ perspective on this than any knee-jerk garbage that guys like Golic or the player-comment Twitterverse could muster.

    Also, Dan Patrick was very measured and thoughtful in his analysis of Cutler on his radio show yesterday.

  14. dj says:

    It boils down to perception
    Most people who watched the game ended up with a less than favorable opinion of Cutler – even if they weren’t able to put their finger on why. Many have labeled Cutler as “soft” for not finishing out the game. To the contrary, if (as his teammates and medical reports have confirmed) he was physically not able to give his team the best opportunity to win, then his not playing was the best choice for the team.

    Then why the negative feelings toward him? Some have said “body language.” It goes well beyond that. Once pulled from the game, Cutler stood alone – an uninterested observer. Facial expressions and body language may have just been an outward manifestation of the pain he was enduring. I don’t know. But what many twittering athletes and media types failed to articulate is that he utterly quit participating in the game after donning his parka.

    Cutler may not have been able to help his steam on the field, but I have a hard time believing he couldn’t have contributed to the team effort from the sidelines. He should have been splitting time between coordinators, the QB coach and his backup, examining still-photos of defensive coverage schemes and, well, “working” – even if simply offering moral support and an occasional word of encouragement.

    Cutler stood on the sideline appearing as if he expected the wheels to fall off due to his departure. Maybe he wanted the wheels to fall off so everyone could appreciate his greatness in his absence. Maybe he really is a prima donna who only cares about his individual accolades. Maybe he is just a spoiled brat who has a tendency to pout.

    I don’t think Cutler is soft, but I think he is a quitter. But his lack of participation in the biggest game of his life makes me believe that Cutler is a lousy teammate. Although perhaps difficult to articulate in a “tweet,” 10-second soundbite or text, I think that is the essence of the negative feedback from athletes, fans, and even overweight radio and press jocks. You don’t quit when there’s time on the clock – even if you’re on the sidelines.

  15. Jay Bee says:

    Given his current and past reputation…
    This may have have been a moot point or not even a topic of conversation if it was any other QB except Cutler – well except maybe Ryan Leaf…

    Cutler’s reputation is not that stellar going into this game on Sunday…but gutting it out – saying he was able too – may have made the positive turn in his reputation that he needed. I think it all went the opposite route.

    Would it have been better for him to stay in the locker room if his knee was as f-ed up as they claim it was? May have been a bit of damage control for Cutler and the Bears if he had…

    I just don’t see things getting much better for this cat and it hasn’t been a real sweet and shiny ride thus far in his career either. I wish the Broncos would have kept him…lol.

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