Hearne: Streetside Records in Westport Closing Sunday, Savior in the Wings

Drop everything, grab your wallet and get thee to a record store…

Streetside Records in Westport to be exact. Because the Save Streetside campaign on Facebook is history. The store as you know it will close at 6 p.m. this Sunday for all time.

Just one thing…

The King may be dead, but long live the King, sources say.

The inside scoop is that a savior has been found. Not only to resurect the store but apparently to buy the real estate it sits upon from landlord Hal Brody – the founder of the original music store at that location, Pennylane Records.

Streetside staffers lips are sealed, but there’s clearly a feeling of relief in the air.

And the deal is even better where Streetside customers are concerned.

From now until it closes, everything in the store is half price. New and used CDs, boxed sets, audio gear, videos – you name it.

Got that, half?

The $64 million question: what name will the saviors select for Streetside’s successor?

One possibility: Pennylane.

Stay tuned….

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