Joe Miller: Who Gives Money to Mayoral Candidates?
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6 Responses to Joe Miller: Who Gives Money to Mayoral Candidates?

  1. Robertoe says:

    thumbs up
    Yeah. Now you’re evolving past just print.
    I thought the message was especially poignant too.

  2. ROBERTHUMB says:

    thumbs down
    No, it’s about the stupidest thing ever. Unless you’re six or something. Or retarded. It’s not an evolution. It’s a regression to something that’s as stupid as can be. Sorta like…

  3. chuck says:

    That was fuckin hilarious.

  4. Joe Quits when it counts says:

    Joe is still bitter
    Great points Joe but when you were in a position to do something about this you just chickened out and ran back to college literature class.

  5. chuck says:

    Come on Joe, investigate Port Authority Gate.
    I like this video. Very funny.

  6. Cliffy says:

    Intrigued by “Joe Quits when it counts” comments …
    What’s the story here?

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