Starbeams: Oh Great, Here Come the Royals, Gates & MLK Funeral Protest.

There was so much mourning over Martin Luther King Jr. yesterday members of the Westboro Baptist Church were bummed they weren’t around to protest his funeral.

I believe the dream for racial equality has finally been reached.  The other day I saw a white guy working in the kitchen at Gates BBQ.

I know it seems early but Royals Fan Fest is this Friday and Saturday.  Considering we haven’t come close to the playoffs since 1985, this year’s Fan Fest will take place at Town Topic Hamburgers.

BEWARE FALLING ICE!  Several people have already been maimed in the past 24 hrs.

I’m living on the edge. Today I walked under the KCTV 5 tower near 31st and Main wearing only a hair net.
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