New Jack City: Movie Pricing—You Better Shop Around!

Local marketing maven Tracy Thomas recently told me one of her friends paid $12 for a Friday afternoon showing of TRUE GRIT at AMC Town Center.

The performance apparently started shortly after the theatre’s magic 4:00 p.m. matinee cut-off hour.

Frankly I questioned it. Had to have been a mistake.

But after digging around K.C.’s latest ticket pricing, I believe she was correct.

Granted, there are lots of movie deals out there. But just like anything else you’ve got to shop around for the best ones.
Here’s the most recent weekend vs. weekday regular adult ticket comparison from 7 local theater websites.

Pricing applies to ‘regular’ 2-D showings of THE GREEN HORNET.
(3-D and IMAX showings of THE GREEN HORNET are higher!)
Also if tickets are purchased on-line a $1 service charge is tagged on to the price.

Sunday—3:30 p.m. show–$7.50
Sunday—6:00 p.m. show–$12.00
Tuesday–3:30 p.m. show–$5.00
Tuesday–6:30 p.m. show–$7.50
(Note: Town Center pricing includes reserved seating charges)

Sunday—5:30 p.m. show–$10.00
Sunday—8:30 p.m. show–$10.00
Tuesday–5:30 p.m. show–$5.00
Tuesday–8:30 p.m. show–$7.50

Sunday—3:50 p.m. show–$4.00
Sunday—6:40 p.m. show–$6.00
Tuesday–3:50 p.m. show–$4.00
Tuesday–6:40 p.m. show–$6.00

Sunday—5:35 p.m. show–$4.00
Sunday—8:25 p.m. show–$6.00
Tuesday–5:35 p.m. show–$4.00
Tuesday–8:22 p.m. show–$6.00

Sunday—4:40 p.m. show–$7.00
Sunday—7:45 p.m. show–$9.50
Tuesday–4:40 p.m. show–$7.00
Tuesday–7:35 p.m. show–$9.50

Sunday—4:40 p.m. show–$7.50
Sunday—7:30 p.m. show–$9.75
Tuesday–4:30 p.m. show–$7.50 ($6.00 if purchased at boxoffice)
Tuesday–7:30 p.m. show–$9.75 ($6.00 if purchased at boxoffice)

Sunday—4:55 p.m. show–$7.50
Sunday—7:30 p.m. show–$9.75
Tuesday–4:55 p.m. show–$7.50 ($6.00 if purchased at boxoffice)
Tuesday–7:30 p.m. show–$9.75 ($6.00 if purchased at boxoffice)

Compare those prices to any other away from home entertainment option and you’ll find that movies in theatres are still your best bet for the buck!

Bowling, football, baseball, soccer, live theater, concerts, amusement parks, family entertainment centers—all are higher.
And as mentioned up top, there are all kinds of specials for kids, students, seniors and matinees to be found at local megaplexes.

Just be sure and do your homework!

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  1. russ says:

    cinemark merriam
    that place is a hidden jewel. those rates are unbelievable and its a great place to go see a movie.

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