OTC: Mizzou Pressleys K-State Into Panic Mode / KU Rocks Baylor


Phil Pressey spurs MU's rout of K-State  “We know Kansas State just had a bad game. We know they’re better than that.”
Gary Link, after Mizzou’s 75-59 win over the Wildcats, 810 AM
GH: That is a very, very large question. Is K-State better than what this or simply not nearly as good as was expected? Read on.
“They just flat out don’t have the players. … That was painful to watch. This is not a basketball team. This is a collection of athletes. Maybe we should stop talking about Frank’s coaching and start talking about his recruiting.”
Shan Shariff, 610 AM
“Losing (at Mizzou) is no bad mark. But playing this way is. They looked soft. They gave up offensive rebounds on free throws, let the ball be ripped out of their hands, and only Jordan Henriquez-Roberts played with consistent energy. … At least four times (Martin) called his team young or otherwise referred to a need for the players to get tougher. For a team that starts two seniors in a program built on toughness, there aren’t many bigger insults.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Last week Kevin Kietzman stated he believed K-State had reached rock bottom and would recover. Their easy win over Texas Tech looked like proof that was possible. But the 16-point loss at Mizzou has all those old fears returning in a rush.
“They have no consistency. They have no consistency at all. Defensively and turning the ball over – they’re horrible.”
Digger Phelps, on K-State’s play, ESPN
“It appeared to me that we kind of wore them down a little bit. If you want to run with us, you better be prepared to run for 40 minutes.”
Gary Link, 810 AM
GH: These are all opposites of what we have come to expect from a Frank Martin-coached K-State team. Martin’s teams wear you down, rip the ball from your grasp and out run you to the end. Something appears wrong in Manhattan and it goes much deeper than overhyped expectations.
“It’s not their fault. I’m the one that allowed it to get to this point.”
Frank Martin, Kansas City Star
GH: This is a strong statement – in that Martin admits his program has gotten to an undesirable point. The questions are why did it get this way and what do we do to fix it?
“The problem is that K-State’s issues appear unfixable.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: This too is a strong statement and hopefully inaccurate. But if Mellinger is right, Martin may be found to be way wrong for the task he needs to undertake – rethinking his program and coaching philosophy.
“I think we have coaches who understand that we are that close to turning the corner.”
Jacob Pullen, K-State guard, Kansas City Star
GH: If Pullen is correct, K-State will be just fine. But there has been no indication on or off the court that his words hold any truth.
“K-State won a ball game. And wining cleanses so much. And I think it makes K-State a very dangerous team.”
Stan Weber, following the Cats easy win last Saturday over Texas Tech, Wildcat Radio Network
“I would say the player with heart is…uh…um…uh…”
Stan Weber, when asked (for promotional and commercial reasons) following the KSU/MU game to name the K-State player with heart, Wildcat Radio Network
GH: To hear the always-positive Weber stammer on this topic was uncomfortable. Wyatt Thompson cut in to help. Read on.
“Kind of hard to pick, isn’t it?”
Wyatt Thompson, as Weber struggled to name a KSU player with heart, Wildcat Radio Network
GH: As the KSU/Mizzou game wound down to the final seconds, both Thompson and Weber made it a point to compliment the play of Missouri and make sure listeners understood that the Tigers had played an exceptional game. It was classy. Very classy.
“All I can say is for K-State fans to be a little patient and let the guys grow up a little bit.”
Rich Zvosek, former UMKC coach and current network analyst, 610 AM
GH: Coach Z must be channeling commentary from his UMKC days. This K-State team was picked to win the Big 12 and ranked as high as third in the nation. This wasn’t a rebuilding year for the Cats but rather the year they were supposed to wrestle the crown from KU. I don’t blame those season-ticket holders in Bramlage who feel cheated.
“He banged four threes.”
