Jack Goes Confidential: NO STRINGS ATTACHED Takes Light View of Getting Laid

Just one major new release this weekend...

It’s a romantic comedy exploring the eternal question: What do women REALLY want?

In NO STRING ATTACHED they apparently want to be like men—having their sexual needs fulfilled without those nagging constraints of a relationship.

Natalie Portman plays a busy young doctor who’s on-and-off friends with TV writer Ashton Kutcher. And guess what? She ends up in bed with him.

A mistake?

I don’t think so, as SHE now suggests a NO STRINGS ATTACHED arrangement with no emotional baggage.

With working titles of F*** BUDDIES and FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, the romantic comedy redefines gender roles and challenges normal stereotypes regarding male and female relationships.

It boggles the mind: Ashton Kutcher as commitment-phobe Natalie Portman’s SEX TOY?

Hey, there could be worse things in life.

Question is whether love will eventually get in the way?
                (Hint: Is the Pope–Catholic?)

With its 1:48 hrs. running time, here’s another example of shorter would’ve made for a better movie!

Will Hollywood EVER Learn?

All-in-all, the (barely) R-rated NO STRINGS ATTACHED co-starring Kevin Kline as Kutcher’s adventurous dad (dating Ashton’s ex)  and the spastic Lake Bell should make for a fun date night or ‘Girls Night Out’ at the movies.

For those two celebrations I’ll raise 3 out of 5 cutesy fingers.

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