Hovick: Guilty as Charged But at What Price?

The jury got it right…

21-year-old Simon Angilida was found guilty as charged.

He will more than likely spend the rest of his life in prison for the crimes he committed.

I predicted that outcome last week.

I never thought it should have gone to court in the first place.

Sure we have rights. We all get our day in court.

But why days in court for one drunk and high sonnuvabitch?

He raped, robbed and beat up a little old lady. A 92 year-old lady.

Oh yeah and he attacked the police when they caught him outside her home. Angilda claimed he was drunk and high on ecstasy.

That was his defense.

Yep, somewhere out there someone gives a shit about assholes like him. Oh, that would be the defense attorneys who actually attempted to place blame on the victim.

I know, I know. There are some horny old ladies out there just attacking any swinging dick who breaks down their door.

Give me a break

What a load of crap the jury must have had to listen to. A jury I was almost on.

I really wish I could have been there to hear Angilida’s lawyers as they piled it high and deep.

It would have been extremely difficult not to constantly scream, Bullshit!

See saving you all time…

This rebuttal is as short as the trial should have been.

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8 Responses to Hovick: Guilty as Charged But at What Price?

  1. Jason says:

    Easy for you to say
    It’s amazing to me that there are people like you that don’t understand our justice system. Perhaps we should start with guilty until proven innocent? I hope that you or someone close to you never has to face a jury when you’re innocent because they might get someone like you on the jury that is convinced of the outcome without hearing a shred of evidence.

    What you fail to point out in your ridiculous rant is that the system worked here – he was found guilty. That doesn’t mean that his lawyers cared about him – it meant they were doing their job to present their client’s side of the story to the jury.

    Thank god you didn’t make the jury and I hope you don’t get called back because it’s people like you that send innocent people to prison.

  2. Matt says:

    Jason is right on the money…
    If a jury member started screaming out “bullshit,” we’re looking at a mistrial, ie more of your taxpayer’s money to do it all over again. Probably not too bright of an idea, Larry….

  3. chuck says:

    Lucky for me, and probably you Larry, we never pursued a
    carreer in the criminal justice system. The emotion of the moment (Serious character flaw for me anyway.) always makes my decision for me. Replete with scars and a bullet wound, I am getting worse in my dotage. Were I a policeman, I can easily see Simon having a very serious and unfortunate accident in my company, on the way to lock up. No doubt, in time, I would be incarcerated in the cell next to him.

    Fortunately, cooler heads than mine are in charge.

    The importance of mounting a decent defense for scumbag fucks like Simon, can not be understated. In our adversarial justice system, the the defendent’s defense must meet legal criteria, or their will be a new trial. It is my belief, that public defenders know the guilt or innocence of their clients, much better than we do. If you are a public defender, taking care of our guy Simon, you probably think to yourself (I am guessing) that you wanna hit all the bases here, so the fuckin puke doesn’t get a new trial. You look for any evidence exculpatory that might be in the record, or, strategies that should be presented, so this circus will only be in town one time. They punch the clock and the defendent’s ticket, and go to lunch.

    A guy named Joel Elmer (One of the finest human beings you will ever meet.) runs the show down in Kansas City’s Public Defender’s office. I don’t see him often, only once every 4 or 5 years, but he never changes. He is cool and makes good decisions. Its astonishing to me how altruistic the guy is. How sincere. He really believes in his job, he takes is seriously everyday and keeps an open mind. After all these years, dealing with those pukes, I would in the bottom of a bottle every day by noon. This city is infested with public officials who fail to live up to our expectations. We are bombarded with scandals, theft, malfeasance and impropriety every day on the metropolitan stage of KC.

    With that said, lemme tell ya where the citizens of Kansas City are getting their money’s worth. The Kansas City Public Defender’s Office. Lemme tell ya where there is still honesty, integrity and the rule of law. The Kansas City Public Defender’s Office. Lemme tell ya where we can actually find heroes, overworked, understaffed actually trying to make sure that lady with the blindfold hears the truth. The Public Defender’s Office. Its money well spent, so puke fucks like Simon Angilida, after their day in court, can be relegated to oblivion.

    IMO, the light from the American Justice System shines on us from above, through an oculum. Those in the center of that light, not only get a fair shot at justice, with some cash (See OJ, Rush Limbaugh) they can pervert it. Most of us, are against the wall, literally and metaphorically, the light is dim and we need guys like Joel Elmer to champion our cause. If God occasionally sheds his indifference for interest when your on the downside of advantage, its my belief, he listens only to guys like Joel.

    In Simon’s case, justice served.

  4. Jason says:

    Well said, Chuck. You presented my thoughts much better than I was able to.

  5. Jip says:

    Pretty ignorant article. You have a lot to learn before you should feel the need to clog the Internet with crap like this. Just saying.

  6. chuck says:


  7. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Articles like this make me wish
    …there was a new column from Maria to read instead.

  8. Spoxestantano says:

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