Gary Link, Mizzou radio analyst, on Phil “Flip” Pressey’s day against K-State, 810 AM
GH: I had a roommate once who once “banged four threes” and it was not a pretty sight.
“I think Baylor is going to play out of their mind tonight.”
Nate Bukaty, prior to Kansas game in Waco, 810 AM
GH: Bukaty was one of many who thought Kansas would receive their toughest test to date in Baylor. Instead, the Jayhawks showed everyone why they are so highly thought of and a legit Final Four contender.
“Shot fake, Selby! Shot fake!”
Bob Knight, as the analyst for the KU/Baylor game, urging the KU freshman to pump-fake his three-point-attempt to avoid the defender, ESPN
GH: Knight is almost unlistenable as a TV analyst. He yells “shot-fake” or “pump-fake” three times a half and drones on in a boring lifeless monotone about the obvious. What makes his presence even more unbearable is Brent Musburger’s constant need to patronize the legendary coach with praise and pomp. I have as little interest in viewing a Bob Knight broadcast as he displays in doing one.
“That might be the biggest shot of the night!”
Bob Knight, after Tyrell Reed’s three-pointer gave Kansas a 20-point lead with a little over four minutes remaining in the game, ESPN
GH: Not only is Knight a bore, his comments are clueless. There have to be a dozen intelligent college analysts out there who have a passion for the game and an entertaining delivery. Doug Gottlieb and Jay Bilas are fantastic TV analysts. Let’s find more guys (or gals) like these two and send Bob off with a Knighty, Knight.
“It was speculated the Jayhawks also might have been upset in a pre-game video which showed highlights from Baylor’s 55-7 football victory over KU last fall. The video also showed the end of KU’s second-round NCAA Tournament loss to Northern Iowa while highlighting the fact Baylor made the Elite Eight.”
Gary Bedore, writer, KUSports.com
GH: We all remember the hubbub made last season when Scott Drew escorted his Bears out of Allen Fieldhouse before KU’s raucous pregame scoreboard video. It appears Baylor spiced their video to include some specific KU facials. The Farokhmanesh inclusion had to inspire Self’s Hawks. Read on.  
“I just think it’s dumb on (Baylor’s) part. You’re poking a sleeping bear!”
Jake Gutierrez, on Baylor’s pregame scoreboard video including clips of Baylor’s 55-7 win over KU in football and the strange inclusion of Northern Iowa’s upset win over KU last March, 810 AM
GH: Or rather a sleeping Jayhawk.
“How could you not miss coming here? You talk about the passion in this building. Wow. It’s like coming to (Nebraska’s) Memorial Stadium in football. To have a chance to play in Allen Fieldhouse … you’ve gotta be kidding me. To coach in it … you’ve got to be kidding me. Unbelievable.”
Doc Sadler, Nebraska’s head coach, on the Huskers’ final Big 12 visit to Allen Fieldhouse, KUSports.com
GH: Much of the rhetoric since this summer has focused on how nasty old Nebraska is turning their collective backs and running from Texas and the Big 12. Little has been said about how many Husker fans, athletes and coaches will miss their Big 8 brothers and sisters. Bo Pelini, NU’s football coach, even sat a few rows behind the Husker bench last Saturday to be sure to take in the aura and wonder that is KU’s basketball palace while he still had the chance.
“We’ll miss Kansas men’s basketball in general, with all its classy tradition and unmistakable aura. The Big Ten has a long line of intense venues, and a few particularly cool places (Illinois’ Assembly Hall, Minnesota’s Williams Arena, Wisconsin’s Kohl Center, Purdue’s Mackey Arena, Indiana’s Assembly Hall and Michigan State’s Breslin Center). But there’s nothing in the Big Ten that approaches Allen Fieldhouse’s aura, intensity and history. Sadler looks forward to coming back here someday, as a spectator. C’mon, Doc, how about a nonconference game against KU? ‘I don’t like it that much,’ he cracked, an obvious show of respect for a building to behold.”
Steve Sipple, columnist, Lincoln Journal Star
GH: Maybe this Nebraska departure will end far better than it started. It would be a far more fitting end to 100 years of history.
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11 Responses to OTC: Mizzou Pressleys K-State Into Panic Mode / KU Rocks Baylor

