STARBEAMS: Prego Dolls, Chinese Toys, New Ford, Record Snowfall and Betty White


There’s a new "pregnancy doll" out that comes with a baby, placenta and cord. Throw in a camera and call it the Johnson County Community College Barbie!

China has agreed to buy $45 billion in U.S. exports in a policy change celebrated at the White House.

It’s about time we started putting lead into some of their toys.

Ford just announced a $400 million investment in the Claycomo factory which will add thousands of jobs in Kansas City. Ford hasn’t revealed what kind of automobile will be manufactured beginning in 2012. We can only hope it involves snow plows.

Betty White turned 89 this week. Her secret? Licorice, hot dogs, French fries and Diet Coke, according to her co-stars on Hot In Cleveland.Encouraging news to 99 percent of Kansas City residents.


We had a record snowfall Wednesday at KCI with a whopping seven inches of powdery white stuff. Kansas City also set a record for number of people driving and TWEETING.


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