Today: Streetside Countdown On, Sports Hyperbole Inc.

Best hurry!

By the time you read this you’ll have about an hour to haul ass to Westport and be there for the final hurrah of Streetside Records. Everything in the store had been marked to half the listed sale prices. Further closing discounts may yet be being offered.

You’ve got until 6 p.m., OK?

Which brings us to the reported rescue effort underway by Vinyl Renaissance. VR and Streetside staffers having confirmed the effort, VR’s manager took exception to the reports but declined further comment.

Let me tell you though, however they decide to cut the cake, all signs point to VR (or possibly some of its ownership group) looking at taking over Streetside’s space and running some kind of a retail music operation in it.

Now let’s talk about sports hyperbole for a minute…



I don’t know about you, but I find it a little boorish when sportswriters get carried away trying to dramatize a simple story. Or they let players or coaches get away with saying really dumb things and not calling them on it.

Take KU basketball coach Bill Self…

The Jayhawk’s home game loss to Texas yesterday, ending its 69 game winning streak at home garnered this Self quote:

"I couldn’t care less about the streak," he said.


Or how about dramatizing / exaggerating to the point of being incorrect?

The Star‘s Kent Babb writes in today’s sports section about former football great Joe Namath.

"The Hall of Fame quarterback, and perhaps professional sports first playboy…"

Hold it right there…

First playboy?

How about Hall of Fame baseball great Babe Ruth? Anybody not think Len Dawson was on the town back in the day?

Hey, what era in professional sports hasn’t spawned its free-wheeling sports stars?

As for Namath being youthfully miscast, since when did uttering words like "cool" and "dude" stop being Baby Boomer speak? speak? And who still thinks Facebook is some kind of milestone for youthful hipness?

In the last week alone I got friended by Charlie Wheeler and a grandmotherly-looking woman named of Rachel Chipple.

By the way, Rachel’s Facebook info says she digs classical music, reads Charles Dickens and like Charlie Chaplin movies.

Wonder if she was the world’s 1st playgirl…                                                                                           Chipple
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3 Responses to Today: Streetside Countdown On, Sports Hyperbole Inc.

  1. Kerouac says:

    HC “First playboy?”




    No argument.

    Bobby Layne?


    Paul Hornung?


    Max McGee?


    Leonard Ray?

    No way… as oil & water.

    #16 met his then girlfriend/future wife to be (the late Jackie) while still a junior in high school & at minimum his public persona was never tabloid fodder as the others became ongoing. That alone distinguishes him from the referenced. The closest I have come to meeting a Saint was when Hank Stram was New Orleans coach; that said, while no man shy canonization be one, not because of said limitation are they all cut from the same cloth.

    Dawson & Bart Starr among select others continue to affirm the ‘role models’ model to this day… that they each also happen to be Hall of Famers and as good as any QB that has ever played the game is icing on the cake.

    There, you got the response you were looking for author…

  2. Kerouac says:

    And so is
    ‘your’ gaffe, too…

  3. Hearne says:

    Nice try, K Man
    Close but no clean cut dude cigar!

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