  1. Doogie says:

    Baylor did that????
    Wow. Why motivate your opponent even more to play in an already-hyped game. That is unmistakably dumb. And if Drew gave the ultimate approval for such a pregame montage, then he’s even dumber than I thought. Here’s a thought for the future for Baylor: There’s a reason why places like KU, KSU, NU all highlight their own school’s accomplishments prior to a game. It’s to celebrate their own school and team(s). Conducting pregame pageantry that mocks and condescends toward your opponent only serves to motivate them even more…which is made worse if that opponent has the ability to stomp on you any given night.

    And Steve Sipple’s always been one of my faves when it comes to LJS’s writers. That I’ll miss when it comes to future Big 12 coverage.

  2. bschloz says:

    KSU? How Bout MU!
    I’ve been watching the Tigers …they are VERY talented and skilled…..Radclff is a stud…..Denmon believe it..World B. Free in Columbia- Tigers are very balanced …unselfish…Pressy’s Brothers Blue Chip players. jojo call your guy and get me a couple of those empty seats for TX and KU.

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Mike Anderson coaches circles around Frank Martin…
    and he’s picking it up in recruiting too. Let’s just state the obvious here, when Mizzou and KSU hired their respective coaches, it was Missouri who got the better long term coach and face for their program.

  4. dp says:

    Can we stop saying K-State is young and/or needs to grow up?
    They need to get better. I know if you add up all the guys on the team 1-12 they are pretty young, but Pullen and Kelly are seniors…Samuels is a 4th-year junior and 6th man of the year last year. McGruder, Judge and Henriquez-Roberts all played in key situations last year as freshman. The team is proving to be a giant letdown and now Frank starts with the ‘we have a young team’….sorry, not buying it.

  5. Johnny Utah says:

    Ah, the days…
    A football whipping to rile up Self’s Men? puh-leeze. these are the same players who brawled with KU football on Wescoe Beach.

    KU is a very good team who doesn’t like physical play. Most talented teams don’t like this. Nebraska beat them up and nearly won in AFH. Baylor has a bunch of tall, talented guys who weigh under 200 lbs who don’t like to bang. They like to run, dunk, shoot and pass.

    It’s sad to say, but the Baylor/KU game is what basketball used to be, little contact, great shooting, fast game. Remember the KU/OU final in ’88? or early 90s KU/NC/Mich/Indiana/Arizona?

    That game breezed by last night, a joy to watch. KU/Michigan and KU/Neb this month was modern Big 10 basketball: physical, slow, boring, talent-stifling.

  6. JimmyD says:

    Wasn’t it Greg Hall…
    that was blasting KK last year when 810 had the “fire Bobby Knight” petition rolling? Knight was doing the same stupid shit last year during games Greg

  7. Donte says:

    Cats be back
    Don’t count K-State out yet. Frankenstein rose from the dead two y’all.

  8. Greg Gagne says:

    I’m Greg Gagne
    “I’m Greg Gagne / and I’m in a RAGE! / I want Brody and I want him in a cage / my high flying drop kick will make him see double / I’ll grind him up at the WrestleRock Rumble / WHOOO!”

  9. Cliffy says:

    Baylor’s pre-game strategy …
    … brings back humorous memories of KU’s marketing campaign for the 2009 football season. Does history still await?

    Nebraska may as well already be gone, Greg. NU basketball has always been an afterthought.

  10. Ptolemy says:

    Hype is something fans do. KState fans knew there were huge questions about their team and, to-a-EMAW, were skeptical of their pre-season ranking. Over-hype is what happens when KU fans are crestfallen when their No. 1 ranked team loses to Northern Iowa.

    The media and the coaches over-estimated how good the Wildcats were in the pre-season. There are no fan pre-season rankings. The media and the coaches under-estimated how good they were last year.

    The NCAA tournament will tell the final story.

  11. halrey says:

    bschloz….tics are yours
    fro 2 full pages in your mag…..deal?

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