Tony: Don’t Forget About Killing Across The State Line

Every few days, somebody dies a violent death in the Kansas City area. And for the most part that murder takes place on the Eastside of KCMO.

However, it’s worth noting that KCK is a much smaller community but still manages to keep up with the homicide rate across the State Line. The smaller size and tax base in KCK means that they aren’t well equipped to deal with the horrible toll that so many homicides take on a community.

A group of academics at Iowa State estimate the cost of homicides at $17.25 million for every murder. So the death toll quickly adds up.

Thankfully, recent KCK problems with their police department and a sting that sent cops to jail were handled expertly. But that still hasn’t stopped the problem of ongoing homicides that threaten all of the shopping zone progress at the Legends on which KCK’s political elite would rather focus.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to forget the widespread disparity, poverty and violence that exists in KCK.

For one thing, most media savvy advocacy groups and churches are based in KCMO. These folks are essential in raising the alarm in the media regarding disparity and inequality. KCK’s lack of divisive racial politics might benefit their political class but in the end the result is that a significant murder rate for such a small community is kept quiet.

Of course, PR people and the business community would rather focus on all of the subsidized development and their hope that the United Government ponzi scheme pays off. But just like KCMO, it’s been proven that no real progress can be made whenever a killing field exists in a given community.
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  1. Rainbow Man says:

    Do you want a plaque or something?
    Yeah Tony… KCK has a very large urban core. It does not have Ward Parkway, Brookside, State Line Corridor and the Upscale Northland neighborhoods to help balance the low income majority. So yes… we have our heavy share of murders. This is as an unproven statement… but I contend we have as many or more of the new immigrant population as KCMO.

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