Glazer: The Amazing Truth Behind Overused Words Exposed!

Is it me or are you sick to death of all those words and phrases that we hear over and over and over again on a daily and hourly bases?

My favorite word to never use again, has to be AMAZING.

It really hit home during last year’s Academy Awards. Seemed every actor or celebrity interviewed got excited and used the word AMAZING 100 times. "Working with Jeff Bridges – he’s amazing. The movie he did was amazing. His talent is amazing. Everyone is amazing." 

So how do you feel about this great event?

"Wow, it’s simply amazing!" 
When you ask your friend how the girl he took out was? Of course she was AMAZING! Seems everyone is amazing. Everything is amazing. Man, makes a person yearn for words like "hot," "cool" or even "far out."

OK, maybe not far out but you get the point…

How about the description, EXPOSED?

The Baltimore Ravens ‘exposed’ the Kansas City Chiefs for who they really are.  This is the current overused word in sports.

The fighter got knocked out in round one? Naw, he got EXPOSED.

It’s the new word for FAILURE. It’s now used a million times on radio and TV.

Enough already.

Just say, "Hey after that beating it’s obvious that team really stinks."
One more word/phrase we sure could live without: CORRECTION. 

Holy molly? CNN is in love with that one. The stock market is going through a CORRECTION this week. Translation: YOU LOST ALL YOUR MONEY. Too bad.

I’m sure there are tons more. What are your favorites? Brother….oh, that’s one too.
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14 Responses to Glazer: The Amazing Truth Behind Overused Words Exposed!

  1. -jl says:

    I Think I’m Sick To Death of the Word…
    … Glzaer

  2. doug says:

    Special Is Another Word I am sick of!
    Good point Glazer. How about he is a SPECIAL player. Every game.

  3. Jessie says:

    Stick to Sports Glazer
    What no playoff stuff? Words? I want to hear crap on the Pack or Bears! Not words!

  4. Kerouac says:

    Red pen, black heart
    Was going to correct you regarding your “The Baltimore Colts ‘exposed’ the Kansas City Chiefs for who they really are” reference, the ‘Ravens’ likely being what you had meant/intended… but then I noted you also misspelled your own byline “Glzaer” at the top and so I decided to naught unduly chide you; the beating kcindy & you as their champion took post season was embarrassment enough…

  5. Kerouac says:

    ‘Glzaer’… hanging on mine every word, huh?

    : )

  6. tom says:

    Need More on Hot Girls Glaze
    Need to see more hot babes on here Glazer. More sex. Get off the PC stage.

  7. Radio Man says:

    Killed on Dare Today
    Glazer, always hear crap on you. Heard you on 98.9 with Johnny Dare today. Man you are funny. You and Dare are so damn funny man. Love when he picks on you and you come back with some B.S. He has your number my friend. But its all good and in great fun. I have to admitt you and he are the funniest thing on the air. You two are better than the comics, for real man. Keep it up. Love Dare.

  8. MonkeyHawk says:

    Don’t get me started….

  9. bschloz says:

    Ya Think
    “ACTUALLY”…Louie C.K does a funny bit this subject.
    “HILARIOUS” The comments on Tony’s blog are hilarious.
    “AWESOME”….Matt Cassel made Pro Bowl!!! Kerouac –This News IS Awesome!!!
    “EPIC” Did you catch that post by Harley….EPIC!!!
    “CHALLENGING” This economy is challenging…..why not just say we are all fucked.
    “DUDE” Dude I can’t stand the phrase “IT IS WHAT IT IS”
    “!!!” beware of anybody who uses 3 exclamations!!!

  10. carson says:

    bschloz rules
    You are the best schloz, you address the story not the writer. Well put on your points here and I agree with you. Well done, you are a pro.

  11. Utterback says:

    Dare Had a Major Hottie at Your Club
    Love you on Dare Glazer. Was at your comedy club last night. Real talented comic that Davidoff, seriously great work. Hey enjoyed seeing Johnny Dare there. Frist time I have seen him out in public for some time. I went to Meadeowbrook with you and Jeff. I was a running back on your football team, John Utterback. I live in Prairie Village, married, two kids. Read your book, liked it alot. Hey Dare had a beautiful lady with him, is that his wife? Grilfriend, I think. Smashingly hot lady. You need to settle down yourself. Your articles are a gas.

  12. KCRIPPER says:

    It’s everywhere today–Hate-Hate-Hate—this word!!

  13. jordy says:

    Is That A Real Comic?
    Is that Obama thing real? Funny.

  14. Johnny Utah says:

    just in football games…
    Impact: this should refer to teeth and meteors. not collisions or effect.
    Reverse: it’s usually just an end around. QB takes snap and hands off to WR running around the end. one handoff means NOT a reverse.
    Double Reverse: worse. here’s what an actual double reverse would be: qb hands off to RB going left, who hands off to WR going right (this would be a reverse, which is rare b/c it takes so much time) who hands off to yet another WR going back left. Ever seen one of these?
    Unbelievable: I expect pro football players to make good plays. they are believable.
    wide open: just b/c a WR is open or catches it, doesnt’ mean he was Wide Open. this very rare in the NFL.
    Situation: what’s the difference between a “4th down” and a “4th down situation”? I’m looking at you Jim Nance.

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