Tony: Top 5 Photographers Online In This Town

During this digital age of transformation in local media some things are staying the same.

Sure, the tools to create amazing images are at the fingertips of almost everyone for just a few hundred bucks. However, few people really take advantage of any tech beyond a snapshot and a post to their Facebook gallery.

So, while technology and the Internet offer great potential to aspiring local photographers, only a few have risen to the top.

Let’s take a look at their work:


Obviously, my criteria for judging the work of local photographers is based upon their web presence. A photographer looking for an audience on the web must maintain a constant stream of content and never rest on their laurels. A great Internet presence that is constantly updated is really the best sign of a photographer focused on the future of their art form. While the old technology of photography is dying, I’ve listed the best at taking their game to the next level:

Eric Bowers is by far one of the most talented and accomplished local photogs in Kansas City. We’re seeing his work in local ad campaigns and other media outlets all over this town. The angle and perspective he captures is always amazing and his focus on big, powerful images makes his website simply the best in town.

Kansas City Daily photo run by Regina K. is another look at how a photog can develop an online following and gallery using very simple tools that are free on the net. Her template would cost thousands developed by a pro but it’s free on and her motivation to develop new, exclusive and highly stylized content is what keeps people coming back.

Hyperblogal has made all things Northeast his muse and develped a niche market inside a niche market. His photos seem deeply personal despite the fact that don’t often capture people. By far he has the most versatility of the group.

The KC Photog blog is straight forward and always consistent. The images are always impressive but his commentary about the shots is always what keeps me coming back.

Svoboda has started posting images to the local Internet again after a brief hiatus. This local blogger also puts together online video ride-alongs. His work is stark with a priority on realism. But I think viewers of his website enjoy the EXTENSIVE collections that he offers. When Svoboda puts together an online gallery of a particular topic, viewers can trust that theyv’e seen every angle.

There’s a lot of snobbery that permeates photography but the websites that I’ve listed all have thrived from simply ignoring critics and following their muse as they all capture this town in their own unique way.

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