Tony: One More Kansas City Snow Day

In this modern age of near digital miracles there’s no longer a need to even look out the window in order to see that it’s snowing.

There’s a near avalanche of weather news in the mainstream media – TV Newscasts and Radio reports of every aspect of the snow.

Already I’ve seen cars sliding on the roads and, of course, the roads to the suburbs looking pretty much like a parking lot. The sea of red brake lights looks ominous coming through the HD television screen. However, few television journalists note that these people deserve every bit of the hardship that comes with suburban life, given their decision to live as far away from people of color as possible.

Makes me think they’re scumbags.


Still, it’s hard not to be impressed with Doppler radar and live, late-breaking street view coverage of the snow mess. However, all of the media celebration makes me realize that as long as the weather is good enough for newsies to march around in, it’s really not that bad.

In fact, sometimes even newsies out in a "weather event" tend to exaggerate the details in order to sell a good story.

But the weather coverage is so captivating that I don’t really mind the hyperbole. In fact, I’m not happy until Katie Horner has a crazy look in her eye after more than a day on TV giving constant updates.

Tomorrow life in this town comes to a stop and Kansas will dig out earlier and far more efficiently than KC Proper.

Thankfully, mainstream media tends to ignore this kind of disparity in favor of more sensational coverage.
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7 Responses to Tony: One More Kansas City Snow Day

  1. Cliffy says:

    I’ll live anywhere that keeps me far away from the scumbag in the story below yours.

  2. Mark X says:

    Nice …
    “…given their decision to live as far away from people of color as possible.”

    Just trying to get a rise ? Anything to generate a few comments I guess. ..

    I would call you a moron, but I don’t want to insult the truly mentally challenged.

  3. Eric says:

    Mark X, that’s all he does is try to get a rise out of people for comments. They don’t care about good writing or whether comments are good or bad, just as long as people get on here and read this crap.
    Cliffy, the scumbag in the story below committed his crime in Leawood.

  4. kcobserver says:

    Tony, blogging and meth do not mix.

  5. bjayhawk says:

    You are an idiot
    Ya…I should live on the Paseo to make you feel better, and subject my family to crime and risk at every turn. Some day you might grow up…if not, please just go away.

  6. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Suburban life brings hardship?
    News to me. So far it’s brought me years of nice, crime-free living among upper middle class white people who have jobs and don’t park cars in their front yards. Pretty rad.

    ps- My front door is unlocked.

  7. John says:

    Looking at the streets of KCMO and seeing that their worst then rural area gravel roads I think that’s one of the hardships of living in the inner city. You pay more in taxes and get nothing out of them. Piss poor snow removal, terrible schools, terrible law enforcement, pot holes on every street, steel plate everywhere, graffiti everywhere. And of course you have to travel long distances to get to a grocery store or any other shopping area. Oh and crime, crime and crime. I think once those guys left downtown to go to JOCO came back home, they went online to try to find a job closer to home. Why work in a third world country when the better jobs are in JoCo?

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